The New African



Ozodi Osuji

      When the European and the Arab encountered Africans, hundreds of years ago, they said that Africans were primitive; they saw Africans as no more than beasts of burden, like mules to be used to do work for them and not seen as human beings.

     Indeed, they said that Africans did not have culture. Culture is that which characterizes human beings, so been seen as not having culture hurt Africans, for it implied that they are not human beings.

      Because Africans were accused of not having culture, they embarked on trying to demonstrate to the world that they had and have culture; so, at every opportunity they troop out what they call their African culture and parade it around hoping that white and Arab folks would see that they have culture hence respect them.

      Talking about one’s culture is talking about one’s past; the past is gone and no longer exists except in one’s memory and from where one uses it to color one’s experience of the present and confuse it.

     Anyone who is into spirituality teaches people to let go of their past that they carry in their minds; when the past is let go one’s mind is not clogged by ego rubbish; a mind emptied of ego information is a serene mind.

    The awareness of God and his son dawns on one’s mind if that mind is not clogged by the past. If one’s mind is clogged by thoughts of the past the remembrance of God would not dawn on it.

      Thus, spiritualized persons let go of the past and live in the eternal present of God. Everything, even in the ego’s world, is happening in the now world, but the ego mind projects those events into a dream of space, time and matter, past, present, and future, and make some activities seem to have taken place in the past, some now and some in the future.

     Talking about the past is an ego mechanism for separating from God and other persons and living as an egotist.

     Therefore, to extricate Africans and human beings in general from living in the ego, the very ego state from which they sold their people to Arabs and Europeans and committed horrible crimes against their own people, they must  be taught and must learn to stop talking about their so-called past culture; their past culture did not stop Europeans and Arabs from enslaving them.

    Nor did European and Arab cultures prevent them from enslaving Africans; all past cultures are of the ego and, as such, are a hinderance rather than a blessing.

    Africa’s past culture, as well as other people’s past cultures, is not worth remembering (all past cultures are now gone, what exists is the now, although people remember their history and culture and use them to keep their minds in the ego state, hence avoid the remembrance of God).

     African Americans prevent their progress by always talking about what they believe is their great Egyptian past; they identify with that supposed glorious past culture and band it around, telling you how their people, in the past, were the most civilized people because they built the Egyptian civilization; that makes their egos proud but, in the present, they are still the object of put downs by other races.

    Only living in the present, doing science and technology would make other people see you in a positive light. The Egyptian civilization adapted to the world of the past and is irrelevant to the present demands of our world.

      The past must be let go. The only thing that is worth learning is scientific culture, all people, particularly Africans must embrace the scientific culture of observing the world as it is, objectively, experimenting to make sure that the world they see is there and removing ideas of the world that are not observed as there.

     The New African must live in the here and now world and must embrace the scientific method as his methodological approach to phenomena; he must live from pure reason and scientific realism, and not escape to fantasies of his peoples past culture that does not put food on their present tables or give them the good life; only science and technology makes people have improved lives, not so-called past cultures of their people.


      The New African does not wear what contemporary West Africans call African attire, agbada. What extant Africans call African attire were discards from Arabs and early Europeans.

     Africans went to pilgrimages in Mecca and copied the clothes of Arabs of a thousand years ago. When Europeans came to southern Nigeria, five hundred years ago, southern Nigerians copied their clothes and now call them their tribal uniforms.

     Listen, we live in the industrial age, folks must wear clothes that are adaptive to working in factories, performing experiments in laboratories and teaching in classrooms. Such clothes are won by contemporary Westerners.

     Wear suits and whatever clothes suits working in the modern office; Chinese, Koreans, Japanese used to have elaborate native attire, but exchanged them for western clothes and those enabled them to be the very productive people that they are.

     Africa’s Arab derived flowing robes, agbada, are not conducive to high productivity; they contribute to Africans’ lack of productivity in the economic world.


      There is an unseen intelligence in the universe; people know that they are part of that universal intelligence.

     People, everywhere, formed religions and spiritualities in their efforts to reconnect to that universal intelligence that they believe that they are part of but are now cut off from it.

     There are thousands of religions and spiritualities, many of them useful paths to returning to the awareness of our true selves. In my books I posited a spirituality that makes sense to me; read some of my books and if my spirituality makes sense to you, accept it, if not ignore it; there are many paths to returning to our father, God.

     Briefly, my spirituality says that:

     There is God. God is unified spirit self; God is one spirit that is simultaneously infinite spirits. We are parts of that one unified spirit self.

     God created us by extending his oneself to each of us. God is in his creations and his creations are in God. I am in God, and you are in God and God is in us and we are in each other; there is no space and gap between God and his sons. God and his sons share oneself and one mind.

    The only difference between God and his creations is that he created them, and they did not create him or create themselves or create each other; beyond that the creations of God have the power of God in them.

     In heaven the sons of God co-create with God but realize that they create with the power of God in them and know that by themselves alone they cannot create and cannot do anything; with the power of God in them they can do whatever they want to do.


     The sons of God desired to create themselves and create God. Since they are already created by God, they cannot create themselves and cannot create God.

     The wish to be more powerful than God and to create God and themselves was so strong in them that they decided to go to sleep, and in their sleep dream a universe that they created.

     Our physical universe of space, time and matter is the dream of the sons of God. It is the opposite of God and his unified heaven.

      In heaven we are pure spirit and are unified, but in the dream, we invented matter and used it to make bodies for each of us and in our bodies now feel separated from God and from other sons of God. In God we are joined and connected to each other but on earth we seem separated from God and from each other; on earth we live in space, time and matter whereas in God we live in spirit as parts of one unified spirit. On earth, with the aid of each other, we formed separated self-concepts for ourselves.

     The earth is not our real home, our real home is in God; the ego separated self is not our real self, our real self is the formless unified spirit self.

     God is not outside us but is inside us as our real self. True religion and spirituality enable people to reawaken to the knowledge of their real self, unified spirit self. This entails no longer identifying with the ego, separated self and changing one’s mind and accepting oneself as God created one, as spirit; spirit is one with God and all sons of God.

    Returning to the awareness that our identity is spirit, not body means loving oneself and loving all people and loving God.


      To live in a world where we do harm to one another we have to forgive one another for our wrongs. Forgiveness returns our minds to love, to God and to peace and joy.

     I have devoted thousands of pages to writing about the process of separation from our real selves and how to return to the awareness of our real selves (we are always our real selves but chose to forget them and focus on our ego false selves; we now need to regain awareness of our real selves).

     Since we need religion and or spirituality to enable us to remember our true self, explore my religion and spirituality; I call it Gnostic Christianity. If it does not make sense to you, explore other religions.

      Of course, you can choose to be an atheist, one can remember one’s real self without belonging to any religion.


      When we separated from God, our unified real selves, we invented replacement selves, ego selves housed in bodies. We now think and live through the ego self.

     The ego is the self that adapts to the exigencies of our physical universe. Both the physical universe and the ego are false, they are unreal.

     When we separated from God, God created another self, the Holy Spirit and placed him in our right minds. The ego is in our left minds and the Holy Spirit is in our right minds.

      We use the ego, left mind to do what we do to adapt to this world and the Holy Spirit in us keeps quiet. But if we consult him, he tells us to love ourselves and forgive each other our wrongs.

      The Holy Spirit is the voice of God in the temporal universe; he is the immanent God on earth. He is not apart from us, he is part of us, he is our right minds; God is part of us, God is our highest oneself and one mind.

     To live from the Holy Spirit, one must stop listening to the ego separated mind. If one lives from God, one will not see this material world, for God is spirit and his sons in their real selves are spirit not bodies and egos hence do not see the world of bodies.

    Egos and bodies are part of the dream of separation; when we awaken from the ego and body, we no longer see the world of matter, space and time; this is literal; one’s physical world disappears from one’s awareness and one regain the awareness of being part of unified spirit self.

     Ego, that is separated self, is darkness; Christ is light (in human and other forms, purified, in light forms); God is formless light; God is a field of light with each of us a point of light in that universal spiritual light.

    The formless light universe of God has no subject and object, no space, time and matter; all sons of God and God share oneself and one mind and know each other as parts of themselves hence they have no need for speech and language. Therefore, the world of God cannot be translated to the world of ego languages.

     Heaven and our spirit real selves is eternal, permanent and changeless, it is perfect peace and joy.


      All human beings have egos; the ego is the replacement self that we all made to replace our true self as the sons of God. The ego is self-forgetfulness and identification with an alien self.

     The ego is insane for it is rooted in the son of God’s belief that he has murdered his father and the son his father created and invented another self, one housed in body and lives in space and time.

     The ego is that part of us that seeks power and is easily made angry by whatever makes it feel belittled and slighted. The ego can kill other people if its pride and vanity is pricked.

     All human beings are egos; it is because of their egoism that they do the terrible things human beings do to each other.

     African egos wanted to be especially important egos and out of that desire they were willing to sell their people to all buyers, to Arabs, Europeans and to their fellow Africans; they sold their people to get money with which to buy the paraphernalia of bigness and ego grandiosity.

      The New African has understood that the ego is an illusion and not his real self; he knows that he has total worth in God as the son of God who loves his father and other sons of God.

    The Christ in us loves and forgives all of us and does not harm any human being. The New African works for the good of all Africans and all human beings; he is no longer egocentric and no longer pursues becoming the African big man, pursuit of which made Africans traffic in slavery and currently have corruption in their governments.

     If people live in separated bodies all they can do is reduce their egos; only a few persons entirely let, go of their egos and live from their Christ self (Christ is in light bodies) but that is a goal too farfetched for the average person.

    One should just learn to work for our mutual social interests, love and forgive all of us our sins and one will know relative peace and joy.

     The resurrected son of God forgives all people; he knows that forgiveness is for the past not the present; in the present all there is, is love; when you forgive our pasts, stop looking at the present with the eyes of your past experiences and past culture you know only love for you and all of us.

     In the present is only love! God is love and God is in the present, not past.

     The son of God who has jettisoned identification with the ego, separated self and lives from his unified spirit self sees all human beings as innocent, sinless, guiltless, and holy, for he knows that they only sleep and dream that they are separated from God and from each other; he knows that the evil they do on earth are done in dreams and what is done in dreams have not been done.

    The sons of God remain as God created them, one with him and with each other, innocent and guiltless; they have not separated from God and their brothers and, as such, are not evil and guilty and do not need to be punished but to be corrected with love.


    We, the sons of God, are in exile in the universe of space, time and matter; our true home is in the world of God, in formless unified spirit, not in bodies.

     But while we are here on earth and in bodies, we can make our living happy; we do so by no longer seeing us as sinners because we separated from God and from our real selves and from each other and we individually deny our sin of separation and project it to other people and punish them for God.

    We did not and cannot separate from God and, therefore, we have not sinned; the earth is a dream, an illusion; the evil we do on earth are done in a dream setting; in truth our evils have not been done.

      Therefore, we remain as God created us, unified with him and all of us and innocent. We must forgive our sense of sin and evil done to each other to know that we are innocent and sinless hence return to the awareness of love and peace. We always live in love but use our egos and bodies to mask it; when we remove the ego and body, we experience the love we already live in.

    If you (Africans) respect yourself other people must, as day follows night, respect you and you must respect them, but if you do not respect you and, instead, expect other people to respect you, no one will respect you. The same goes for love; if you love you other people will love you, but if you do not love you other people will not love you and you will not love them, for no one gives what he has not first given to his self.

      Africans and all people must love and respect themselves if they want other people to love and respect them.


Osuji, Ozodi (2021). Connected Lives. Las Vegas, Nevada: Rushmore Press.

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