The Republican party is now authoritarian


Ozodi Osuji

     The US Republican Political Party is no longer a democratic party; it is now a full-blown fascist, authoritarian party; it has become the party that racist white folks had always wanted to have, a party that serves white folks’ interests at the expense of nonwhite folks’ interests; and a party beholden to an autocratic person.

    Racist white Americans have found their man in the nine years old Donald Trump; the man is operating at the third-grade level of education, with the vocabulary of a typical nine-year-old; he knows no shame, is a habitual liar and thinks that he is the best, he is a narcissist.

    Narcissistic folks want to believe that they are the best human beings, so narcissistic Trump merely channels the desire of racist narcissistic Americans.

      Ordinarily, political parties are social organizations of folks with similar political beliefs as to how their human polity ought to be governed; they campaign to win elections to be given opportunity to govern. If a party wins an election, it governs the human polity but when it loses the next election it hands power to the winning political party.

     These days, it is either the Republican Party wins or the members claim that the election was stolen from them; they engage in countless legal challenges of the election’s result. After losing the legal challengers, they insist on recounts of the results, and do so, over and over, seeking ways to invalidate their opponents win.

     When those political shenanigans fail, they pass laws, at the states where they control, to prevent minority persons from voting, plus accentuating the usual gerrymandering that keeps Black folks away from political offices.

     The goal is to make sure that only white folks vote and vote for the authoritarian person who would make sure that only white folks rule America.

     They are no longer interested in the Western liberal tradition that in a democratic society there are people with different political beliefs and that they form parties to run for elections and the winner is given the opportunity to rule; these days, they do not want folks with different political ideologies to be allowed to rule America.

     They are now like Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, Benito Mussolini and his fascists, and Joseph Stalin and his authoritarian Communists who did not want anyone who did not have their political beliefs to rule their respective countries.

      In the past, white America had over 80% of the country’s population; the latest census figures indicate that that percentage is now around 70%. As the population of white folks are diminished, white racists will make their last push to retain ruling the country, by any means necessary, including authoritarian and fascistic maneuvers.

      It seems clear that until a Nazi type white rule ensues in the USA that the country is in for a period of political troubles.

     When the racists grab power, like children, they think that as in the past when slavery existed, that Black folks would be easily intimidated into accepting the new slave kingdom.

    Furthermore, they think that their country is so powerful that the rest of the world would allow it to terrorize Black Americans (if they obtain the alliance of what they believe are racist nationalist Russians).

      These people are mentally and emotionally crippled; they are not aware that the collective psychology of the peoples of the world has changed and that most people are no longer able to accept slavery and racial discrimination.

     Their racist wannabe intellectuals had deluded them into believing that Black folks are unintelligent. Therefore, they are about to experience another shock when Africans beat them in most competition they enter, including in the world of science and technology.

     These racists are washed up; it is only a matter of time before they are relegated to the garbage dump of past empires that ruled based on oppressing people.

    The decline and fall of America will begin when racist Southern states separate from the federation and Northern states go to another civil war with them and the country indulges in a period of mutual mayhem.

     At the end of the civil war several countries would emerge, none of them powerful enough to be relevant in world power politics. China, India and Brazil are countries that could replace the USA and Russia as the dominant political and economic powers of the world.

    Of course, none of this ought to happen; the USA can be saved if the people choose to become Christian. Jesus Christ told his followers to forgive one another, and to do unto others as they want to be done unto. Every person wants to be treated lovingly and fairly, so treat all Americans lovingly and fairly and the internal political challenges facing the country would be mitigated.

   Eventually, however, the solution to the country’s simmering problems is a movement towards Scandinavian type mixed capitalist- socialist political economy.


I will be remiss if I give the impression that the Democratic Party is ideal. That political party has its own issues; however, those issues are not my goal in this article. If the Democrats wanted to present an alternative to the Republican party, they would work to provide all Americans with publicly paid health care and publicly paid education at all levels, university included. They would thereafter stay out of moral issues. It is not for a political party to tell parents how to raise their children. A political party should not mandate that schoolteachers tell six-year-old children that all kinds of sex is fine; you do not need to confuse children with rebellious sexual practices.

Ozodi Osuji

February 5, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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