The physical universe is a metaphor


Ozodi Osuji

       Most people do dream when they sleep at night. When they wake up from their sleep, they recognize that the dream world that had seemed real was not real.

     We recognize that the objects and events we saw in our dream world are symbols, not   reality; they are there to teach the dreamer what he needs to learn about his day life. Our nightly dreams, including the objects in them are symbols and metaphors representing something else; thus, we try to interpret the meaning of our nightly dreams.

     Our day world, despite its seeming solidity, is also a dream. The physical universe of space, time and matter, people, animals, trees, everything we see in our world that seem real are not real at all; they are dream objects; they, too. are symbols and metaphors for us to interpret and try to understand what they are teaching us about us.

     Most people will readily accept that our nightly dreams are symbolic of something else but find it difficult to accept that our day world is also symbolic of different things.

      In this essay I try to explain why our day world is also a dream and that each of us is a dreamer of his day world and that all of us are collectively dreaming the day world.

     Each of us and all of us must interpret the meaning of our dreams symbols and learn what they are teaching us.

     Our universe is a dream universe; there are other dream universes; in fact, there are infinite dream universes. We go from one dream universe to another and do this throughout eternity.

     In our conscious awareness we relate to only people and events in our current dream state, the physical universe, but there are parts of our minds, consciousness that relate to people and events in other universes, other dream states.

     The individual is not a puny person that an external universe is doing dreadful things to. He and all of us are dreaming the universe.

     One must be concerned with understanding one’s own dreaming and leave other people to do their own dreaming and try to understand it.

       But if other people’s earthly activities affect you, clearly, you and they have interfaced dreams that to fully understand your dreams you must look at their actions (dream actions, that is).


       I will begin this dream analysis from where I am. I am a black man and must first look at the dreams of black folks and secondly at my own dreams.

     In the contemporary world, black and white people and other races are sharing a collective dream. In that collective dream we see white folks attacking the existence of black people and left alone would enslave black folks and or kill them.

     Now look at it from the behavior of black people. Examine the black people you see in your world; does it seem to you that the typical white person can defeat the typical black person in a physical fight? Of course not. Therefore, the reason white folks enslaved black folks and discriminate against them is not their physical power. It is their desire to oppress black folks and black folks fear of harm and death that disposes them to tolerate white folks’ abuse.

     If any black man, today, decide that no white man can oppress him he can kill any white man who tries to oppress him, or the white man kills him. Kill them or be killed by them becomes his existential stance; either way he would not live to be a slave or abused person.

     My great grandfather, Njoku, led his people in fighting the British trying to take over his world in 1902. When the fighting became hopeless and other folks withdrew, he kept at it with the saying that he would not live to be a servant of other people. He died a warrior’s glorious death, on his feet, fighting for his freedom.

     Therefore, to the extent that black men are abused in America it is because of their fear.

     Yes, the black person lives in fear (white America also live-in fear hence pack guns everywhere they go to; they are aware that those they oppressed could oppress and or kill them).

     The black man believes that all he is, is his body and believes that if his body is destroyed that he would die out. He does not want to die out, so, he tolerates abuse by other persons.

      What then would liberate him? Overcoming his fear of death is what would liberate him from his second-class situation in the extant world.

     The day that black men decide that their life is in their hands and decide not to allow anyone to abuse them, no one can abuse them and get away with it.

      Black people, at this time, came to this universe to experience fear and in their dream white folks, who came to this universe to abuse people, will abuse them; both parties attract each other and dance their macabre dance.

     In doing so, both remain the stunted creatures they are. Both the abuser and the abused live warped lives. Only those who live fearlessly and lovingly live meaningful lives.


       Our home is heaven. In heaven, we all lived and still do so, in formless unified spirit state. In unified spirit self we are all the same, equal and unified as sons of God.

    Sons of God is a metaphor, a symbol of the part of the whole; God is a symbol and a metaphor symbolizing the whole.

     While in unified state, the idea of the opposite of union, separation, entered our minds (other ideas enter our minds and we pursue them in other universes). We decided to separate from God and from each other.

     The part cannot separate from the whole; the son of God cannot separate from God, and from each other. What they cannot do in heavenly unified reality they can dream.

    As it were, we went to sleep and in our sleep dream that we are now separated from God and from each other. We invented our physical universe of space, time and matter and constructed bodies for each of us and now seem to live in bodies and walk around in space and time; we see ourselves as separated from every person and thing in the physical universe.

      We deliberately made our bodies vulnerable to enable us perceive dangers to them and separate from what threatens our bodies and earthly lives. Since the bodies we made are vulnerable and are easily hurt and harmed we are afraid of harm.

    Our bodies are composed of matter; they are made of sixty-four elements, especially carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphor, sodium iron, copper zinc and other elements.

     Those elements are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons; those particles of atoms are composed of quarks that are made from light; Thus, our bodies are made from light. Where we see our bodies are light disguised as body, matter.

     We know that our bodies are composed things and will in time become decomposed, die and return to the various elements that composed them.

     We are afraid of death and decomposition hence permit those who desire to oppress us to do so, and our fear disposes us to let them get away with it.


     All of us have certain existential issues in common but each of us has his own specific issues that he chose to grapple with before he was born on earth.

     I have always been afraid of been degraded, belittled and humiliated.

     What one fears is exactly what happens to one. Fearing degradation, I placed me in the USA and live as a black man and thus invited sociopaths, psychopaths and anti-social personalities who enjoy humiliating black folks to do so to me, and they gladly accepted my invitation and degraded me. They discriminated against me and denied me jobs. I asked them to do so, so I was not a victim.

     The goal that I assigned to them was to make me feel like I am worthless hence accept them as my masters. I wanted to feel like I am enslaved.

    Eventually, I recognized the game we participate in; but before that recognition, my initial reaction was to see white folks as less than human beings. This is literal, I had absolutely no respect for white folks. Many misguided white racists believe that they get black people to respect them by terrorizing them. No, they get black folks to see them as less than their dogs.

      I rationalized my perception of them as subhuman beings by remembering their discrimination.

      But the more I thought about it, I realized that I am not a victim of their behaviors. I placed me in a situation where they could degrade me. I had other options. Given my training (PhD) I would have gone to any other part of the world and easily obtained a job. But that was not part of the game I chose to participate in.

     The game required me to be in America and for me to be degraded until I learned that no one could degrade me.

     I can only be degraded if I believe that I can be degraded. If it is possible to degrade a son of God then I will invite into my dream those who would seem to degrade me and they do so until I understand that they cannot do so, that it was only a dream, in which case I can choose to have other types of dreams.

      I projected me into a racist society (dream); I projected out those who seem to discriminate against me, and they projected me into their dreams of attack on some sons of God who want to be attacked.

     My desire for degradation was gratified and I learned about it. The lesson had to be learned before I could move on to other dreams.

     If I feared degradation I had to be in the USA and get symbolic degradation.

      On the larger scale it is me (and all of us) who projected the entire universe out and peopled it with some people who can seem to degrade some persons, persons who desire to be degraded. In my case I made me fear degradation.

    What I fear I desire and experience; from its experience I realize that it has no power, it is a mere dream event.

    What the individual fears he gets (he projects out, he attracts to his life).


     I fear death means that I desire death. If I fear death I must die. We came to this physical universe where all things composed of matter must decompose, die, we came to have our bodies seem to die.

     If I know that the son of God is part of unified spirit self who is eternal, permanent and changeless and is merely dreaming a dream where he seems a body that would die but, in fact, his spirit is deathless, then I would not die.

      I would be in the dream, gratify my dream desires and then transit to other types of dreams.

    (After this physical universe, I chose to go to the world of light forms, a world that looks like our current world but the people and things in it are made of pure light; I will live there for a while and from there return to the world of formless unified spirit, what folks call heaven, and experience perfect peace until another idea that can only be gratified in a dream beckons me and off I go to another universe to dream the different universe; I have infinite universes to dream in; all of us do what each of us is doing.)


      The physical objects that one sees around one are symbols and metaphors that one, in conjunction with other people, projected out and make them seem objective reality. Everything in one’s world, bodies, hunger, food, weather, hot and cold, clothes, houses, cars, planes, trains, sun, stars, moon, planets rocks are all symbols and metaphors enabling one to have whatever type of dream one came to earth to have.

     Your body is a symbol enabling you to have whatever dream you desire. For example, my body is weak (which I chose before I was born, I was not a victim of weak body, I chose it). That weakness is a symbol of my desire for absolute weakness so that, in Alfred Adler’s psychological categories, I compensate with desire for absolute power.

    In seeking ego-based power I put me where I can be humiliated and get humiliated and powerless and from that learned that no one can really humiliate me, that I merely had what seemed like a nightmarish dream in which the magnificent son of God seems to be humiliated by other magnificent sons of God acting as sociopaths in this universe.

     This situation was a game. I made white folks to discriminate against me. As a result, I saw them as less than feces and do not respect anything they say. A slave does not listen to what his slave master tells him is reality.

     This mental attitude disposed me to try to figure out what is the truth by myself. What you are currently reading is part of the thought system that I figured out.

      I could care less what white folks say about it for to me white folks are incapable of thinking (they are good at science and technology; I learn those from them but beyond that tune them out).

     Let me repeat, everything happening to one on earth are symbols and metaphors teaching one what one must learn; the objective of the learning is to remember one’s identity as part of one eternal, formless unified life.

      Some years ago, I was at the Washington DC area and stayed at the Hilton Hotel at Arlington, Virginia. I ran out of money for paying exorbitant hotel accommodation. I looked in the Washington Post for a room to move into for about a month before I left the DC area. I moved into this room in the Columbia heights area. The very night in that sordid room, I felt stuff pinching my body and turned on the light and for the first-time in my life saw bed bugs! I freaked out and went to a store in the middle of the night and bought bed bug killers.

      Of course, you can kill bedbugs but that is not the lesson. Bed bugs are symbols of what I wanted to experience. What I want to experience is life in the ghetto, where even critters (symbols of white folks) attacked me.

     The bugs attacked me, and I returned the attacked and killed the buggers. I told me that it is a kill or get killed world. Is that not what Charles Darwin said in his book, the origin of species?

     It was my mind that was dreaming that bed bugs attacked me. In the dream the bedbugs were real, just as the people I see in my world are real. But their reality is apparent, not real. They are all dream figures and do not exist.

     Our physical universe does not exist but seems to exist for us. If you believe that it exists, it is existing and is real to you.

      Please do not go about telling you that the universe and people you see in it are not real; they are real until you have had an experience where the entire physical universe disappears and, first, you see you in the world of light forms and, thereafter, experience you as part of a wave of a formless unified spiritual light and you are a particle of that light; wave and particles are one (are God).

      In God, aka heaven, people are not in physical forms and do not have black or white or brown colors.

     (In some exoplanets in our Milky Way Galaxy and the physical universe in general there are people with the same types of colors that we have on earth; there are black, brown and white people on other planets but not in heaven.)

      In the world of light forms people around you have the color you saw them as while they and you were on earth, except that their bodies are made of pure light.

      The world of light forms is called many names, including purgatory, paradise, astral world, heaven’s gate; it is a way station before we give up all desire for forms, matter or light, give up the wish for separation that gave rise to the world of forms, and reenter our original home, formless unified spirit.

    In heaven we rest in perfect peace and joy, for a while; thereafter, another crazy idea enters our minds, and some of us pursue it and invent a universe that enables us to gratify the dream it suggests.


     The physical universe is the symbol of the desire by some sons of God to seem separated from God and from each other.

    Many sons of God remain in unified state, heaven; as the parable of the prodigal son symbolizes, not all sons of God went on the journey without distance, a journey to nowhere since everywhere is in God and wherever we go we go in God.

    Many other sons of God are dreaming in other universes.

     Everything in our physical universe, including space, time and matter were designed to facilitate our desire to live separated existence.

     This line of thinking is obviously not in accord with the scientific method; we cannot verify it using the scientist method of observation, verification, experimentation and falsification.

    If you believe that the scientific method is the only way to verify objective phenomena cling to it and live as such.

     I accept the scientific method but have had experiences that the scientific method cannot explain, and they were not psychotic experiences.

     There are other forms of our mentally and socially constructed reality. You will dream in the one you want to dream in, one that accomplishes your dream objective.

     We made choices before we are born on earth to experience life on earth and seem limited and determined by its parameters and perimeters. It is an interesting dream, but it makes people feel that they are limited.

     The truth is that each of us desired to dream what he dreams on earth. We are not victims of what happens to us on earth. The earth is exactly what we wanted to see and experience when we came to it.

      My job here is not to explain the earth. I have tried to do so in many books and articles.

      In this essay I am only interested in saying that what seems an objective universe is merely symbols and metaphors enabling us to have the dream of separation, day and night, we call life on earth.

     If this perspective does not make sense to you, do not sweat it, be who you are.

    I am who I am and do not give a damn what you say about my beliefs if I personally verify those beliefs to be true (all dreams are not true; only unified spirit self is true).

      I know that planet earth is a dream; I and all of us individually and collectively dream life on earth.

     Each of us plays a role in his dream and in the dreams of other people. When this reality is accepted one tries to have pleasant dreams.

     I obtain pleasant dreams by loving all the people around me and forgiving and or correcting our wrongs to each other.

     I am not a masochist and do not consciously invite other people to physically attack me (I had invited them to psychologically attack me, via degradation).

     If you physically attacked me, I would attack you and attack to destroy your body.

     I do not physically attack any one and do not invite any one to physically attack me. But there are people engaged in a sadomasochistic play; that is their choice.

     My choice is to have a pleasant and happy dream, a mild insanity that one can ever separate from one’s real self, unified spirit self.

     Sanity lies in accepting our eternal union with each other; insanity lies in believing that we are separated from each other and seeing one’s self in a dream of separation; mild sanity lies in correcting the dream of separation by, while in the dream, loving people hence see them in light forms.


       The information presented in this essay is that what we call the objective, external world we seem to live in is like the dream world we see at night when we sleep and dream. The objects in our nightly and daydream are symbols of what is in our minds, what we want to experience.

     The objects in our day world are symbols of what we want to dream, what we want to experience; we want to experience separated existence and invented a physical universe of space, time and matter and make it give us the ability to seem separated from each other.

     Both day and nightly dreams need interpretation to make sense of them. Obviously, this perspective on reality is not what they teach us at schools. Therefore, make of it what you like.

      You take the consequences of your perception and interpretation of the world and your subsequent behaviors.

      If you are looking for excuses, you will not find them in my writing. I know that the universe is my and our dream; I am part of the collective souls dreaming the physical universe.

     Obviously, other people do affect me, and I do affect them. Nevertheless, I am not a victim of the universe for I know that the universe is our collective dream.

     I interpret the seeming objective universe in such a manner that I have a happy dream while on earth.

    My world is not the world of fear based separated ego self. We in this world denied our real self, unified spirit self, and dream as separated egos in bodies. That dream requires us to live in fear, for both our egos and bodies are transient and can go and must go out of existence.

     What is eternal in us is the dreamer in us, the son of God in us.

     If you understand that you are the dreamer, the spirit of God in you is the dreamer of your world, then you live in such a manner that you transcend ego and its hallmark, fear.

     Love returns us to the awareness of our eternal unified state, is what overcomes our fear.

     I live in the awareness of my union with all people; that is, I live egolessly and fearlessly. This is because I know that my real self, spirit, soul, son of God, call it what you like, is eternal, permanent and changes in its essence but does dream itself in our universe of forms and changes.

     You cannot threaten me by threating to kill me for I know that our spirits are eternal and cannot be killed.

     No human ego has hold over me and I do not have a hold over other sons of God dreaming that they are egos in bodies that will die hence live-in fear and do seeming horrible things to each other.

     God is love (love is what joins the infinite parts of God into one whole self); his sons are parts of love; the enlightened son of God lives love for he is love and in doing so live-in peace and joy.

     Those who see themselves as separated ego selves in bodies live in conflict and fear, anxiety, anger, depression, mania, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

     I teach a different approach to living; evaluate it and if it makes sense to you, embrace it, if not, discard it; if you embrace it, you will empower you, for you would no longer see you as a victim that a seeming external universe pushes around like a yoyo.

     You and all of us determine what the universe does, for the universe is our mutual dream.

Ozodi Osuji

November 30, 2021

(907) 310-8176

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