The physical universe is temporary



Ozodi Osuji

     Here is the scientific fact, ultimately, body and the material universe do not exist, they were made from physical light; physical light was conjured out of nothing and nowhere 13.8 billion years ago, hence  the physical universe does not exist; it exists as a dream thing; within the dream, space, time and matter seem real but outside the dream bubble they do not exist.

    If you get yourself outside matter, space and time you will be in a different universe and will not know what folks in the world of space, time and matter do for those are dreams; but as long as you are dreaming the universe of space, time and matter seem real to you and you must eat well, exercise, take care of your body, wear clothes to battle cold weather and have the means of transportation to traverse distance etc., all dreams.

     If you choose to leave the dream universe then tune it out, do not wish for it and do not defend your body and ego and you die (dream death, not real death, we live eternally, not in body) and see you in the other two universes.

     One is the universe of light forms (it looks like our earth but everything in it is in light forms; it is still a dream universe but is purified by love). Thereafter, you will experience the universe of formlessness, aka heaven.

     The point I have made is that if you want to live on earth you have to take diligent care of your body with food, clothes, medicines and exercises; you do so even though what you are doing is magical, but it is what the dream requires you to do to be in it.

     I say all this because those in new age movements tend to be carried away by their theologies and ignore the realities of the physical universe hence die off young. Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford, Kenneth Wapnick, Judith Skutch and Robert Rosenthal (the founders of A course in miracles) and, Jane Roberts (of Seth Speaks) all died from physical diseases, yet their books talked about using the mind to heal the body.

      Yes, body does not exist, and the physical universe does not exist but as long as you want to live in body, and in the physical universe you must understand its dream laws and obey them but if you want to leave the physical universe then will yourself out of it.

    You can will yourself to disappear from the physical universe and see you in the universe of light forms and thereafter experience the dreamless universe of God (which no words on earth can describe).

     Do not mix the three different orders of reality together; each has its laws; obey each’s laws if you want to live in it. The problem is that those in the American new age movement have not had extended period of studying and understanding the three orders of being and mix their laws.

     I came from a family where spirituality is our business and has been so for hundreds of years (we are the high priests of Amadioha); therefore, I feel the need to correct the superficial understandings of the new agers. Read some of my books to understand what I am talking about. I showed how the physical universe does not exist; the physical light that transformed itself to particles, atoms, matter do not exist hence the physical universe it transformed itself to does not exist or has dream existence, not the permanent existence of unified spirit state, aka heaven.

Ozodi Osuji

April 3, 2022

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