The physical universe does not exist, only the mind exists


Ozodi Osuji

    Two days ago, I authored an essay from a purely intuitive (spiritual) perspective that said that there is nothing, that the human body, animals, trees and things like planets, stars and so on do not exist. That essay was written from pure ratiocination.

     This morning my guests had to catch a 6AM plane to return home in California. I told them not to worry about waking up in time to get to the airport in time that I will wake up at something to 4 AM and make sure that they get to the airport in time (they wanted to catch a cab and had arranged for one to come pick them up at a little after 4AM).

      They said that they normally set alarms at when they want to wake up. I said go ahead and do what works for you, but I will do what works for me. I went to sleep around 11PM and as normally happens work up at fifteen minutes before 4AM and made sure that they got to the airport for their plane ride home.

     How does my mind do this? I do not know. When I was a kid and had to be at school at 8AM I told myself that I need to be up by 6AM and got up at 6AM every school day; the same phenomenon happens on weekdays when I must work. When I tell my mind when I want to wake up in the morning, I wake up without the need for alarm clocks.

     My guests left for the airport by cab; I, of course, could not go back to sleep, for I had to call them and could only relax when they are in the plane. I looked at my bookshelves and picked up Professor Michio Kaku’s book:

Kaku, Michio (2011). Physics of the future. New York: Random House.

       I looked at the table of contents and decided to read the chapter on nanotechnology. Being the excellent professor of physics that he is (he teaches physics at City University of New York; he studied at Harvard and Berkeley, the best universities in the world of his time), he began the chapter by explaining that we should not be surprised that machines can be miniaturized. Machines, currently the size of a Jet plane can be reduced to a small fraction of their present size. We have already done that with computers (they used to be the size of houses).

       He noted that all things in the universe are made of atoms and that each atom is mostly empty space; he said that if you squeeze the entire universe of galaxies, stars, planets, tree, animals you can squeeze them down to the size of a particle!

     How big is a particle, how big is an atom? The period at the end of this sentence contains trillions of atoms and infinite number of particles in it. If that is so, does the particle really exist?

     Physicists do not speculate on the nature of things, as we philosophers do; they merely describe what they observe in their world. In their world they describe things that are large, objects like stars, planets, people; they also describe things that are infinitesimally small, such as particles of atoms; they describe how large and small things behave (mechanics).

      Dr. Kaku tells us in his book that atoms and the universe is mostly empty space but assumes that there is something in that empty space, something that is exceedingly small in size; therefore, we can make machines that small, in nanotechnology; he enumerated what nanotechnology has already constructed that are used commercially. In the next century, he said that we would have machines that today are the size of airplanes reduced to the size of a grain of sand.

     Yesterday, I was reading where Stephen Hawking was tracing the origin of the universe, from the original speck of particle to the present universe of trillions of galaxies. Somewhere along the line, he reviewed George Berkeley’s solipsism.

      In the eighteenth century, the Irish physicist and bishop said that physical things exist in God’s mind.

      Dr. Johnson, the old English wit, heard what Old Berkeley said and stumped his feet on a rock and felt pain and said that that is the answer for the Irish bishop (he told this to his sparring partner, George Boswell who wrote about it in his books).

      The rock caused his foot pain so both his foot and the rock are real (this is the logic of empiricism, that things are real and outside us).

      Poor Old Dr Johnson, if he had lived three hundred years later, today, he would have learned that the rock he bumped his foot to is so small that it might not even exist and if it exists because it causes his body pain, well, in dreams we do bump into things and also our bodies feel pain, but when we wake up neither the things we bumped into nor the pain we felt is there.

    In dreams one’s body and the objects one interacts with seem real but when one wakes up, they are not there. As Berkeley observed, our physical universe may seem real to us only as objects seem real to dreamers; that is, our universe may not exist, except as a dream figure in our minds!

   Classical physics (mechanics, heat, light, electricity, sound) says that things do exist; quantum physics tells us that material existent things can be made the size of a particle of matter.

      Matter needs space and time to exist; space and time need matter to exist; if one of the three does not exist the other two do not exist because they need each other to exist; the three of them came into being at the same time during the Big Bang, 13. Eight billion years ago.

     Space, time and matter seem to exist but in truth are illusions and do not exist. My body does not exist but seems to exist for me; it causes me pain and sickness; both my body, pain and sickness that it causes me, exist only in my mind.

     My mind projected out the physical universe and make things in it behave as they behave. This is what I said a couple of days ago. If it does not make sense to you, go back to school and study physics and eventually study philosophy and thereafter use your mind to think; if you think you will conclude that nothing solid exists.

      Meta-science is pointing that only mind exists. But what is mind? I do not know. Let us call mind intelligence; there is, as Henri Bergson said, a universal intelligence that operates in all things, including in us. What it is I do not know.


Below are other ideas that crossed my mind this morning.


  Suppose that people did not desire and admire their bodies why would they live in bodies? The bodies that they admire will die, rot and smell like feces; their bodies are made of atoms, which are made of particles and, as we saw above, the universe can be squeezed to the size of a particle, so would they still admire their bodies if it is the size of a particle?

     In the illusion that space, time and matter is real, people need to wish for their bodies and admire their bodies to have the illusion that body is real.

     Meta-science (Facebook now calls itself Meta) will soon prove that nothing exists, and that the universe is all make belief thing; Matter, space and time do not exist, we made them up; I do not have to argue with anyone about the inevitable. Why should I argue?


      I know nothing for sure; my mind cannot predict what is going to happen to me in the next second, minute, hour, day and future so I am ignorant.

     I certainly do not know what other people are thinking or doing and, as such, cannot predict their future behaviors.

     A certain young woman’s child was taken away from her by the state; she struggled to get her back. After a while she gave up. Now what is the state going to do? The state would take custody of the child and place her in a foster home, right?

     Do you know that many of the children in foster homes are abused (emotionally, verbally and or sexually)?

      The relevant point here is that the fat, brain dead American judges (I have not run into an American judge that seems to me to be intelligent) that play with parents’ rights to raise their children according to their religions do so because those parents desire to have those children.


     If you desire something it is because you value it; the moment you take away value from that something, you will no longer desire it.

    One can decide not to value one’s children hence not desire them and allow the idiot American state to take them and turn them into what many Americans are today, confused; they no longer even know what their biological genders are!

      Stupid judge Ketanji Jackson-Brown said that she does not know what a woman is; that fool has been over socialized by decadent liberal weltanschauung. Nevertheless, she should be confirmed because she is representative of her collapsing society, a society that replaced morality with amoral, nihilistic environmental determinism.

    America has entered the final stages of empires before they collapse; the law and judges now feel that they have the right to take away children from their parents and do with them as they wish and eventually raise psychologically damaged children who have no attachment to any person and who will tear the increasingly evil empire down (the murderer called Vladimir Putin is already tearing his Russian empire down).


      Fear of pain, sickness and death makes one’s body real to one. Suppose one did not see one’s self as body that could be pained would one feel fear? The answer is no.

      Fear is rooted in desire to be body and not wanting that body harmed or die; fear is also rooted in positing a false ego self and not wanting that ego to die.

     If one did not have an ego and body, or if one had them but now reject them as who one is, one would no longer feel fear.

     I am not ego; I am not body, and I will not feel fear.

    It is now 8 AM; it is time to go exercise. So, off I go, enough mind gymnastics.

Ozodi Osuji

March 26, 2022

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