The healing of the human mind and personality


Ozodi Osuji

Yesterday, I talked about the concept of personality; I said that it is the individual’s habitual pattern of thinking and behaving and that it is learned, formed, and constructed during the individual’s childhood (age 1-12) and that by adolescence (age 13-18) it is set in stone and is difficult to change it. Secular psychotherapy finds it difficult to change the human personality.
I observed that most people agree that the individual uses the logic of his inherited body and early social experience in forming his personality (I will skip discussion of the role of genes in the formation of personality; let me just say that the individual’s inherited biological constitution plays a role in the formation of his personality, how, I am not sure; all I know is that my biological constitution plays a role in my thinking and behaving, my personality).
I said that most people have normal personality but that a few have personality disorders; that some people have problems relating to themselves and to other people. I named the ten accepted personality disorders, Group A: paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal; Group B: narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, antisocial; Group C: avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive, and passive aggressive (I did not explain them, read them up).
I said that there are the psychoses but that only about one to two percent of the human population have true psychoses (schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, and delusion disorder) and that most people are normal; normalcy includes those with personality disorders.
I said that the last four personality disorders (called Group C, aka neurosis) tend to be characterized by the presence of fear and anxiety; that such individuals thinking and behaving are infused by fear and anxiety.
Fear leads to trying to avoid what one fears. There is fear of harm, fear of death, fear of making mistakes, fear of failing.
Fearful people tend to be avoidant and do not live fully, they avoid robust living; they withdraw from all sorts of social activities and live by themselves; in social isolation some of them imagine that they are better than other people.
In neurosis the individual uses his thinking to conclude that he is inferior and wants to be the opposite of Inferiority; that is, he compensates with false superiority and seeks becoming superior. He is not ever going to become superior. The desire for superiority, power and importance is a chimera that is never attained but, in the meantime, drives some people and makes their lives full of anxiety, tension and conflicts.


To the best of my knowledge, no current or past Western psychotherapy has healed one human personality disordered person; I know for certain that none of them have healed the psychoses.
Now, let me talk about what I know heals the human personality: spiritual psychology.
My premise is that people, animals, trees, and all things are, at root, joined, unified, connected. In our true state of being we are eternally joined, connected and are one.
If you melted the human body, animals’ bodies, trees, planets, stars, everything in the physical universe, you would reduce them to physical light, to waves and particles of light; light is connected and has no space in it. At root we were constructed with one unified stream of light.
To be sane, healed, is to know that one is, at base, eternally joined to all people and things and that one cannot ever separate from other people and things regardless of one’s wishing to have a separated self.
In eternity we are unified formless, spiritual light. In spiritual light we are the same and equal.
While still in joined light, we desired to experience the opposite of union with all; the opposite of union is separation. We wished to be separated from each other and from God.
The desire for separation was motivated by our desire to be superior to each other; and by our desire to remove God, remove our creator, create him, create ourselves and create other people.
We cannot be superior to God and other people. We cannot separate from God and from each other. What we cannot accomplish in spiritual reality, we sleep and dream and, in our dreams, seem to have accomplished it.
While we are still joined in unified spirit, as it were, we made ourselves go to sleep and in sleep dream that we are now superior to God, are more powerful than God and are now separated from God and from each other. The physical universe is a dream of separation in our minds.
To make our sense of separation seem real to us we transformed light to matter, space, and time and used matter to form our bodies.
(Review the Big Bang, how 13.8 billion years ago, a point of light came out of nowhere and nothing, shattered into particles of light, photons, and how we transformed those to electrons, quarks, transformed quarks to protons and neutrons; and over time unified protons and neutrons in nuclei and later made electrons to cycle nuclei and thus formed atoms; we differentiated atoms by arranging the internal configuration of particles in each atom, hydrogen has one electron and one proton; helium has two electrons, two protons and two neutrons and so on; and in time used atoms to form stars, aged stars and exploded them to form elements beyond iron; spilled the elements into space and gathered them to form planets and on planet earth used those elements to form biological life forms such as plants, animals and human beings.)
Each of us now lives in a body. In bodies we seem separated from other people living in bodies. I am in my body, over here typing this material, and you are in your body, over there doing whatever you are doing. The body gives us a sense of boundary. I begin and end in my body and the same applies to you.
We use matter, space, and time to give us a senate of separation from each other and from the whole self also called God. Space separates you from me; it takes time for me to reach where you are. We live in bodies made of matter.
Our bodies, matter, space, and time give us a sense of separation from each other and from God.


When we genuinely want to avoid union with other people, and since union is love, when we want to avoid love, we make our bodies sick.
If my body is sick, I concentrate on healing it and no longer feel one with other people. Body and sickness are a means of making us feel separated from union, from love and live alone lives.
The entire physical universe of matter, space, and time was designed to give each of us (human beings, animals, trees) a sense of separation from each other and from God.
To be a human being or animal or tree is to have a sense of separation from other human beings, animals, and trees (animals see themselves as separate from people hence will not hesitate in killing people or sucking their blood as mosquitos do).


The sense that one has a separated self from other people is the illness. If I am separate from other people and from God, I am mentally sick, and the same applies to you. We are mentally sick because we have a sense of separation from each other and from God.
The more rigid that sense of separation the more mental illness one has; normal folks have flexible sense of separation from other people; they realize that at root they are joined to all people and that separation cannot exist; if we are separated from each other, we will not survive for a second; we will die.
Why did we, while in unified spirit, God, heaven, seek to experience separated existence. Each of us in unified state knows that he is the same and equal with other selves. Each of us wished to seem better than other selves.
It is the pursuit of specialness and personal power that led us to seek separation from each other and since the entire universe is designed to enable each of us to seem special and separated from each other, then the entire universe is designed to enable each of us to have the delusion that he is not only separated from other people but is better than them.


God is the union of all creation as one. God is the sense of union with all selves. God is the sense of being joined to all creation and its creator. God is awareness that nothing can exist apart from eternal union. Nothing that God did not make joined exists.
Anything that opposes union is unreal and does not exist; it may seem to exist in the dream of separation but does not exist.
The human sense of separated self and the body that houses it and the universe of space, time, and matter that make that illusion seem real does not exist and cannot exist.
What exists is formless joined mind and formless joined self, the self that God and all his creations share. God and all his sons share one formless self and one formless mind.
We are eternally as God created us; we are eternally joined to God and to each other; we are eternally formless. At present this is not how we see ourselves.
We currently see ourselves as special and separated from God and from each other and that we live in bodies, space, time, and matter and on planet earth, solar system, milky way galaxy in an incomprehensively large universe.
To be insane is to have a sense of separation from God and all creation and to live in body, matter, space, and time and to feel special, better, superior to other people.
To be sane is to know that one is always in formless unified spirit self and is the same and equal to all people.


On earth each of us believes that he lives in a body and society and uses his body and social factors to construct his separated self-concept and transforms that self-concept to a self-image.
Each of us formed a self-concept and self-image in childhood and now lives as that separated self-concept.
If one lives as a separated self in body, space, and time, one is mentally sick. This is because there is no space, time, matter, and body but we believe that they exist, think, and behave as such hence we are mentally ill.
To be a human being is to be mentally ill in that one believes that one is separated from other people and things, things that are not there in reality.
To be a human being is to live in the world of concepts and perception. I am separated from you and you from me, and we do not know who each other is, so we have concepts of who each other is, and perceive each other through space and time.


To be sick is to feel separated from God and all people. To be healed is to remove one’s separated self-concept and know that one is eternally joined to God and all selves.
A healed mind knows itself to be unified, joined and connected with all minds and no longer believes in separated self-concepts and perception and living in body; to be healed is to transcend body, space, time, and matter and know oneself as part of one formless unified spirit self and its spirit mind.


In meditation you shut down your desire for separated self, remove your belief that you have a separated self-concept and self-image, and that you live in a perceptual universe separated by space, time, and matter; in meditation you stop thinking in concepts and keep your mind empty of all ego derived thoughts. If you succeed, you attain an inner sense of union with all people and things; your separated ego self disappears.
The separated ego self and its body does not die because it does not exist and what does not exist does not die. Your body does not exist and has not existed for a second, it is a mere dream figure; you merely transcend the dream and all the dream figures in it (people and things in matter, space, and time).


Salvation means overlooking the ego separated self-one made to use to seem separated from other people and from God. In salvation you accept that your ego separated self, and body, space, and time are false, that they do not exist and that what exists is God and his creations, his sons and that they are formless unified spirit selves who are one shared self and one shared mind.


However, because we already seem to live in separated selves in bodies, in space, and time God, through his Holy Spirit, remade that universe for us; he transformed it into bodies of light forms. Thus, when we transcend our world of dense matter, we temporarily see ourselves in bodies made of light forms; we also see animals, trees, planets, stars, everything in our current universe remade of light forms and they look beautiful.
From that intermediary world of light forms, we proceed to experience our true self and true home, unified, formless God, and heaven.
Our current world of dense light, the world of light forms and heaven’s world of formless light exist simultaneously; they exist at the same time and in the same place, they are where you see you now. Heaven is where you see our earth; the world of light forms is where you see our earth. It all has to do with your state of mind; you see the world you want to see.
Hate and desire separation and you see you on earth; forgive and love and you see you in the world of light forms; give up all wishes for separation and specialness and you experience you in formless heaven.
In the God experience, you awaken to the awareness that you remain as God created you, formless, not in body, space, time, and matter but is always part of one unified spirit self and unified spirit mind.
In the God experience you know yourself to not be in body and that body does not exist, you feel bodiless and feel like you are light. You know that because you remain as God created you, one with him, and not separated from him, you know yourself as innocent, guiltless, sinless, holy, and sanctified. If you believe in separation, you see you as sinful and guilty.
To identify with body is to carry a heavy load that weighs one down. The mind carries a heavy load when it moves one’s body from place to place. One’s mind carries not only one’s body but all people in bodies and the entire universe from place to place. Yes, you carry your body, other people’s bodies, animals’ bodies, trees, planets, stars, moons, everything in your mind. Those things weigh you down.
Luckily, the physical universe you carry around in your mind does not actually exist, so you are carrying nothing! You remain the pure spirit, light that is the extension of the spirit and light called God.


A woman sees her black body, as it is, as not good enough and rejects it. She sees other people as equally not good and rejects them.
As one sees one, one sees other people; this is because other people are parts of one and as one sees one, one sees other people.
By early adolescent, this woman had rejected herself, rejected black people and rejected white people and rejected all human beings.
Thereafter, she used her mind and imagination to construct a different self for her. The new self she constructed for her sees Africans as Chimpanzees, sees white folks as Neanderthals and sees herself as the all-knowing superior self. She used her imagination to construct a superior self and a better world and identify with her imaginary self and world. She is now deluded, living in a false self and world.
She tries to convince herself and other people that they are no good and that she is the only good person.
People naturally see her for what she is, a deluded person. In delusion disorder one rejects one and rejects other people by seeing people as no good and uses one’s mind to invent a superior self for one and pretend that one is now better than other people.
In this woman’s case other people see her smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and consider her an underdeveloped human being. There she is fancying herself superior to other people, and other people see her as a subhuman being and at best are amused by her attempt to seem superior to them.
It is true that the human body is not good (it does not even exist), that this woman’s body is problematic and that other people’s bodies are problematic; it is equally true that people and society are not perfect and ideal; therefore, it is right to see herself and other people as not perfect and to use her mind to seek perfection.


The problem is how she sought perfection through her ego mind. She used her ego mind, the mind that created the problem, to formulate a better self for herself. The mind that created a problem cannot solve it. It takes a different mind to solve the human problem.
In her case, and for all of us, what she needs to do is to stop looking at herself from the ego, separated mind and, instead, look at herself from a different part of her mind.
The human mind has three parts: the ego separated mind, the Holy Spirit unifying mind, and the one mind we share with God and each other.
At present, if we are in the world of concepts and perception, in the world of separation, we are using the ego separated minds. We need to stop using our ego separated minds and, instead, use our Holy Spirit unifying minds.
The ego is the left mind; the Holy Spirit is the right mind. The ego is the hating mind; the Holy Spirit is the loving mind.
The same mind can hate or love.
This woman must stop using her ego mind to hate herself and people and seek false superiority and power over other people because there are no other people and if she feels hateful to seeming other people, she is hateful to herself since other people are her projected out; projection is perception. If she feels more powerful to other people, she feels more powerful to herself.
If she loves herself, she loves all people. What she needs to do is return her mind to how it is in spirit, loving.
She needs to overlook her body, overlook other people’s bodies, and overlook all human ego separated minds, and know that at root all people are parts of one formless, unified spirit mind and spirit self.
She needs to shut down her ego mind, and be egoless, and in that egoless, non-separated state, know herself as one with all minds and all selves.
Healing means reclaiming one’s mind as unified with all minds; healing means jettisoning the belief that one’s mind is separated from other minds.
To be healed is to return one’s mind to knowing of our one shared mind. Healing means regaining the awareness of our unified mind and stop wishing for separated mind.
If one is healed one thinks and behaves from a unified mind. In unified mind one feels light, weightless and feels as one with all people and with God.
Healing has nothing to do with ego-based morality, it is simply removal (aka forgiveness) of the ego separated mind so that one lives from the unified mind, where one always lives from, while masking it by pretending that one lives from separated mind housed in body.
If your mind is healed, occasionally, you would experience our physical universe of space, time, and matter, and your body disappear from your awareness, and you experience yourself as part of one shared, formless self and its formless mind (religions call this experience Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori, Holy Instant).


In yesterday’s essay, I talked about how neurotics are filled with fear and anxiety and how their thinking and behaving are infused with fear and anxiety and how those prevent them from living fully.
Fear and anxiety exist in separated minds, minds that believe that they are separated from God and other minds and wish for power and superiority.
If you see you as separated from other minds and wish that you have power and importance, you are going to fear failing and not having power and importance.
If you know yourself as eternally unified with the self and mind of God and all his creation and do not wish for separated power and importance you will not feel fear and anxiety.
God, union, and love is what heals fear and anxiety.


I do not suppose that in an essay of six pages I have offered sufficient information on how to heal the fractured, separated, specialness seeking mind. This essay is therefore meant as a beginning, it is designed to stimulate one’s mind into searching for what it means to be healed.
I have written tons of pages on healing the mind as regaining awareness of our joined mind. One can read my books on spirituality, and other books, such as Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles, books on Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, Gnosticism.

Ozodi Osuji
May 17, 2023

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