Ozodi Osuji

    The United States Congress is really an interesting legislative body. It rarely makes what we might call great public policies but churns out thousands of minor public policies that do not significantly improve the American polity. This is largely because the country has always been divided between the right and the left.

     The right, conservatives, want the country to remain as it was in 1787, a farming country that eschews new ideas; the left wants to pass all kinds of laws that drag the country into the modern nation-state but cannot get the right to go along with them, so they have an unwritten agreement with the right to only pass minor laws and leave the big issues alone.

     Everybody knows that eventually Congress must find the will to pass law making education, at all levels, including universities, paid for by the public and pass laws providing all Americans with publicly paid health care. When the left brings up these big picture issues the right would not hear about them because their idea of government is the government their preindustrial founding fathers established, a government that protected farmers and otherwise had nothing else to do.

       Europe had just gone through the religious wars that ensured when Martin Luther (1517) began Protestantism, and the Catholic Church and Protestants went to war, a war that did not end before the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.

      The founding fathers of the USA tried to stay away from religious issues hence the idea separation of religion and state included in its first ten amendments to the constitution. But is the Church separated from the state?

      If religion and state are truly separate why allow religion to control Congress? The issue of abortion is opposed by Catholics and fundamental Protestants, so Congress finds itself unable to do the necessary thing, give women control over their bodies by having the ability to choose abortion or not. Instead, Congress ignored the issue and women took the matter to the Supreme Court hence the Court, in the Roe v Wade ruling, made abortion legal.

     Now there are six religious Supreme Court crusaders for primitivity; they have overturned Roe V Wade ruling. What the Court gave it can take away.

     The good news is that the matter is now left to states; liberal states like California, New York and Illinois will continue offering women opportunity to have abortion whereas Taliban controlled Southern states will insist on having men control women’s bodies.

      The United States Congress was unable to end segregation in the land and the NAACP took the matter to the Supreme Court and the Warren Court ruled in 1954 ending school segregation; that ruling adumbrated to ending segregation in general.

      What liberal Courts give conservative Courts can take away? One of these days, the conservative Court would rule in favor of segregation and America becomes what its religious and racist nuts want it to become, a Taliban type country (on the race issue, the Court, after all, reversed itself on several occasions, the 1857 Dred Scott ruling, the 1896 Jefferson County ruling and the 1954 Brown V Topeka, Kansa School Board ruling).

      And that would commence the end of this empire. You see, many Americans do not read, talk more study history; as such, they do not know that their country could implode within a year and is no more in existence (the USSR imploded in one year, 1991); they live under the illusion that the country would last forever.

    What empire has lasted for ever… Sumer, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, France, Britain, Ottoman, USSR?

     What goes up tends to come down; the USA, despite its delusion of American exceptionalism, will go down. However, it can prolong its life by doing the right things but given the deadlock, the division between left and right, and inability to do the right things, one would not be surprised if the country self-destroys before its third centenary in 2076.

      US politics refuses to make system’s relevant public policies and leaves it to minor actors like the judiciary, whose function ought to be to merely interpret the law, to play key roles in making public policies. The system permits unelected judges to legislate public policies. What appointed liberal judges did unelected conservative judges can undo.

      This is what happens when people lack the will to do the right thing. Americans, if you have observed them for a while, are essentially cowards; they lack the will to do the right thing; left alone they would allow slavery and racism to continue in the land,  as if those have a right to exist for a second in a civilized human society; they lack the will to do what all modern polities must do, offer  all their citizens publicly paid health care and education through universities.

     American politicians lack the will to make tough decisions because they are engaged in the politics of fear. It is exceedingly difficult to respect American politicians because they are cowards; men do not respect cowards; men respect courageous people.

     A political system that elected a lying, narcissistic sociopath, Donald Trump, to its Presidency is hardly worthy of respect.

     Until America has the courage to elect presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, she is an old bureaucratic organization that marks time, resisting change, until events sweep it out of existence.

     Today, the Taliban members of the Supreme Court have declared war on women, let us see if women, who are 50% of the population, can get Congress to finally enact laws protecting women’s right to choose abortion or not.

      My hunch is that women will not fight for such tough laws; instead, they will work with the political system to do what the system does best, make minor public policies, leaving big ones out, and the system muddles along until a major crisis implodes it.


If Russia genuinely wants to do to the USA what the USA did to it, destroy the USSR, it can take down the USA; US politics is built on a weak, racist foundation; a determined enemy can easily manipulate that foundation and the house built by racism collapses.

Ozodi Osuji

June 24, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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