The three parts of the mind explained




Ozodi Thomas Osuji

       There is oneself, that self is called God but in truth it has no name, for to name it is to limit it; that oneself has infinite parts; you can say that that oneself has infinite sons.

      God is one and has infinite sons; all the sons are his one son. God, self has a mind. God thinks; through his thinking he creates.

      God shares his one mind with his infinite sons. God and his infinite sons know that they share one unified self and one unified mind.

      Where God ends and each of his sons begin is nowhere; there is no space and time between them. They are not in form, matter or light; they are formless ideas.

     God is the idea of the whole, his sons are the ideas of the parts of that whole. God and his sons are not in a place, they are everywhere and everywhere is in them. This is the state of eternity, heaven.

      Where is heaven? Heaven is in you, and you are in it. You are it and it is you; you cannot be apart from heaven for that would mean to be apart from your real self.

      The whole is in the part and the part is in the whole; they cannot be separated.

      Love is the glue that unifies God and his sons and each son with other sons of God and with God.

     God and his sons are in eternal union. In their unified, formless state, they are eternal, immortal, permanent and changeless.


      Ideas are always entering the minds of God and his sons. They may choose to pursue any idea. The idea of seeming the opposite of his true self entered the mind of God’s son.

     God and his sons are unified; the idea of the opposite of unity is separation. In truth the sons of God cannot separate from God and from each other.

      Nevertheless, the idea seems intriguing, so the sons of God, as it were, went to sleep and in their sleep seem to have actualized the impossible idea of separation.

      13.8 billion years ago, the unified sons of God projected out physical light, one photon of light, one particle of light and shattered it into infinite particles, infinite photons and then recombined the photons, some to electrons, some to quarks and the quarks were transformed to protons nd neutrons and the protons and neutrons were combined into nuclei of atoms. The universe remained in this state of plasma for 400, 000 years.

     Thereafter, nuclei captured electrons and atoms are formed. Atoms were gradually transformed, from the original hydrogen atom to the ninety-two different atoms, elements in the universe, beginning from hydrogen to uranium (hydrogen constitute over 75% of the universe and helium another 20% and the other elements added up make up less than 5% of the physical universe).

      The atoms/elements were combined to form molecules and the molecules were used to form stars, planets, plants, and animals.

      At a certain point in the evolution of the physical universe, the sons of God began entering bodies that they formed from molecules. One son of God entered your body, another entered my body until we have all the sons of God on earth and elsewhere in the universe of space, time and matter (they are not inside our bodies but seem so).

      In you, in me, is a mind; in truth our minds are parts of our shared mind with God and each other. But when we entered matter, space and time our minds and selves now seem separated from God and other persons and things.


      I see me as having a separated self with a separated mind and you do the same. Each self, each mind struggles to survive on earth. The separated mind is the ego mind. The ego mind has one function and one function only, to enable the separated son of God, you, me, to do what he must do to survive in body on earth.

      One’s ego mind does most of ones thinking on earth. It does our science and technology, trying to understand the universe we invented.

     The ego mind is self-centered, it thinks only of how one can survive. It therefore lives in conflict with other minds, other sons of God in the dream of separation. To live as an ego is to live in conflict. There is no peace in our ego-based minds and society, world.


      God, the unified spirit self, knows that his sons are now sleeping and dreaming that they are separated from him and from each other and are in bodies. God does not stop or prevent his sons from doing whatever they want to do. God accepts us living in separated egos in dreams of separation.

     However, God created another self, the Holy Spirit, the whole self, as opposed to the partial self of the ego mind.

      The Holy Spirit is God in the temporal universe. God as the Holy Spirit enters his sons sleeping mind and lodges his self in his right mind.

      There now seems three Gods in one God: God the father who is transcendental, God the son who is sleeping and seeing his self in our world and God the Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe; all three Gods share oneself, are the Holy Trinity.

      The son of God oversees his left ego mind; he is not in charge of his right, Holy Spirit directed mind; God is. You oversee your ego thinking but you are not in charge of your Holy Spirit directed thinking, God is. Whereas you can tell your ego mind what to do, you cannot tell the Holy Spirit part of your mind what to do. You must listen to the Holy Spirit and not tell it what to do.


      If you want to listen to the Holy Spirit, your right mind, you must silence your ego, separated mind. This is literal. You must strive to silence the perpetual chattering of your ego mind and try to attain inner silence, no ego mind (Buddhism calls it no self).

      The purpose of Hindu and Buddhist meditation is to tune out the ego mind and give one’s mind room for the Holy Spirit’s   mind to be heard in us.

      The ego mind thinks, first; the Holy Spirit mind reinterprets what the go mind thought.

      For example, your ego mind sees other people attack and hurt you. The ego wants to attack and hurt those who hurt you.

      The Holy Spirit says to you that you should not attack and hurt those who hurt you. To counterattack your attackers, is to see you as an ego separated self and defend the ego in you. You are to correct their attack and not tolerate it.

      Do not defend your ego separated self, keep quiet. Overlook the attack by other egos on you; forgive their attacks; insist on love for all persons, for you and the attackers.

       When you overlook and forgive other people’s attacks on your ego and body, you feel peace and joy. You have now given your mind to the Holy Spirit.

    Since Jesus Christ was the first son of God on earth to completely stop thinking from ego and, instead, thought from his right mind, from the Holy Spirit, giving your mind to the Holy Spirit is the same as giving your mind to Christ mind in you (or to Buddha, Krishna, or Chi).

     The Christ in you, the Holy Spirit in you, your right mind is still dreaming and is not awake yet, although as part of God that sees the temporal universe and knows about God, he is aware of the nature of wake life in God.

     If you continuously allow the Holy Spirit mind to think for you, to guide you while you are on earth you will notice that your life is now peaceful and happy.

     You still pursue your ego goals; you still get what your ego mind desires but get it in a manner that conforms to what is good for all sons of God on earth. For example, if your ego desires wealth and fame, you get wealth and fame that is put to the service of all human beings, not to just your ego self.

     Consider me. As a child I used to dream of me improving Christianity from what egotists made it; they made it an instrument of oppressing people, enslaving people etc. That desire was my ego desiring fame and power. The Holy Spirit takes my egoistic desire and transform it and uses it to serve his purpose. His purpose is to teach Christianity that is in accord with love and forgiveness. Thus, my ego wishes were transformed to the Holy Spirit’s wishes for me to love and forgive all people.

     (The classical radio station in my house is playing Handel’s Messiah, so I had to keep quiet for a while, listen to it, and ask my good friend, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to guide my thinking as I complete this typing.)

      This may seem incredible to you. The fact is that when I am completely quiet, silenced my ego mind, I often see Jesus Christ in his light body, he is in pure light form, and we talk. What do we talk about? How I can use the Holy Spirit to reinvent his bastardized Christianity.

      I have also seen me in the world of light forms, what Hinduism calls astral world and Islam calls Paradise and Catholicism calls Purgatory; it is the gate of heaven but is not heaven; it is still a dream world; in that dream one is dreaming with one’s right mind, with the Holy spirit; one is still deluded because one still believes that separation from God is possible.

      If you believe in separation, you are deluded and hallucinate and see people and things that are not there; you are insane; to be on earth is to be insane.

     There is only oneself, God; God’s oneself has infinite sons and all of them share oneself and one mind; they have the one mind of God, aka the unified mind of God, Holy mind of God.

       Do not even try to understand the unified mind of God, for you cannot understand it with your ego, separated mind.


       Even when you think from the right mind you are still not in the unified, holy mind. However, occasionally, some people transcend the ego mind, Holy spirit mind and experience the unified mind of God.

     No human being, no speech, no words can explain that experience. All that can be said is that in it you know that you are one with God and all his creations and you know that at that level, you are eternal, permanent and changeless and you experience total peace and joy.

      In God there is no you and no-you, no subject and object, no inside and outside you; all are one shared self with one shared mind.

     Let us leave what cannot be explicated in words alone and deal with what is attainable, trying to silence the ego mind and think from the Holy Spirit’s mind in us.

      Our goal here on earth is to change our perception, to go from ego separated perception to the Holy Spirit’s semi unified perception.

       If we attain semi unified perception, that is all that we can do on earth. From that level we proceed to the world of light forms and thereafter to formless, unified self, God and his heaven.


     In eternity, heaven we are always in communication with God, we talk to him, and he responds to us; we instantaneously commune with him, and he communes with us.

       But now we seem separated from God and can no longer commune with God. Nevertheless, we can try talking to God.

     Praying is a means of talking to God and meditation is a means of listening to God’s response to our prayers.

      At least, three times daily, keep quiet for a few minutes, close your eyes, and talk to your creator, your father God. Tell him all about you, do not hide anything from him. Do this in the morning, afternoon and in the evening.

      One purpose of praying to God is that it humbles your ego. The human ego thinks that it is in charge of one’s life, is in control of the universe.

      By subjecting your will to God’s will you are humbling your ego. Praying humbles your ego and that is good for you. Arrogance and pride are sign of psychosis.


      I am kind of hurrying things up, trying to conclude this writing, to have sufficient time to get to the midnight church service. I am a Catholic; I want to improve the Church along the lines explicated in this paper.

     Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

11 PM

 December 24, 2021

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