The law of projection and attraction


You experience only what you want to experience, this is because you experience what you projected out; there is no exception to this rule; there are no victims in this world; in this fact lies the justice of God. The below essay is written in metaphors, its meaning is not literal, for metaphors represent truth that we cannot yet articulate in words; concepts like God, son of God, Christ, unified spirit self, heaven are metaphors not literal facts.

Ozodi Osuji

     If you attend a new age church, such as centers for spiritual living, or gravitate to new age spirituality, you probably have heard the concepts of “you create your reality and the law of attraction.” Seldom do you hear the concept of projection.

      In this essay I point out that you experience the world that you projected out, and that you attract to you whatever happens to you. You experience only what you want to experience; there are no accidents in one’s life.

     Ordinarily, one sees oneself as a victim unto whom mostly terrible things happen to and sometimes good things happen to. But that is not the truth.

     The truth is that if what one does not want to experience can happen to one there is no justice in this world and if there is no justice in this world there is no God, for God can only exist if there is justice in this world (as it is in heaven).

    If there is no justice in the universe the universe cannot exist; what would be the reason for it to exist, just a dumb universe where folks kill each other, and physical things destroy people all for no reason! The universe exists for a reason, it is for us to figure out what that reason is. In this essay, I point out that the universe exists because the sons of God want to experience the opposite of their nature and while here finds their nature, unified. They are unified but come here to seem separated from each other and while here find that they are eternally unified.

     The justice of God requires that his creations experience only what they want to experience, not what they do not want to experience.

      However, on earth we tend to see ourselves as victims acted upon by the physical and social environments. We see a big, old world doing terrible things to us, that we do not like, and we feel victimized by it and feel angry at it.

      One feels angry at one’s parents for what they did to one, at one’s significant others (siblings, peers, teachers, and society in general) for the bad one perceived that they did to one.

      One blames other persons and the physical world for one’s crummy fate and feel angry at them.

      The world is a place of fear and anger; we feel fear of the bad the world could do to us and angry at the people we see with our physical eyes do sad things to us and at the physical environment for giving us diseases and poverty. To our egos it makes sense that we are victims of an unloving and uncaring world.

     I see me as a victim, and you also see you as a victim. The individual’s sense of victimhood is agreed to by all of us; we say amen to anyone who tells us about the wrongs that other persons and the world did to him, for we can see wrongs done to us in our own lives.


     Some of us struggle to correct the external world that we see do dreadful things to us. Thus, we see other people as bad and embark on trying to transform them into good people. This is the journey of the ego idealist, such as I was.

      I saw people doing what seemed to me nasty and wanted to make them do the right things, which I construed as loving things. I wanted to change other people. If only I can change other people life would be better for me, I believed. I also struggled to change me and make me an ideal loving person.

      Deep down I see me as good and see other people and the world as bad; it is good me versus a cruel world. So, I struggled to change the ugly world.

      Eventually, I realized that no matter how much I tried to that I cannot change other people and make them behave nicely to me or become loving people. Thus, I gave up on trying to change people and, instead, tried to understand me; I see loads of bad in me, so I tried to change me. Thus, these days, I only try to improve me, not other people, for I learned that I do not have the power to change other people; I cannot make other people good or bad. Indeed, by my ego wishes alone I cannot change me; it takes my higher self to change my lower ego self.


      We tend to think in images; our thinking is represented in images and made to seem outside us. This is what happens when we sleep and dream; in dreams our thinking produces images of a world that seems outside our minds and we seem to live in that world, all an illusion, for it is in our minds.

     The day world that I see with my physical eyes is like the world I see in my dreams at night when I sleep and dream. Dreams are our thoughts presented in images for us to see them (day world or night dream or world of light forms are our thinking in images; heaven is also our thinking but not in images so we cannot see it).

      In my dreams a part of my mind that I am not in conscious control over produces a dream world with dream people doing all kinds of things, with one dream self that I identify with as me.

      It is the unconscious part of my mind that produces my dreams at night. I do not have conscious control over that part of my mind that produces my nightly dreams.

     Yet, the dreams that my unconscious mind produce reflect my wishes. It is my wishes, albeit not understood at the conscious level that produce my dreams at night.

      My day world is also a dream produced by an unconscious part of my mind. The only difference between my day world and my nightly world is that at night I dream with my solo unconscious mind.

      The day world is our collective unconscious dream. You, I and all of us collectively dream our day world. This is because at the highest level there is only one dreamer; the dreamer is the one son of God; that one son of God manifests in his dream as all of us; one unified spirit self is all of us separated selves on earth.

     Because the day world is a dream by the many of us it lasts long whereas our nightly unshared dreams last momentarily. What are shared lasts long and what is not shared does not last long.

     Our shared day world, dream has lasted billions of years and will last more billions of years. Our unshared, nightly dream is a solo dream by each of us and, as such, does not last long (when we wake up in the morning, we forget the dream).

     When all the sons of God who are currently sleeping and dreaming that they are separated selves housed in bodies have awakened from their daydream we shall forget the dream, forget our physical universe. We reawaken to living in the consciousness of our collective unified self.


      A part of us that we are not consciously aware of have wishes and those wishes would produce our day, collective dream, world. Because in the day we dream collectively, we do not realize that it is also a dream, a dream that reflects our wishes.


      Our day world is a dream reflecting our collective wishes for power and separation from God and from each other, therefore, we are not victims of what other people did to us that we do not want to experience.

     Yes, in our world we do see other people abuse us but like our nightly dreams they abused us because our collective minds projected them out and had them abuse us.

    In our day world, we do see ourselves victimized by other people and we do victimize other people; our mutual minds produced the dream abusers and dream victims. This is because the world came into being as a dream of mutual attack and defense.

      This does not justify what the abusers did to us or make us victims; it simply means that both the abuser and the abused are confused because they are doing the wrong things.

      If we are in our right minds, we only love people in our nightly dreams and in our day world but we are not in our right minds.

     We came to the world to make sure that we do love but also behave as the opposite of love. There is love and there is hate in our world. This is because our world is the dream that opposites are possible.

      God and heaven are only love and we wish to experience not only love but the opposite of love, attack, hate. Heaven is joined and we wished to experience separation. Heaven is eternal and we wished to experience death in our world.


  You and I have a nonphysical self as well as a physical self.

  There is God. God is nonphysical. God extended his nonphysical self to each of his sons, to you and I. God is formless and the sons he extended to, that he created, are formless, are non-physical.


       God and his formless, nonphysical sons are eternal (there is no space, time and matter in God and the world he and his sons live in).

      God is eternal love, and his sons are eternal love. In their abode in spirits, God and his sons are eternal love; they are unified and share one unified self and one unified mind (in heaven we think with the mind of God; on earth we also think with the mind of God but in inappropriate manner).

    There is no separation between our minds and the mind of God; where God’s mind ends and our individual minds begin is nowhere; we share one mind, the mind of God; we share oneself, the self of God.


       God is always creating his sons, for he is a creator, and a creator must be creating; there was and is no time that God is not creating his sons; God is a father, a father needs sons; we are the sons of God and need God’s fatherhood.

     God gave his sons the quality of creating. Thus, in eternality we are always creating with the mind of God in us and in time we are always creating but now inappropriately, inventing, making, not creating.

      A unique way of putting it is that we co-create with the mind of God.

      God’s creations and the creations of his sons are eternal and timeless. God’s creations and the creations of his sons are eternal, permanent and changeless; they live in perfect peace, harmony and joy.


The sons of God, you and I, decided to experience the opposite of our real selves. Our real selves are formless unified selves.

      We decided to live in forms. Forms, that is, bodies we use to make separation from God and each other seem real.

       God is perfect freedom and does not stop his sons from doing whatever they want to do. We are the prodigal sons of God and God allowed us to go experience life in a foreign land, in forms, in space, time and matter, live as separated selves (we cannot separate from God, we only dream and see us in dreams of separated living but, remain as God created us, unified with him and with each other).


      We collectively invented physical light and used it to form electrons and quarks and used quarks to form protons and neutrons. We placed protons and neutrons in nuclei and had electrons circle them and atoms were formed.

      We used atoms to form molecules. We gradually used atoms to form the universe of stars, planets, plants and animals and our bodies. For our present purposes, while asleep we formed planet earth.

       Over time we combined many elements (such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium etc.)  to form our bodies and now seem to live in bodies.

       Thus, on earth, each of us sees his self in a body and sees other people in bodies. We are now inside bodies and interact as bodily selves, walking around in a universe of space, time and matter.

      In the universe of space, time and matter we live as the opposite of our true selves in the formless universe of God.


       In formless God and his heaven, we are perfect love; on earth we live as the opposite of love, so we do harm each other.

      On earth we do perceive each other doing harmful things to each other. Thus, we fear each other and are defensive.

      I see you as capable of harming me, even destroying my body and killing my ego, so I am afraid of you; I anticipate attack, harm from you, and defend myself from you and you do the same towards me.

     We live in a world where we harm each other’s bodies and separated selves. We are thus defensive; I defend my ego self and body and you do the same. This is the world we live in and that our physical eyes show us and that we believe to be real.

      To those on earth the world is real because they want it to be real; they came here to experience attack on each other and to defend themselves. Thus, each of us sees his self as a victim of other people and feel angry at other people; what one does other people do.

       We are in a prison where we attack and defend ourselves at the individual level and at the societal level (each society has its police, courts, judges, and prisons to defend people and have military for intergroup, and international attacks and defenses).


     The day world, like the night world, is a dream world. That is correct, the day world you see with your physical eyes is a dream; what you do and what other people do are actions in our mutual, collective dream. Like at night the dream seems real. Like at night dream you do defend yourself when other people attack you.

       How can you prove that the day world is a dream? First, accept that it is a dream and that it is our collective dream.

      We collectively projected out the dream. In the dream we attract some persons into our lives to do to us what we want to experience.

      If you are Black, you attract white folks who want to discriminate against you into your life. If you are white, you attract Black people to your life for you to discriminate against. This is what we are doing at the race level; we also do so at the individual level.

     The dream seems real, and you defend you from other people’s attacks on you; you see you as a victim of other people’s attacks; you see you as innocent and see other people as victimizers and blame them for your suffering.

      You blame other people, and they blame you and in so doing we all live defensively, angry at each other.

      Now see the world as our mutual and collective dream. You and I projected the entire universe out. How we did it we still do not understand but in the future, we will understand it. For now, accept that you and I projected out the day world we see. The sons of God are engaged in matrix like simulation; while still in spirit they project out an aspect of themselves into bodies, space and time and have them do what we do on earth.

    We individually and collectively projected out the abusers and abused we see in our world. No one is innocent in the sense of not playing a part in the world of mutual attacks and defenses.


      The world is a dream; as in all dreams, what is done in this world has not been done. I see you attack me, and I defend against you, and you do the same to me. But we have not attacked each other; we are merely dreaming.

       I can choose to see what you did to me as dream attack and not defensively counterattack you. I do so from realizing that in a dream we both did to each other what we want to dream about. In the dream we do attack each other hence are guilty but outside the dream world we have not attacked each other hence are innocent.

     More importantly, what is done in dreams have not been done. Because what is done in the world has not been done, I tell me that I do not have to feel attacked and angry at you when I see you attack me.

      When I see an unintelligent white racist like Tucker Carlson of Fox News doubt the ability of an eminently, professionally qualified Black jurist, Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson I feel angry; he asked her to release her LSAT scores and her transcript at Harvard University to prove to him that she is intelligent. He did not ask that other nominees for the Supreme Court or the supremely idiotic Donald Trump to release their college scores to prove their intelligence; he assumed that white folks are intelligent and Black folks not intelligent and have to prove their intelligence to him, a blockhead. He did not realize that his selective demands on what needs to be released to the public is racist! That is how stupid racists are.

    I felt angry at him, but if I realized that the dummy is doing what we asked him to do in the dream, be racist towards Black folks, so I must not feel angry at him. I must treat him as we treat children, with understanding.

     Take a good look at Tucker’s face. What do you see? You see a child’s face; the man is about five years old emotionally; the same goes for Donald Trump; those who play the role of evil persons on earth are emotionally arrested to age appropriate for children; therefore, we must forgive them as we forgive children for they do not know what they are doing; we must also correct their childish behaviors, for forgiveness does not mean condoning evil behavior; evil must be corrected with love.

      Tucker and Trump are doing what our collective dream require them to do, be racist. Therefore, I choose to ignore his racism and instead do what I know is right, love all people to love me.


      The individual must always do what he knows is right despite what seems like wrong done to him by other people.

    What is right is to overlook the wrong people did to you and love their real selves. That is, you forgive their dream activities and love their real selves.

     You do not condone our evil dream activities, any unloving activity is evil, you try to correct them, if you can, but, more importantly, you love the dreamer, not his dreams; you love the sons of God not their evil dreams and their ego separated selves. Their dreams are the dream of their opposite selves. In their heavenly truth they do not live in bodies but in their dreams, they seem to live in bodies. In eternity they always love but in time dream the opposite of love.


     Each of us chose his body with the aid of other people; we collectively chose our bodies for each of us.

     Consider me. I was born with a problematic body. I inherited certain mitochondria disorders that made my life in body hellish. I, you, and all of us chose my body for me, as I and all of us chose your body for you. We dream collectively. I gave me my body and you gave me my body; you gave you your body and I gave you your body.

       Because we give us our bodies, we must collectively use science to study and understand our bodies and use technology to improve them.

      Given my body’s issues, the first part of my dream of living in body was to reject my body and wish for an ideal body. In Alfred Adler’s psychological categories, my body is inferior, and I wished for a superior body. In Karen Horney’s psychology I see my body as not good and rejected it and posited an ideal, perfect body. Thus, for most of my life I rejected my body and real self (spirit) and pursued an ideal body and ideal self (grandiose ego self).

     My ego self-wanted to be the most superior ego self on earth. I saw other ego selves as inferior to me and treated them as such. Perceiving white racism, I saw white folks as utterly inferior to me and treated them like one treats inferior persons. I had zero respect for white folks. I used to wonder whether they can ever become human beings; I define human beings as those that love each other.

      For our present purposes, I reacted to a problematic body with a neurotic self that sought false superiority towards other people, black and white.


     Over time I realized that I, with the aid of all people, chose my body. Yes, I chose my weak, problematic body. I chose all the problems that my body has.


       I initially chose my neurotic reactions to my troublesome body. I chose to seem inferior to justify seeming like a superior ego self. I was not a victim. I chose everything that I see as me and that I have experienced. My choice is a dream choice not the truth of who I am.

     When I realized that I am experiencing the body and world that I chose, the question is: can I choose differently? The answer is yes.

      Since I chose my body, I now choose not to see me as my body; since I chose a superior ego, I now choose to not see me as an ego, inferior or superior.

     If I am not an ego, separated self, then who am I? I am the formless son of God; and so are you. We are all parts of God; we are formless selves, selves not living in body; our real selves are non-physical, formless spirit.

     Choosing my problematic body was actually a calculated positive  choice; it enabled me to react with neurosis and later to cure that neurosis by choosing to see all of us as not bodies and as the same and coequal and as spirits; if I did not have my body I would not have paid attention to the human body and ego and would not have had the spiritual experiences I had that convinced me that I am spirit; that is, what initially seemed like my body crucifying me was meant to resurrect me from identification with body. To live as body is to be dead to spirit, that is, to forget spirit; when one forgives body, forgets that one is body and ego one resurrects to the awareness of one’s true self, son of God, part of unified spirit self. A world that crucifies your body and ego resurrects you to the awareness of your true self, unified son of God.

      One must show gratitude to one’s body, and to those people who crucify one, who did terrible things to one, for they enabled one to realize that one is not ego and body hence become saved, redeemed and delivered from ego and body.


       How do you know that you are spirit? First give up your identification with body and ego and then keep quiet. Do not use your ego mind to construct another ego self. Just keep quiet.

     I learned meditation. In meditation you deny that you are body and ego and accept that at present you cannot use your ego mind to understand who you are.

      Over time, in meditation I began to experience my real self, a self that is not body, a self that is formless part of one formless, unified self that folks call God.

       Beyond saying what I just said I cannot explain God, for God and his sons transcend speech and language; there is no way to explain God and his sons in their unified state.


     How can you explain oneself, God, which is one and simultaneously the infinite us? Our language was designed by us to understand the world of separated selves but cannot explain the world of unified spirit self, the one shared self and one shared mind that we call God.

     What I can tell you with all honestly is that Go  d is real, not made up. However, God is not what the various religions of the world made him out to be. No religion has explained God, and none can explain him.

       Let me return to the subject of this essay, that we experience only what we want to experience because we experience a world that we collectively projected out and see people in that projection that we attracted to us to do our mutual ego dances.

      We have both the law of projection and the law of attraction. We collectively project out the day world we see; in that world, each of us attract other people to him to enable him to do his ego dance.


      In heaven, each of us thinks with nonphysical energy, with a nonphysical spiritual light, for God is spiritual light.

      In the world of the opposite of God, in the world of bodies we think with both non-physical and with physical light.

     You can call that light electricity, electrons, energy, etc. When we think light is dancing in our brains. Our thoughts are done in light/electrons.

      Our thinking in light vibrates out of our heads and reach the entire earth and universe (the speed of light is 186, 282 miles per second).

     Our thoughts in light go around the earth several times in a second. Our thinking vibrates as electric and light and reach all people on earth and attract towards us those that want to experience what we want to experience or enable us experience what we and they want to experience.

     If I want to experience negative things, I attract to me people who would do negative things to me. If I want to experience positive things, I attract to me those people who enable me to experience positive things.


     There is no way that I can experience what I did not want to experience. The justice of God requires me and all of us to experience only what we want to experience.

     God does not intervene and prevent us from experiencing what we want to experience. I was born with a crummy body because I chose to live in a crummy body and experienced that crummy body; God could not prevent me from doing so, for God did not create my or your body.

     We, the sons of God, invented body to use it to enable us experience seeming separated selves.

      In my desire to experience mostly negative things I made my body problematic and feared harm of it; I feared other people harming my body.

       I desired a grandiose self-concept to enable me to overcome my bodily problems; I feared it failing. I was driven by fear of failure and by numerous other fears. My entire life was shaped by fear. I lived fear.

     Fear is the opposite of love, so I lived in the opposite of love.

      At some point I realized that it is the false ego self that I invented and with which I replaced my real self that feels fear.

       My real self, the self that God created and that is always part of God, cannot separate from God and does not know fear and knows only love.

     It is the ego, false separated self that knows fear.

      Suppose that I no longer see me as an ego, separated self-living in body would I feel fear? Find out. I meditate and believe that I am not my ego, and I am not my body; I am the formless son of God who is one with God and who is eternal.

      At some point, I had experiences that convinced me that our real self is the formless, eternal son of God; in that self-one does not feel fear, for one is safe in God and no one can harm one.

    Our real self is not defensive for it knows that it is not body and knows that it is eternal and does not feel threatened by what is done to its false ego and body self.

      Over time I realized that I experienced everything because I chose to do so. For example, I chose not to live in Africa. I did so because the Africans of my experience seemed to vibrate at an extremely negative energy level. They talk about using people, cheating people and are unbelievably corrupt. I did not want to surround me with such negatively vibrating people.

     White folks, on the other hand, have their own issues, including racism but since I like science, I overlooked their racism and lived in the West and devoted me to physics, and psychology and used them to construct a new spiritual science, part of which I am writing about here.

     No one else made me live in the West, I chose to do so, and chose to experience whatever good or bad I experienced in it.

     I am not a victim of other people’s behaviors; I experience only what I want to experience; in that knowledge I live in peace.


     The physical universe will continue to exist for as long as there are human beings in it. It does not and will not exist if there are no people to observe it. I know that this sounds strange after all astrophysicists and cosmologists tell us that the universe has been around for over 13.8 billion years, whereas we human beings have only lived on earth for a few million years.

     Astronomers tell us that the universe will exist for  a couple more trillion years until the  galaxies are over expanded from each other and the universe lose heat and the stars and planets break up into  the 118 elements in the universe and the elements break up into the particles of electrons, protons and neutrons  that  they are formed of and eventually all the particles decay to quarks and thereafter to physical light (protons will be the last particle to break up)  and the Universe dies in either a Big Chill or re-contract and die in a Big Crunch.

     These are useful ideas. I have written about them elsewhere. Larry Gottlieb, in his book, Hoodwinked, presented two hundred plus pages excellent write up on quantum mechanics and used it to prove that the universe must be observed to exist and that there needs to be people to observe the universe for it to exist. He described such arcane quantum mechanics concepts as Thomas Young and Louis Broglie’s  double slit experiments, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Neil Bohr’s  complementarity principle, superposition (a particle can be at more than one place at a time), quantum entanglement (nonlocal instantaneous communication of separated particles, what Albert Einstein called spooky action at a distance), Hugh Everett’s many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics,  David Deutsch’s multiverse, Strings theory,  and many other subjects in quantum physics. Gottlieb goes on to say that what the universe is we really do not know. Every culture has stories about what it believes that the universe is. Science has descriptions of what it thinks that the universe is; these are interpretations based on our studies but are not that much different from the stories other people have about the universe. We act based on the stories we have about the universe, all of them not true; they are mere social constructs. You either accept your society’s story about the world or you say that you do not know what the world is, for in truth we do not know what the universe is. We have stories. What is your story about the world and your place in it? Read his book, I wrote a review of it, it is a fascinating book based on extrapolations from physics. Gottlieb studied physics at MIT and UC Berkeley.

     Listen, people exist in our present physical forms, in light forms and in nonphysical forms. I am not going to rehash here what I have done in thousands of pages. I will not argue here whether that is true or not. Here, I simply state what I have experienced.

     I know that people exist in our present physical universe and when they think that they are dead they exist in a purified (with love and forgiveness), what I call the universe of light forms, what Hinduism calls the astral world, and exist in a formless nonphysical form.

     I know about these three universes; some physicists talk about multiverse, infinite universes; for now, I emphasize those universes that I know about.

     Each of us, right now, are in heaven, that is, is the formless son of God who is eternally joined to God. Each of us is sleeping, dreaming, and see his self in our physical universe, on earth; a part of all of us is also in the universe of light forms.

      The three universes are in our minds, they are not places outside us; they are ideas, and we live in them but for now we have desire for separated state and invented bodies and see ourselves in bodies; our highest selves are still in the Formless universe of God, as the sons of God created them; while in God we seem to have closed our spiritual eyes and sleep and dream our physical world. When we begin to wake up, remember love we see ourselves in a universe that is still like our current universe but a universe in light forms.

     Some folks call the world of light forms purgatory, paradise, the gate of heaven, the bridge between heaven and earth; call it what you like, it is as real as our present material universe (both are unreal; only the formless unified universe of God is real).

     If you have had near death experience, as I have, you would have seen yourself in the universe of light forms.

     When an accident or sickness temporarily jolts your mind away from its attachment to our universe of dense forms, you experience the universe of light forms (which is not heaven, heaven is formless and has no space, time and matter).

      I am not here to argue but to state self-evident states as I know them to exist. Our physical world of space, time and matter was projected out by the sleeping and dreaming sons of God; it will continue to exist until all of us gave up the desire for separated self-housed in body, and lives in space and time; apart from our wishes the physical universe does not exist.

     How can the seeming solid universe you see with your physical eyes not exist? Does the world you see when you sleep and dream not seem real while you are sleeping and when you wake up you realize that it does not exist!

     Our world does not exist for the children of God who have given up the wish for separation and like the prodigal son have returned to their father, returned home.

     Love all people, give up your wish for separated self, do not defend your ego separated self and its body when it seems attacked and see what happens; we do not need to argue when all we need is return to love and we experience a world of formless love, the world as God created it.

     Heaven is a formless field of love where all units are connected to other units, a world of oneself that has infinite units and one mind that has infinite units of minds all of them joined and connected, a world where one ends, and others begin is nowhere.

       Those who write about the laws of attraction give us the impression that we attract everything in our lives. To them all we need to do is wish for wealth and material abundance and we attract it to our lives. Whatever we have desire for and focus on and have the intention of getting it, we get. The universe gives us whatever we ask of it, good or bad. They are correct.

      In my life I know that I tend to have happen to me whatever I fear would happen to me (I then ask me: why do I have such fears, why do I focus on dreadful things happening to me, why not focus on good things happening to me?)

     My goal here is not to improve on what the writers on the law of attraction wrote, they gave us useful insights. Folks should ask and they will get what they asked for; however, the likelihood of getting what they ask for is higher if they worked for them. You cannot just sit in your room and wait for the universe to give you billions of dollars and that Rolls Royce you want to drive. Work for what you desire and hope that people and the universe also help you along the way.

     Esther and Jerry Hicks authored excellent books on the law of attraction, Ask and it is given etc. Let me just say that it is true that we attract to our lives what we desire.

     Hate and tune out love and you attract hate and poverty. Africans, until recently, were a loveless people; they were capturing and selling their people to Arabs and Europeans. As we speak, they mostly work for the individual self alone and do not dedicate their lives to working for the whole continent, and the result is mass poverty.

       Some of them even sacrifice people in money rituals and, of course, do not get the money they desire. The fact that they kill people for money shows that they do not have love and caring in their minds.

      Try to work for all people, for social and public good and you will produce a wealthy society. I know from personal experience that when my mind is parked in negativity, I attract negativity to my life and when I fill my mind with love and positivity, I attract love and wealth into my life. How all that work I do not know.

     Love you and love all people and work for our collective good and see if you would not attract peace, joy and material wealth into your life.


     I end by restating what is obvious to me, the universe is projected out by us and while in it we attract to us what we desire, what we wish for.

       The material universe does not exist without people wishing for it. The material universe exists only in separated minds.

      While in the separated state, an illusory state, if we remember love and love all people, we see our world transformed into light forms and what folks call material abundance.

      If we no longer seek separation, we experience our true self and true home in unified spirit self, aka God and his heaven.


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March 7, 2022

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