The meaning of “I am saved.”


What it means to say that one is healed

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

     You have probably heard Christians talk about healing and some saying that they are healed in Christ or say that they are born again in Christ; you probably wondered what they mean by those statements. Let me try to explain what they mean.

     To become healed means that one was hitherto unhealed, sick. What does it mean to be sick and unhealed?

     To be sick, spiritually speaking, is to feel oneself separated from God (also called Unified Spirit and Whole Self). Our nature is part of the whole self, part of Unified Spirit; we are the extensions of God. There is oneself with one mind, God and we are all parts of him (God is spirit and has no gender but we can use the male gender here).

     God is creative. He created each of us. He extended himself to each of us. In creating us he gave each of us his whole self. Thus, each son of God, you, me, contain the entirety of God. There is no space and gap between God and each of his creations, each of his sons; where God ends and each of us begins is nowhere.

    You are in God and God is in you; you and God share oneself and share one mind; you, and God and all of us share oneself and one mind; we are eternally connected and joined to each other; there is no space between God and us and between each of us and other sons of God.

    Only the bodiless, the immaterial, the spiritual can join; our true self is spirit and is not in body. The human body was designed to separate the sons of God from God and from each other.

     Matter, space, and time were specifically designed to give each son of God the impression that he is separated from his brothers and from their father; each of us now sees his self in a specific body, walking around in space, and time and fancies that he begins and ends where he sees his body; body is a means of giving boundary where each of us is. In our bodies we are separated from other sons of God.

     Each of us overtly or covertly fancies that he is better than other people; the world of matter, space and time was designed to give us a feeling that one is superior and more powerful than other sons of God and some feeling inferior to others; inferiority and superiority, power and powerlessness need each other to seem to exist, without one the other cannot exist, so both cancel each other out and do not exist. 

      Body, space, time are illusions; they seem real and we all believe that we live in bodies and live in space and time; it all seems real to us; our universe is a shared delusion disorder, a shared illusion, a mass hallucination where we see people who are not in bodies as in bodies and a mass delusion because we believe that what our bodies were designed to show us, separated selves, are there.

      I see me, I see Black men and women, I see white persons, Asian persons, animals, trees, planets, stars, galaxies, and those all seem separated from me and real. But if I did a little bit of physics, even it, mundane as it is, will tell me that those things are not separated from me.

     Matter is composed of 118 elements; each element is a different arrangement of electrons, protons, and neutrons; protons and neutrons are composed of quarks, quarks are composed of photons, light; electrons are composed of light. Thus, where I see galaxies, stars, planets, trees and animals, houses and everything on earth is nothing but light, literally not figuratively.

     On earth, in our physical universe everything is made of light waves and particles but disguised to seem like mass, matter and separated from each other.


     The entire physical universe of space, time and matter is in the mind of the collective sons of God. The Collective sons of God wished to be special, and separated from God and from each other and could not do so in unified spirit, heaven, and seem to have gone to sleep and in their sleep dream a universe of space, time and matter; constructed with light; each seems to have placed his self in body made of matter and now walks around in space and time; each of us believes that he is separated from other selves and from the whole universe, from God; separation seems real to our perception.

    Who can deny that he does not see galaxies, stars, planets, trees, animals? We all see these separated things but since they do not exist, we are therefore in a mass hallucination and mass delusion, mass psychosis.

     To be mentally sick, be it anxiety, fear, anger, depression, paranoia, mania, schizophrenia, and personality disorders are to see oneself as separated from other people and from God, the whole universe.

     Each of us uses matter, body to organize his specific mental disorder; therefore, there seem a biological aspect of mental disorders and thus we concentrate on trying to heal the mentally ill with medications; if one is anxious we give him anxiolytics, if depressed we give him anti-depressants, if manic we give him anti manic medications, if schizophrenic we give him the anti-psychotic medications, if personality disordered, since there are no legitimate medications for those, folks with them take alcohol, smoke cigarettes, do street drugs of all kinds to calm or stimulate their bodies.

      These remedies seem to give us some release from our mental disorders but do not heal them. Of course, if you are mentally ill you must take medications from your psychiatrists because you believe that you are a body and body can become sick and need medications; body can become hungry and need food, body needs clothes and shelter.


     Reality, God, heaven is unified; if you are in union, you are healthy; you are always in union, connected to all things but while in it you wish separation, sleep, and dream and see a separated world with separated selves and identify with a separated self, your human personality. Now in separation you are mentally ill.

     To be cured and healed of your mental disorder is for you to give up the wish and desire for a special, separated self, to die to the ego separated self. That is all that is required for mental health.

      You made the ego separated self-concept with the help of all of us, now you give up your attachment to the ego self-concept and self-image that you made. You must literally tell you that you are not an ego separated self-living in body; that you are not the ego separated self-image that you have in your mind.


       If you accept the separated self-image as who you are, it affects all your thinking and behaving and shows you a separated world and you are now mentally sick.

     To be healed requires that you give up the wish for ego separated self and its self-image and keep quiet. If you do so, now you do not know who you are, you are no longer thinking and behaving from the ego self-concept and self-image. You keep quiet.

       If you can keep your mind freed from ego cluttering, the ego separated self and image and it’s thinking you will first feel calm and feel as if you do not have a body; you will literally feel as if your body has disappeared and that your sense of self has disappeared and feel like you are now light!

      At this point you will probably panic with fear because you see the vaunted ego self you made disappear and you realize that it did not exist, it has never existed for a second, it is just a fantasy self that you gave life to and live through it.

     When you panic you return to the awareness that you are a separated self in body. If you, however, keep trying meditation, denying that you are ego separated self in body, one day you will see you in a body made of light, a self still in form, but now in a world of light forms; here, everything is made of pure light; people still look like human beings, and others like animals, trees, planets, stars, galaxies except that they are all in light forms.

     This is our world remade by the Holy Spirit for us. Our present world was made by our wish for separation, so it was made by our ego and is dense matter and energy; the God in the temporal universe, the immanent God, the Holy Spirit remakes the world our ego minds made. That new world is exactly like our extant world except that it is now in pure light.

      This light formed world is not heaven; it is still an illusory world, it is still a hallucination, still insane but a better insanity than the insanity of our earth with its bodies of matter that will die and decay; in the world of light forms your body of light (glorified body, purified self) does not die and does not decay for light lives forever. 

      You live in the world of light forms for a while and probably return to the world of matter and resume living in your old body.

     Some people have had enough of living in matter and choose to remain in the world of light forms (also called paradise, purgatory, the real world, the gate to heaven, the bridge between our world of matter and formless heaven). From there if one totally gives up the wish for separated and special self-one disappears into the formless world of God, into unified heaven.

    God and his heaven cannot be described with human separated language; the Tao cannot be described by separated words; it is one shared self with one shared mind and in it one feels eternal, permanent, and changeless and perfect.

     That formless light world is the only world there is. We are right now in that formless world; in it we are perfect and eternal; while there we sleep and see ourselves on earth or in purified earth, the world of light forms.

      Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me reiterate that to be healed is to give up one’s ego self-image and no longer thinks and behaves from it; when you give up the desire for the separated self and its world and regain awareness that you are a part of a unified light world, heaven, you feel permanent, peaceful and perfect; in that state of eternal union, connectedness, joined state you are healed.

      Healing is regaining awareness that one is part of a unified mind, not a separated mind, for separation is the sickness to be healed with return to union.

     If you return to your body, you realize that your body is no longer stimulated by the wish to be separated from God and is mostly calm. Your body illnesses are healed when you are aware of your union with God. Your peace radiates out from you to those around you; those around you feel peaceful and happy; peace and happiness are the same.

     You, by your ego, cannot heal other people; only the Holy Spirit, your right mind can heal you and heal other people.

     For now, let us concentrate on giving up our egos and regaining awareness of our unified spirit and attaining peace and do not becoming attracted by ego spectacles, the prospect of magic of healing other people.

     When you give up your ego and live from union (as we all do but deny it), live in love you love all people and things. You no longer try to deny the reality of love; you are no longer insane, and immature (neurotic) in trying to deny reality, deny your real self and live from a false self that you made to replace the true self that God created you as.

     You now love your real self and love all people’s real selves; you still see what those in egos do. You still see narcissistic people trying to tell themselves that their bodies and egos are beautiful and better than other people’s egos and bodies (things that will die and smell like feces).

     However, instead of condemning egotists you have compassion for them. You live from your real self, from the Christ, from love; you have made only one judgement, that the ego and its separated world are false, and you are not attracted by it.

      Every person who encounters you notices that you are calm, peaceful, and not given to fear, anxiety, anger, depression, paranoia, mania and schizophrenia and personality disorders because those are futile efforts to live from the separated sell; you are now living from our one unified self and is in peace and give the world your peace. 


     You do not seek to be an ego; you do not defend the ego; the ego likes to be right and see other egos as wrong; you know that your ego and other people’s egos are false and do not argue with them.

    You have given up the wish for an ideal, perfect ego for that is what mental disorder is made of. You now live from no ego separated self and even egotistical people notice that you are a different person; if you used to be anxious, depressed or paranoid you are now fearless and not prone to anger; you talk less and love more.

      You eat only when you need to eat but is not addicted to food, or to sex, alcohol, drugs and other agents that folks use to stimulate their bodies to make them seem real in their awareness.

      If you are no longer living from the ego self-image you will, most of the time, live in the world of light forms, and sometimes visit the formless world of God and occasionally appear in human body. Only very few persons have attained that level of enlightenment, so let us dwell on what is doable and cross the bridge of entering heaven (which is not outside us, is inside us) when we get there.


      The ego likes one to talk about other people’s lack of healed minds; therefore, resist the ego and focus on healing your own mind, remove your ego separated self-concept and self-image, do not think and behave from the ego.

    Stop postponing your rebirth in Christ; do it now, not tomorrow; stop wasting your time; have pity on yourself and those around you and live from love; if you postpone enlightenment, you suffer and enable those around you to suffer.

     Love all people and make them feel welcome around you; let them feel peaceful and happy around you; help them struggle to heal their own minds (to jettison separated mind and regain awareness of unified mind).

     Do not talk about other people’s unhealed minds, as your ego wants to do to avoid giving up your ego; give up your ego and become healed; that is, regain awareness of your already healed self in the whole self-called God and live from its love and light and give your love and light to the world.

    People in the world of egos and separation, live in hatred of their real selves and each other, they live in darkness. Give them the light of God, unified light, in you.

     Stop opposing God, stop opposing love and return to love, to union, to God and become healed and then become an example of a healed son of God and help heal all sons of God still in the sickness of living as separated egos.


      The deluded person has total sense of weakness and powerlessness and then masks that underlying sense of powerlessness and inferiority with compensatory sense of power and superiority.

     Because (I have a person in mind here) she feels totally powerless, she strives to seem over powerful but that is vacuous power for it is not the real kind of power that joins other people and the world and tries to improve the world but the kind that stays in the background and merely feel like she is God in her powerfulness.

     In idleness she feels powerful and blames all people, especially those in her life, for her failures in the social world (she did not compete in the social world for to compete is to risk failing and appear imperfect and powerless, so she dropped out of school and did nothing in the real world while imagining herself all-knowing and all powerful).

     She sees other people as the cause of her problems (in some paranoid cases, such people can attack and harm the person they believe caused their woes). Imagine a forty-year-old woman talking about how she was trafficked, whatever that may mean to her; this indicates total inability to protect herself. It also shows paranoid belief that everything that is happening in her world refers to her (ideas of centrality and reference); she hears about women been trafficked and she refers the problem to her instead of fighting to stop it where it occurs in the world out there.

     This person does not realize that the only sense of power a human being can have is to work for the good of all people. It is when you transcend your puny ego self and work for what Alfred Adler called social interest that you experience an inner sense of utility to the people.

      In religious categories, we derive a sense of worth when we identify with God, the whole self, and serve the entire human society.

       It is in love for the whole that the part feels worthwhile; if one separates from the whole one feels worthless.

      God gives his son power, separation from God makes the son of God feel powerless and see his life as meaningless.


      According to Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles, the world came into being as a rebellion against union; separation is opposition to union and love; the world is a mistake; we correct that mistake by returning to love, to union; we do not correct it by hatching further ego delusional fantasies where only one is correct, and all other people are wrong.

     We all made a mistake in coming to this separated world and doing what we do; we were all unloving; now, we must love our real selves and love all people’s real selves and work to make this world the kingdom of love, not separation and its attendant mental disorders.

      Love is what heals our mental disorders and makes our world a peaceful and happy place before we return to the world of light forms and ultimately to the formless world of God.

     To desire an ego separated self-housed in body and think and defend it is to be mentally ill; to remove the desire for an ego separated self, give up one’s self concept and self-image and live from the Christ self, the self in light form is to become healthy; ultimately to be healed is to totally jettison the ego separated self and know that one is part of one whole self, the self of God, a self in light that begins and ends nowhere and each of us is a particle of it and knows himself to be eternal and perfect.


     Below are additional and related ideas. Every family has its issues, mental disorders and or drug addiction disorders, which manifest in it; instead of denying it, the head of the family should take ownership of it and heal it in him and model a healed self for the rest of the family.

     Addiction (to sex, food, drugs etc.) are means of avoiding loving one’s real self and loving other people’s real selves; they are means of affirming the ego, separated self, affirming lovelessness; there is nothing wrong with sex and alcohol or drugs if one recognizes that one is using them to stimulate one’s body and ego and deny one’s spirit self, avoid love; for the average person doing everything in moderation is good.

     Fear, anxiety, anger, paranoia, delusion disorder etc. are means of affirming the ego separated self and maintaining it.

     The person who rejected extant society saw it as not healthy; it is not healthy; normalcy affirms  our phony egos and phony society; the problem is that this person then invents a false ideal, perfect self, a very powerful self and identify with it and from it is no longer realistic and able to solve human problems; the goal is for him or her to give up desire for the ego special separated self and live from the loving self, unified self, the whole self, the Christ, the Holy Spirit in us.

    The entire physical universe of matter, space and time and its laws was designed by us to enable each of us, with the help of all of us, to construct a body for himself and seem to live in it and construct a separated self-concept and self-image; the entire  universe reinforces our bodies and separated selves; food, sex, alcohol, weather, cold, hot and so on make us feel like we have bodies; pain and sickness make us feel like we are bodies and we defend our bodies with food, medications, clothes and shelter; this is the game of the world, to dream that what does not exist seem to exist; we desire an ego and body that does not exist and defend it.

     In truth only the unified spirit son of God exists; he is not in ego and body and does not need defense to exist for it is eternal and immortal; stop desiring an ego in body and do not defend it and it disappears from your awareness and you see you in light form, and ultimately, experience you in formless self.

      If you are still attracted by separation you can return to our physical universe or go to another universe; there are infinite universes, each with its own laws, all illusions, and experience it.

     Only the formless universe of God, in our minds, is real.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 26, 2022


Who do I expect to read this material? At best one out of one hundred persons would do so. Why, many are called but few are chosen; very few persons pay attention to spirituality. That is just the way it is. There has not been a mass awakening of human spiritual thinking; in every era may be one or two persons seriously pay attention to spirituality, the rest down themselves in religion and other escapist lifestyles.

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