The real self is both secular and spiritual





     To be mentally healthy one must live from one’s real self. The real self is not definable, nor does it have limits, it is the self that does the defining and conceptualizing, it is life in one.

      On the other hand, one can try to live from a false self, such as the grandiose self that in childhood one decided to be, a conceptualized self. When you seek to become your ideal self, you are living from a false self.

     You can let go of the false, grandiose self and simply live from the undefined real self and do okay. This is the aim of scientific, secular psychology and its psychotherapy.

      When you live from your real self you are authentic and spontaneous in behavior, you feel light for you are not weighed down from pretending to be a grandiose self that you are not; you do not have neurotic anxiety because you are not trying to live up to the imaginary perfect standards of a false perfect self that you have obsessive-compulsive desire to live  up to.

    In the real self you learn quickly because you are not wasting your energy trying to make sure that you are perfect and is afraid of making mistakes that make you seem imperfect; you have good relationships with most people, for you allow the life in you to flow to the life in them with no ego obstruction.

     This level of the real self is attainable.

      The part of the real self that is not easily attained is to define the real self as spirit, as the son of God, as a part of universal spirit, which also is true and try to live through that spirit self (but it is you who defined spirit and your definition may be wrong). You may try this for decades and is unable to feel that you are living from the spirit part self.

     So, give up trying to live from the spirit self and simply live from the secular, scientific real self, the undefined self that living from which you feel at peace and is unself conscious and live happily.

    I say all these because I had a friend, Dr R.O, a good man, he kept waiting until he is in touch with his higher self, the part that is the son of God, before he does anything; he kept telling me that all that he, at the conscious level, wants to do is from his ego mind and that he did not want to do anything from the ego mind.

     In the meantime, he did not hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, his higher self-tell him what to do, so, he was paralyzed. The man died (in 2021) without really attaining what he was aiming at, living only from the spirit real self.

     Therefore, I say, just make sure that you are not overly egoistic and self-centered; examine your mind to make sure that what you are doing serves social interests, not just your ego interest, and do it, regardless of whether you know whether it is your spirit self-telling you to do so or not.

     Waiting for the Holy Spirit, your right mind, the representative of God in our temporal minds, to guide you can immobilize you and prevent you from action. Just do what you believe serves our collective public good and do not worry about the Holy Spirit.

    Listen, the Holy Spirit is a concept made up by our earthly minds, it is a metaphor symbolizing the collective spirit self, as opposed to the separated ego self.

      Both ego and Holy Spirit are not real beings but metaphors; you do not have to paralyze yourself because of metaphors that no one knows for sure are true or false.

     I say, love you and all people and forgive those who harmed your ego and body and do what love asks you to do and leave it at that.

Ozodi Osuji

February 7, 2022

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