The ego weighs us down



Ozodi Osuji

      The ego is a heavy load that if folks desire it and defend it weighs them down. The moment you say goodbye to the ego and let it go, see yourself as part of life itself and not try to make the life in you superior or inferior to anyone else and simply live as life living through you, you notice that you now live lightly, as if a great weight has been lifted from you.

     In fact, without the ego, your body may feel so light that sometimes you may not even be aware that you live in body; it is like you are a feather carried along by breezes on a cool summer evening. Despite the benefits of egoless living, people cling to it.

      In Nigeria, the people are so egotistical that they assign useless titles to them and log them around to make them seem to have importance, they want to be called Chief, Dr Professor this or that and that silliness makes them seem important (makes them forget that their bodies are going to die and become food for worms).

      In the West folks have their own means of making their egos seem important; many professors strive to win the Nobel Prize in the sciences and that kind of making them seem important; some strive after importance by becoming billionaires, others through seeking political offices (being the president of the USA, I would imagine, makes its occupants feel important).

     Meditation, Hindu and Buddhist types, is designed for you to for a few moments attain egolessness, for you to let the ego go and not think or behave from it and let life in you be life in you without the encumbrance of ego.

    If you succeed in jettisoning the ego in meditation you feel light and transported to other universes (those are debated so it is not necessary to bother ourselves with them here).

     What is salient is that when you let go of the ego, be it in day life or in meditation, you feel one with life, one with Self, one with Unified Spirit and live freely and lightly.

     It seems to me that there is a health aspect to living egolessly. When you let go of the ego and your body feels light and peaceful, I believe that at that moment the organs in your body feel healthy, unhampered by tension, stress and anxiety; your organs work efficiently in stress free moments of your life.

     I speculate that when folks get rid of their egos and improve their physical health that they will routinely live to be 120 years, what medical scientists tell us is the life spam of healthy human beings.

       The ego is not a tangible thing; it is the idea the individual believes is who he is. The idea could be that he is like every oneself, or that one is better than or inferior to other persons. The ego is a self-concept, a self-image; it is what the individual thinks about his self. He acts according to these ideas of who he is, but the ideas are not real, they are just a bunch of ideas that have no reality in nature.

    The ego separated self is not who one is; it is a bunch of conjectures or learned ideas that one thinks that one is, and one defends them and in defending them they seem real in one’s awareness, but if not desired and defended they disappear into the mist of time from whence we conjure them out.

     The ego does not exist in the present; it exists in the past or in the future; we remember the ego but do not have it; we use the remembered ego to color our past and future but in the present we are the point of life that sees itself as ego but is not the ego; in the present folks are simply parts of one continuous stream of life, aka unified spirit selves.

5:30 AM

      This morning, I woke up at 5:30 AM. I did not have a sense of ego in my mind; it is as if the ego had gone away, and I am totally freed from its constant call for one to think from it or behave through it. My entire mind and body felt calm, peaceful and nonexistent. It was like my body is not there. I had to pinch my legs to make sure that they still exist; I felt only my mind, a calm peaceful mind.

     I do not recall a time in my life that I felt this peaceful and happy and having no ego separated self. Religious folks may say that I was in what Hinduism calls the Self, was enlightened and illuminated.

     I do not know what to name it, for all naming is filled with baggage from religions and I am not interested in religions mixed bags.

      All that I can say is that I felt like I have no ego separated self and simply felt like I am a point of life in a sea of infinite points of life, all of them connected as one joined life; in that state of union, one felt eternal, permanent, changeless, peaceful, and happy.

Ozodi Osuji

December 13, 2021

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