The Ego or the Holy Spirit


Ozodi Osuji


     To be on earth, in separation, you have already decided to live from the ego, to let the ego self-concept guide you. It teaches you that you are a separated self, housed in body, and asks you to provide for your body and ego and fight off those who threaten your ego and body. You live a self-centered existence.

     From the standpoint of heaven, you are mad for you are living in a world that is not there; you are hallucinating and is deluded for you see a universe that is not there and believe that the people and things that you see are real when they are not real. You are asleep and have forgotten your real self, the son of God, who is one with God, and is dreaming that you are separate from him. You constructed the ego self-concept, using body and social experience to do so and now see it as a replacement of your real self. You are no longer aware of your real self, unified self, but are only consciously aware of your false, ego separated self-concept. As it were, awareness of your real self is now in your unconscious or subconscious mind.


     When the infinite sons of God, who are one son of God, went to sleep and are now dreaming that they are separated from God and from each other, God created the Holy Spirit and placed him in their right minds. He is now God in the temporal universe; he is in heaven and knows heaven, union, and sees the earth and sees what people are doing. Whereas he cannot stop one from doing what one wants to do or is doing, if asked he would ask one to overlook the earth and its activities and love the good and bad doer to one.

    The Holy Spirit is God manifested in the temporal universe; he is the mediator between heaven and earth.

     While on earth, you can choose differently, choose to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the part of your mind that is in touch with God and your real self, the son of God. He tells you that both the person who harmed your ego and body and the person who did good to them are parts of you and asks you to love their real selves and forgive what their ego did to you for they were done in the dream of separation.

     Since neither of you are separated from your real self, what was done to you by the other person had not been done. If you love and forgive him, you experience the earth as a happy dream, peacefully (not the perfect peace of heaven, union without space, time and matter).

    Since we came to earth to live as separated egos, one has to retrain one’s mind, discipline one’s mind to allow only Holy Spirit influenced thoughts and behaviors to issue from one; at first, it seems difficult to do so but one can train one’s mind to live entirely from the Holy Spirit, just as one had trained one’s mind to live entirely from the ego separated self (ones left, wrong mind).   

     Both the ego and Holy Spirit guided mind are in the ego’s world of separation, space and time.

     The Holy Spirit guided self occasionally experiences the world remade by the Holy Spirit, the world of light forms that has everything in our world, people, animals, trees, stars, planets but all of them in light forms (this is the world seen by those who have had near death experience; another name for it is the astral world, gate of heaven, purgatory; it is not heaven but close to heaven; there is still residual wish for the ego to be purged from one; it still has forms, albeit refined; in heaven there are no forms; heaven is formless wave of spiritual light, not physical light; each of us is a particle of that unified spiritual light).

     One is still learning in both the world of dense matter and the world of refined matter. Learning stops in heaven, unified self.

     The earth is entirely insane, the world of light forms is semi-insane, not sane because one still sees separated things and must choose to overlook them to know that they are unified as one thing, one undivided self.

     Sanity returns to our minds when we return to the awareness of unified self; that is, when we have given up the desire for separated self on earth and that desire’s refined form, in the world of light forms.

     Ego and Holy Spirit are not persons guiding us, they are choices we make to be self-centered or to be social and God centered. The terms son of God and God are not literal but are metaphors standing for separation and union.

    You do not see God but if you love all people and things, you know yourself as in God and he in you; God is not a person for you to see, he is our collective shared self and collective shared mind.


      When you have completely lived from the Holy Spirit, you experience your real self, the union of God and his son as oneself, while still on earth; this is called Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori or the Holy Instant.

     If after that experience of unity and indescribable peace and joy, you choose to, you can return to the awareness of your body and live in body to teach other people that we are all at root spirit, as Buddha and Jesus did.

     When you are done teaching you simply open your mind’s eyes and know you in unified spirit and do not have to die in body for you had removed your belief that you are body.

    In God, unified spirit self, you feel perfect peace and joy, eternal, immortal and changeless.


       There are three selves in oneself; God the father is transcendental; God the son is us; he is in this world as egos; God the Holy Spirit is mediating between heaven and earth.


    Try loving all people and forgive them for the wrong they did to you. Forgiveness does not mean condoning evil. Correct people’s evil from love, not anger; do not tolerate evil even if it is dream evil. Correct evil with love; for example, love the racist but insist that he stops being racist.

    Love all people and you verify what is said in this brief essay, but if you have hatred for a son of God, living as the ego, you will never see the face of Christ; only loving persons return to God and his unified state, aka heaven.


Ozodi Osuji

May 2, 2022

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