The ego must be humbled for one to be healthy



Ozodi Osuji

     If you are on planet earth, if you are s a human being, you are a separated ego self. The ego self is the self that separates from the whole self, aka God.

     The separated self, the ego has a choice, to accentuate its egotism or to find a way to shrink it. Traditionally, religion offered humankind a way to continually shrink its egotism and prevent it from becoming narcissistic and delusional.

     If you accept a higher self, aka God and pray to him to guide you, you will have a humble ego. Therefore, religions ask people to daily pray to God and ask God for guidance before they do anything.

    You can worship God as Bhakti religionists do, or try to attain Christ realization through mysticism, as Jnana (yoga) religionists do.

     Either way, you are shrinking your ego. One must find a way to shrink one’s ego on a daily, hourly, and minutely basis because if the ego is not humbled it can see itself as all powerful as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladmir Putin, Donald Trump did, and the result is that man becomes deluded and is a danger to other people.

    Vladmir Putin thinks that he has the right to kill people in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine, to make his grandiose ego grander; the man obviously has delusion disorder, he is mad.

     Each of us must figure out a way to shrink his ego, daily; psychotherapy aims at doing that except that most psychotherapists are unhealed healers, they retain their egos and try to heal people’s egos; the real healing for ego is to let go of the ego, jettison the self-concept, and see one’s self as part of unified spirit self, one life. We must all figure out a way to shrink our egos on an ongoing basis.

     My grandfather posited a big, powerful ego self-and pursued it. He tried to dominate people in his world. Even as a child I could see that he was not a free man, he was living under the compulsion to be who he is not, a false, powerful self, in psychoanalytic terms he was a neurotic personality (according to Alfred Adler and Karen Horney).

    Now, suppose that he did not chase a false, powerful self, what would his life have been like? He would have lived a calm, peaceful life, he would have moderated his ego; to be on earth he must have an ego but the choice he had was a false big self or a humble false self (all ego is false). He could have done what true Christians do, ask the Holy Spirit to guide his ego and thus live with a humble ego, not the neurotic chasing a big ego and having no peace, always in tension and anxiety, always trying to prove to other people that he was an especially important and powerful self.

      The ego must be moderated, and humbled (Jane Roberts, in her book, Seth Speaks talked about the trajectory of the ego in many lifetimes but at no point did she talk about ways to humble the ego, which was a problem for those who read her book. A course in miracles asked folks to ask the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ, egoless persons, to guide their egos, hence is realistic and mental health making).

     My goal in life is to eradicate the chasing of a grandiose ego and live from a calm ego, or even to attain living without the ego, big or small; that is, become self-realized.

     Pursuit of the big ego gave me tension and excited body, I want a calm, peaceful body, and mind. What profession gives me that calmness, it is a profession that I created, a combination of scientific psychology and spirituality. it is rooted in sense, not wild religious, or scientific beliefs.

       Life is love and light; love is the union of all people as one people. Love all people and seeking peaceful ways to solve our ego initiated interpersonal conflicts, is the only way to live a balanced life.

Ozodi Osuji June 26, 2022

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