The law of karma is real


Ozodi Osuji

If you are fearful, regardless of why you are fearful, you do not live fully, you do not identify an objectively realizable goal and pursue it with your entire ability and get it, you hesitate, draw back hence get poor prizes or fail.
If you are anxious you withdraw from society to protect your false, grandiose ego self-concept and live a perpetually defensive life hence accomplish little or nothing.
If you are angry, you chase people away from you.
Nature gives you what your behavior asks it to give to you, you take the consequences of your behaviors.
At the group level, Nigerians do not care for their people; their people that they do not care for have decided that the lives of any one who seems to have three square meals a day is game for kidnaping and robbing; the politicians and people not caring for one another’s welfare have produced mass insecurity for the people and that is the consequences of living only for you and not for other people.
Care for all people and all people will care for you; protect other people’s lives and they will protect your life; live only for you and do not care for other people and their children, and those children will grow up and have no compassion for you and will kill you and your children and urinate on your grave.
As we sow, we reap; thereafter, we try to deny the law of behavior having effects by blaming other people for the rotten effects we receive from our past and present behaviors.
Africans evilly captured and sold their people to Arabs and Europeans and now pretend that they did not do wrong and blame it on the white man, not even on the Arab to whom they sold more of their people.
Slavery taught them amoral behavior and now they see government as a place they go to steal from not a place they go to work for all their people’s welfare.
Blame other people all you like, as long as you care for no one, no one will care for you; people will kidnap you and hold you hostage for ransom money and may even kill you after you have paid up.
Love God (that is, love the whole self, all people), love you and love your neighbor is the summation of God’s laws, well-articulated by Jesus Christ, the son of God who, while on earth, as an ego separated self, remembered that he and all of us share oneself hence he correctly concluded that to love all people is to love his whole self.
The egotist, African or American, believes that other people are apart from him, so he does not love them, and does not care for them and those other people reach the same egoistic conclusion, and come after his wealth and make his social life miserable.
In Nigeria, self-centered egotistic big men now have to travel with a bunch of thugs or policemen to protect them from the hungry people wanting to lay their hands on them and tear them apart, as hyenas tear their prey; those thugs soon leave them and steal from them or kill them.
Before our eyes Nigeria is becoming as anarchic and chaotic as Somalia and South Sudan, a failed state. And all this happened because the people chose not to love one another, and not to care for one another.
This needs not be; the solution is for Nigerians to return to love, to return to caring for one another and design a political economy and culture that socializes all people to serve social interests, not just self-interests and draconianly punish corrupt people.


They say that the best way to hide good stuff from Africans is to write it down and make it a page or longer and they will not read it (most of them will not read this essay because it is more than three sentences, their attention span). What they seem good at is coming to social media to look at their pictures, to appreciate how handsome and beautiful they look, and pretend that they are very important people. In truth, they are starving people.
These people must learn to read and learn that love is the answer to all their problems. They must stop selling their people down the river and start caring for their welfare.
If they love and care for their people, their country will become like the paradise they associate the Western world with.
They take their Nigerian behavior patterns with them to the Western world, and begin stealing from their new neighbors, and if not monitored they will reduce their new land to the lawless place they had fled from (they are filling up American jails and prisons).
Nigerians need surgery in their minds and brains, to cut out their over learned stealing and don’t care for their neighbors’ pattern of behavior and replace it with loving and caring for all human beings and working for public good.
Let me end by quoting a lovely saying attributed to Albert Einstein, “that madness is doing the same thing, over, and over again and expecting different results.”
If you do not love and care for people you will get people who do not love and care for you; your society will be characterized by thievery; to expect a different society, one of love and lawfulness, is to be a lunatic, to be unrealistic, to not understand the law of cause and effect, a fundamental law of nature.

Ozodi Osuji
January 16, 2023

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