The pursuit of independence and separation from God


Ozodi Osuji

     The ego came into being because of our desire for independence from God and from each other. It is our desire for separation from the collective, the whole that led us to embark on the process of individuation. Thus, we are on earth to seem separated from each other. There is really nothing that we can do about it for the earth is a place we came to be independent and independent we are.

     The Holy Spirit does not destroy what the sons of God made in opposition to God; our desire for independence from wholeness is not destroyed by the Holy Spirit but, instead, redirected, used to make us live well. So, the Holy Spirit says, go right ahead and seek independence and individuation and know that it causes you loneliness since your nature is in the whole, in unity, now be independent but use your independent self to serve the whole self, to serve all people.

     Use your individuated self to serve public good and social interests. In doing so you attain a degree of unity with all people and in it feel relative peace and happiness, not the total peace and joy of unified state, aka heaven.

    Alfred Adler, the secular mystic, said as much as I said here; he urged people to transform their neurosis by using it to serve social interests. Since they cannot completely get rid of neurosis, for neurosis is noted in desire for separated self, they must use what remains of it to serve all society and in doing so know some inner peace.

   (Some people so desire separation, individuation and independence that if they think that you are trying to reduce it in them or take it away, they will attack you; they may even kill you to keep their opposition to God, to love. Even as that desire for independence give them their mental illness and emotional suffering, they protect it. Sex addicts, for example, consider the freedom to have sex with whoever they want as sign of their independence; if you ask them not to do so they would feel angry at you for you are taking away their independence. Leave such persons alone. They are too invested in the ego to change during this lifetime. Let them enjoy their ego power and live out their miserable lives until they are ready to return to love in other lifetimes.)



     In heaven only formless spiritual light exists. We desired separation from that unified spiritual self. We projected out physical light, during the big bang, and transformed that physical light to particles, atoms, elements, matter, stars, planets, plants and animals and to people. Everything in the universe is made from physical light.

     The room I am in now, the table I am typing on, the chair that I am sitting on, the people around me, their bodies and my body, everything is made from physical light.

     Therefore, when I see physical things, such as my body, tables, walls, weather, the universe I am really seeing nothing, or we could say that I am seeing light in its disguised forms in matter.

     Seeing in the light is obviously better than seeing matter but it is not knowledge for knowledge is formless, is not light or matter; knowledge is beyond forms.

     In formless unified state, heaven we have knowledge not perception, not seeing. On earth where we have separated things and do see, we first see things in images, forms made of matter and when we begin the return journey to God, to union, we see them in light forms, for light is what first came out during the big bang before transforming to matter.

     We go from earth’s seeing in dense matter, which sees nothing as it is, to seeing in light, vision, which begins to recognize the Christ in people, we do so when we love and forgive all people and the universe, and finally transcend perception and attain knowledge in God.

Ozodi Osuji

October 27, 2021

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