The ephemeral and transient cannot have worth


Ozodi Osuji

     Hitherto, I deceived myself into thinking that life in separated self, ego and body can have meaning and purpose and be important; no, it cannot; that which will die and dissolve into the elements that composed it, to atoms and particles, to physical light and to nothingness cannot have meaning and worth.

     The desire to make our lives in egos and bodies seem meaningful and have worth is the root cause of our lack of peace of mind. Everywhere on earth people pursue money and power thinking that if they obtain those, they will become very important egos (and then they die and worms eat their bodies, the bodies they had enslaved themselves working hard to provide for and make seem important!).

     If you accept that your and other people’s lives in bodies have no worth you would not have the delusion that it could ever be important and, as such, you live in peace with you, playing with the worthlessness called life on earth.

      As we talk, the Russian psychopathic war criminal called Vladmir Putin decided that he can kill people and destroy cities; he did it in Chechnya and Syria and is now doing it in Ukraine and by the time he is done thousands of people would have died and millions scattered all over the world as refugees.

     If our lives in bodies have worth would the little mad man with Napoleonic complex be able to do what he is doing? Of course not. He can do what he is doing because our lives in ego, separated selves in bodies have no intrinsic worth, and, as the immortal bard, William Shakespeare, said, we are the things of dreams.

     You probably already know, or should know, unless you are totally deluded, that any human being who desires it can kill you despite your delusion that you have worth and is invincible. In America Black folks are killed at random by the self-judged supermen of the universe, sociopathic white police officers. In Nigeria kidnappers and other bandits run around kidnapping and killing people and blowing up trains.

     A life that can be so easily terminated cannot have intrinsic worth. Our sense of worth is imaginary and delusional.

     Life can only have worth outside matter, space and time, in the consciousness that produced the universe of space, time and matter; that is, in God and if there is no God then life is totally meaningless and as the psychopath threatened to do, he can wipe out the world and satisfy his blood thirsty ego and feel powerful in his grave (since he is going to be wiped out, too).

    Tell yourself that you have no worth in ego and body but have total worth in God, for in God we are eternal, permanent and changeless; only the immortal has worth; the temporary, transient and ephemeral cannot have worth.

Ozodi Osuji

April 9, 2022

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