The physical universe is our dream, a simulation

A Physics Paper Proposes Neither You nor The World Around You are Real.  Nick Bostrom wrote a paper where he proposed that all of our existence maybe just a product of very sophisticated computer simulations run by advanced beings whose real nature, we may never be able to know. Now a new theory has come along that takes it a step further – what if there are no advanced beings either and everything in “reality” is a self-stimulation that generates itself from pure thought? Astronomy Arian Marie October 2, 2022.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

       The physical universe of space, time and matter we see with our eyes and that seems solid hence real, does not exist. It is a dream; a dream is not real; a dream is projected out by those sleeping.

     Other parts of us, the pure conscious us, collective and individual, seems to be sleeping and dreaming; it projected out the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, plants, and animals that we see and believe is real. 

     There is collective consciousness, that we might call the collective unconscious us, the son of God, and there is individual consciousness, each of us, each son of God. We all sleep and dream in this universe.

     To those in a dream the dream seems real until they awaken and realize that at no time did it ever     exist, for a dream does not exist. The universe seems real to us but at no time has it existed; our bodies seem real, but at no time have they existed, not for a second have we existed in bodies.

     It is difficult for us to accept that the physical universe does not exist and that our bodies do not exist. If we are scared that our bodies do not exist, let me ask: why do you want your body to exist, haven’t you realized that your body would die, decay and gross you out with its smell, yet you value it and want it to exist; this is madness; the desiring of the worthless is madness; our lives on earth are delusional and hallucinatory because they entail valuing what does not exist and even if they have temporary dream existence are worthless.


      Our bodies, animals’ bodies, plants, planets, stars and galaxies are all made of matter. Matter is made of the 118 elements in the universe (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesian, phosphor, iron, copper, zinc, sodium, chlorine and so so). These elements are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Electrons are light with some mass. Protons and neutrons are made from quarks. Quarks are made of photons of light.

      13.8 billion years ago, out of nowhere and nothing a point of light (singularity) came out and shattered and formed photons of light and transformed photons of light to quarks and electrons and then transformed quarks to protons and neutrons and combined those three into atoms and used atoms to form molecules of matter and used those to form all that exist as solids, liquids and gas, our universe.

     Our bodies, animals’ bodies, plants bodies, planets, stars etc. are made from light and are always light; they are light disguised as flesh in our bodies.

     Consciousness wanted to experience itself as flesh and gradually transformed light, photons to matter, to seeming flesh. In flesh we feel weak, age, feel pain and seem to die and decay (back to elements, then to particles of light).


      Only a brilliant mind playing with itself, trying to see if it can deceive itself, could have transformed light to flesh and make it vulnerable, sick, age and die; we made nothing out of nothing and yet, as we all do, value that flesh which when it dies, we all do not want to see it or close our noses to avoid the smell of dead and rotting flesh.

     God did not create us in flesh; he did not make our bodies to experience pain and death, unless he is a cruel God; God is not cruel.

      God is love.

     God, love, extended his oneself to infinite parts of him, to infinite sons of Him and allows the sons, who are parts of him, to play with themselves as they wish, knowing that they cannot change themselves; their real selves as he, God, created them; the sons of God play to be bodies but remain spirit.

     We are eternal spirit, not in body, and not separated from each other and not separated from God.  We are eternally unified in God and with each other. 

     We are love but wished to experience the opposite of love, pain and suffering and projected out physical light (which is not our true self, our true self is spiritual light) and over billions of years (which has not occurred except as in a dream) transformed that light to our bodies.

     We deliberately made our bodies feel pain, suffer, and age and die to make the play of us as separated selves in bodies seem real.  In the dream we see people and things attack and inflict pain on our bodies and since we think that we are bodies we defend ourselves to preserve our separated selves and bodies. 

      The whole thing seems so real that anyone who tells us that it is not real is resented; he is resented because we made the dream and want to have it, not leave it.

     Each of us chooses what happens to him; what happens to him is his dream; the dreamer projected out the dream he finds himself in.

     There is no way that what one does not want to experience can happen to one, if that were possible then one’s life is not one’s dream; it is the dreamer that projects out his dream; therefore, we are not victims of other people and things’ depredations, as our egos tell us, it is us, the sons of God that project the situation we find ourselves in.

      If it were the case that what we do not want to experience happen to us then the universe is accidental and unjust; an unjust universe does not deserve to exist; only a just universe where each of us dream as he wants, albeit the dreams seem painful, deserve to exist.

     I chose my parents (and they chose me) to play the roles they played in my dream; they gave me a crummy body, a crummy body that I wanted to have, a body that is extraordinarily prone to pain.   When they had shepherded me to adulthood and felt that I am now able to take care of myself they seemed to die.

     My father died. In a dream he visited me. I had moved into an apartment and was hearing weird noises in the apartment which I believed were from ghosts and I felt afraid. Father came; he was downstairs and looked upstairs, he was standing by the stairs, and saw me by the door of my third-floor apartment, but instead of walking upstairs to come see and help me, he looked at me, and waved at me, and said goodbye, Tom, and left. The man simply walked away, and I woke up from the dream and pondered what the dream meant.

      What he said to me is that I am now a big boy and that I can take care of me; I no longer need his fatherly help; our relationship had ended, he said, in effect. He had played the role I assigned to him to play for me, and I no longer needed him in my dream, life on earth.

     He now remains a pure idea, a thought in my mind and in all minds. I can project him out to play other roles for me but for now I no longer need him.

      In a different dream, I had walked over ten miles and was too tired to even lift my legs up; my entire legs and body were on fire (burning sensation, inflammation). I managed to get home and lay on my couch and went to sleep.

    In a dream my mother was driving a luxury Mercedes Benz car; I was in the car, on the passenger side seat. She got to a Walmart store and stopped and said that she is going inside to buy some stuff. She stayed too long in the store, so I got out of the car and observed that the front       

tire on my side of the car was deflated, and the wheel was bent. Instead of trying to fix it, I wanted mother to come and fix it for me; I saw someone walking into the store and asked him to tell my mother to come out and fix her car.

     She came out, took one look at the deflated tire and the bent wheel and said nothing but just walked away; she joined a bunch of young women and all of them walked into the mist of time.

    What she wordlessly said to me by her behavior is that she had given me a luxurious car, a Mercedes Benz, a car with problems and that it is for me to fix it. This metaphor says that she gave me a body with problems and that it is for me to fix its problems and use it to navigate life on earth and not wait for her to come fix my illnesses for me.  

     She ended my dependency on her; she wanted me to become an independent adult; her mothering role for me is now over.

     She and father (as shown by his own appearance in the above dream) told me that they are done with raising a boy with an extraordinary mind, but also with a problematic body. They had performed their end of the contract that they had with me before I was born by them, raised me to adulthood (they were in and out of hospitals with their sickly child, me); they had performed their function and role in my life; from now on I no longer  need them; they are now ideas in my mind, as other people are ideas in my mind and I am ideas in their minds.

     My parents and siblings have now moved away from me; they had all played their roles for me, as I played roles for them. They are no longer part of my immediate life as I am no longer part of their lives; our agreements are performed, and we each walk away from each other; each to go live his life as he sees fit.

      All people are ideas in my mind as I am an idea in their minds. I projected all people out and all people projected me out. I projected some people to be closer to me and most people to be far from me. All of them played the roles that my dream’s script asked them to play for me and I played the role that their own scripts asked me to play for them (my parents desired a sickly child that made them fear that he would die at any moment, and they devoted their lives to caring for me).

    We have done what we agreed to do for each other, the script, the drama had been enacted and the play in which we are actors, is over and we move to play other parts in other plays (that we conjointly wrote).

     The physical universe is a dream, we are the dreamers; we are consciousnesses that are ideas and transformed those ideas into seeming solid persons, animals, trees, planets, stars and galaxies and the physical universe.

      The physical universe does not, in fact, exist; it is an idea in our sleeping and dreaming minds. This world is our collective simulation. Suffer and you projected you into a situation where you suffer; have pleasure and you made you have pleasure.

    Pain or pleasure are all illusions; in our real state, spirit state, we remain as God created us, pure thought, pure consciousness; we are mind, consciousness playing with what seems like matter, space and time but which do not exist.

     In this century, my beloved physics will prove that this world is a dream, a simulation. Enjoy the dream, have a happy dream by loving and forgiving those who wronged you, to love and forgive you for wronging other people.

       If you want a poetic rendition of what I said above, read Professor Hellen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles; if you like poor prose read my books and begin your study of this magical show that we call our lives on earth, space, time and matter.

      Now, I go listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Handel and Hyden and my other beloved musicians.


      If you are not ready to understand our spiritual reality no writing by other people would make you do so. I am a pure rationalist, a scientist. Life experiences literally dragged me into exploring spirituality. I had extraordinary experiences, including chatting with my dear friend, Immanuel Ben Joseph, aka Joshua, and other enlightened folks.

    Over the years I began to appreciate that these enlightened folks have something worth my while to listen to.  

     Be where you are in evolution; at any rate, you cannot but be where you are and be who you currently are.

     I have a daughter who, as the world sees these things, is mentally gifted (IQ of 160). She dropped out of school and has a bunch of children that she is unable to take care of. I try my best to help them out. But I am not rich. Seeing the children seeming not well provided for breaks my heart. I had assumed that my children would improve on me, but she did not, if anything, she descended to a lower economic level.  I hate to see children live in poverty.

     I have some of her children come live with me. One of them decided to obtain a part time job after school. I did not want her to do so; I wanted her to concentrate on her schooling, but she insisted on having a part time job, and I grudgingly let her.

     The lesson that I learned from her is that each of us must experience what he or she must experience, not what I or other people tell them to experience.  So, I now let people experience their drama, enact the scripts they and all of us wrote and are playing out.

     From my daughter I learned a lot about the nature of the human ego; she possesses a grandiose ego, as I do; that ego disposes her to feel superior to other people, to the point where she does not listen to or learn from other people; it is either her way or the highway. She is me writ large.

    In looking at her mistakes I am looking at my mistakes; she is my teacher, and I ought to be grateful to her for volunteering to exhibit maximum egotism for me to learn that it is not good for her, for me or for anyone. Yet, she had to be egoistic for me to learn about it; she played her role of being a grandiose egotist in my dream because our mutual script called for her to do so.

     When the individual gives up his or her big ego and live egolessly he or she lives from unified spirit self and knows peace and joy (see The Gospel of Ramakrishna).


      This world is a dream, a simulation; we collectively and individually dream it; our higher selves dream and simulate it.

      Go think about the hypothesis of this paper; when you are ready to understand the dream that we call our lives on earth, you will do so; if you are not yet ready to know yourself you would not even see this writing and if you did you would dismiss it as utter rubbish and move on with your sound sleep and keep dreaming that you are a body in a universe of space, time and matter, none of which exist!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 3, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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