The three levels of being





Ozodi Osuji


     A child is born on earth into a body and forms his earthly separated self-concept, his self-concept that takes into consideration his body and social experience.

     Each child forms a human personality that is unique to him; the personality may be normal, neurotic (aka personality disordered) or psychotic.

     We try to understand the child at this level via ego psychology and science. Secular Psychotherapy is necessary here. We live in the egos separated world hence riven with differences and conflicts and must have government and study science and technology. This is a false dream world but the world we live in, nevertheless.


      Through participating in religion (and soon astrophysics) a human being at this level learns that the self he has on earth has a counterpart in another world; his earthly self has been reformed by the Holy Spirit, his right mind.

     In this other world he is in light form and lives in an improved world, he still looks like he looked on earth, still lives in a separated world of space, time, and matter but everything is in light forms.

    This is the world that those who have had near earth experience see and the world people see after they die.


      This is the unified world where everything is unified as one thing and they are not in forms; they are formless ideas in one idea called God; here, there is perfect peace and joy.



      There is God; God is formless oneself; God created infinite selves like him (called sons of God or souls). The sons of God, aka souls decided to separate from their father; they cannot do so in spirit; they seem to have done so in dreams; we live in a physical universe, on earth, other sons of God live in other universes, many not in physical forms.

     We collectively and individually create our experiences; God does not create our earthly ego and bodily selves and the society we live in; we do.

     All of us are trying to experience special selves, egos in bodies, and collectively and individually create the situation we are in; there are no accidents; we created our world and experience it.

     We are always in God, in unified spirit, but while in him we sleep and dream that we are separated from him and enact our ego separated selves on earth.

      Separation is an attack on union, so, on earth we are always attacking each other and feeling guilty and sinful. To be human is to have a sense of guilt and sin because of what we did to ourselves, separate from our real selves and now live in body.


     Salvation lies in recognizing that whereas we live as separated ego selves in bodies that we remain as God created us, for ideas cannot leave their source, in God.

      We remain unified in God while playing separated selves in our earthly dreams. What we now need to do is overlook our ego separated selves and that means forgiving what we and other people did in separated identifies, for they were done in dreams and dreams do not change reality; we need to forgive and overlook our mistakes to know the unified self we always are, to experience the perfect love we always are.

     God created us perfect and unified; we are always perfect and unified in God but dream that we are separated and sinful. We must overlook the selves we made to replace our real selves, sons of God, souls, Christ to know that we are eternal, permanent, and changeless. This is the teaching of the Christ of A course in miracles and the teaching of the Holy Spirit of Christianity.


     In her book, Seth Speaks, Jane Robert recognized that each of us was created by God as a soul and that souls separated from God to create their individual egos and bodies; she said that each of us created his reality on earth, in the physical universe of space, time and matter and does so in infinite other universes.

     She believes that we do it because it is the nature of the soul, the sons of God keep on creating their realities to experience, create universes to experience and learn about their new ego selves and universes.

    She celebrates our ability to create our realities and the existence of infinite universes and does not regret it and does not ask us to overlook our egos and present world; this is in contrast to A course in miracles that sees our present world as a mistake emanating from the wish for separation and formation of ego and body and ask us to return to the awareness of unified self.

     A Course in miracles is in accord with Christianity whereas Seth speaks is in accord with science. Seth says that there are speakers, a name he used to replace the term prophets of God/scientists; he sees himself as a speaker and speaks through Jane Roberts.

     Seth says that we created our universes and egos and must study them; we go from one ego and its universe to another playing with the infinite universes and multidimensional selves each of us has made in the many universes.


     A course in miracles is correct; Seth speaks is correct. We are souls, sons of God who separated from our union with God and each other and now live in separated universes we individually and collectively created, invented. There are no accidents in our lives because we invented our egos and the situations and the world, we live in.

     Each of us must understand himself at the three levels of being, in our ego world of separated personalities, science is the best way to understand ourselves at this level; if our personalities have problems, secular psychotherapists, that is, psychologists and psychiatrists can help us to improve our egos and bodies to adapt more effectively to our world.

    We must simultaneously study and understand the different selves and world that our higher mind, our almost unified mind in the world of separated selves that Christians call the Holy Spirit has reinvented from the world we invented on earth; here, we forgive each other and experience relative love, not the perfect love of unified state, and know relative peace and joy, not the perfect peace and joy of unified state (heaven).

    We must strive to understand that our highest selves are unified spirit self, what folks call the sons of God and that they are always in union with each other and with their creator, God.

      If we know that we are unified and love all people and forgive and correct our earthly harms to each other we tend to live in relative peace and joy while still on earth, the place of conflict.

     I have elaborated on the ideas summarized in this essay in many writings. Folks complain that extant religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism) is not enough for them; I undertook to study them and write a version of them that makes sense to me, and, hopefully, to other people.

     You can find your way back to your real self, who is a son of God, a soul and let go of your identification with separated ego self and experience our union with God and from that experience know that God and his eternity is real.

Ozodi Osuji

July 1, 2022

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