The mind is very powerful


Ozodi Osuji

     I go to sleep, and I am immediately in what later I learn is a dream but while in it, it looks like my day world, with people, plants, animals, space, time, and matter, stars, and galaxies, with everything I see in my day world in it. In dreams, I interact with other people just as I do during my day life. Then I wake up and realize that in the past hour or more I had been dreaming, living in an unreal world?

     What is it in us that dreams through us when we sleep? Where did the ability to dream come from? I understand that most animals do dream but how do they do it, what force makes us replicate the day world in our dreams?

      The best movie makers are hardly able to write scripts, plays, dramas and populate them with actors and have them enact what our brains enact in our dreams. It is simply amazing that our minds can dream.

     And that raises the question of whether our day world is also a dream? We cannot dismiss the possibility that our day world is a dream, a collective dream by all our minds. If so what us is the dreamer of our daydreams? Since we have not woken up from our daydreams to realize that it is a dream and do not know who is doing the dreaming, can we also call our day life dreaming?

      Could it be that a deeper part of our minds, the spiritual parts of us, sleep and dream our day life? I do not have proof for this suspicion but cannot rule it out.

      I am aware that some religions consider our day world a dream; Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism (A course in miracles) among other religions claim that our day world is a dream, but they do not provide us with evidence of who is doing the dreaming. What they said is not better than what I said above except that they made the dreamer spirit, Atman, a part of God, the son of God; we do not know who Atman, the son of God is in our conscious minds.

      Some of our nightly dreams are gibberish and do not make sense but some do make perfect sense and seem to symbolize something.

     Similarly, our day lives are also mostly gibberish but aspects of them make sense and seem to have meaning for us.

     When medical doctors are doing surgery on folk’s bodies, anesthesiologists give them certain medications that work to suppress the awareness of pain and consciousness in them until the surgery is done. The individual is dead when he is operated on and does not feel pain and does not have consciousness of his body and self. When the surgery is over, and the anesthetic medications wear off, the individual regains awareness of pain and who he is. Where was his consciousness when he was anesthetized? He does not know.

      This raises two issues, one, that he is merely an animal and when the pain and self-aware part of his brain is made dead, he is not aware of anything happening to his body, you might as well cremate his body and he would not be aware of it. Alternatively, consciousness is not in the body and operates through the body; certain parts of the brain are portals for consciousness entering the body and when those portals are deadened with medications consciousness cannot operate through the body; when the medications that deaden the relevant parts of the brain is removed, the individual regains consciousness of who he is.


     The conscious part of our minds does not understand how we dream (I don’t); also, the conscious part of our minds do not really understand the higher functions of our minds, such as spiritual matters; apparently, that is why religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, ask their followers to shut down their conscious minds, in meditation, and have still minds and listen for messages from their higher minds.


      There is mystery involved in our ability to dream and have consciousness. I know that I can choose and see people as mere animals and treat them as such, disrespectfully, but something tells me that given our ability to dream and have self-consciousness, study and attempt to understand our universe, do science and technology, that we are really a mysterious breed of animals and ought to keep making efforts to understand the origin of that mystery rather than have infantile scientists dismiss the mystery of human beings; and while they are at it, trivializing people they produce nuclear weapons to wipe themselves out.

     When we are no longer in awe of ourselves, we are ready to destroy us. Love and respect for people leads to treating them as sacred beings, to protecting their lives rather than cavalierly destroying them.


I am aware of studies on the brain trying to figure out how it dreams and has consciousness. Neuroscience specializes on such studies. Neuroscientists have identified parts of the brain they think participate in dreaming and consciousness; they have also mapped the brain’s neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, noradrenaline etc.), electrical ions and how information is relayed from one neuron to another. What they are doing is useful and must be done. However, I do not believe that neurotransmitters or electrons do our thinking, dreaming and have consciousness; I believe that a force that is not physical, for lack of a better term, I will call it spirit, uses our brain to dream and have consciousness. This is not the place for me to talk about my approach to human consciousness for it takes hundreds of pages to explain it.

Ozodi Osuji June 21, 2022

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