The ego and body dies but the real self lives forever


Ozodi Osuji

The human being on earth devotes most of his time and energy to making a living for his body. His body is really what he lives to worship; he is a slave to working to maintain his body with food, medications, clothes and shelter and creature comforts. Yet, he knows that that body will die and rot.
A self in him, his ego, the human personality (which was formed with his bodily experience) completely identifies with his body and correctly believes that if the body dies that he dies but he does not want to die.
The human body, ego and personality are illusions; they are not real but seem to be real; they exist as dream things; they do not exist in the wake world of God.
Space, time, and matter, too, are illusions; they, too, do not exist but seem to exist in dreams and seem real but are not real.
Upon death the individual’s body, his ego and space die; those no longer exist. What survives in the individual is the self that formulated the sense of ego to make it seem separated from other selves and from the whole self, aka God.
The real self, the son of God, like God, lives forever and ever.
If the son of God in one still wants to sleep and dream that it is separated from other sons of God and from God, it reenters the dream and sees itself in another body and develops another human personality with which to dream and the circle continues.
Indeed, when it stops dreaming that it is on earth, in matter, space and time, when some love has entered its mind, it dreams in the world of light forms and sees itself in a body made of light, and still in space and time and everything in that world is made of light; that is, it dreams with the Holy Spirit, with love and forgiveness.
The earth, the world of matter, and the world of light forms are both illusions; they seem real to those in them but are not real and do not exist.
The only world that exists is the unified world of God; the world of God is formless and unified; it is composed of formless oneself that contains infinite selves and all of them know themselves as one shared self with one shared mind; they have no space and time separating them.


In the world of matter, space, and time because people’s lives are temporary, they do feel fear, anger, paranoia, mania, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders and the other mental disorders.
In the world of light forms, people know that they do not die and, as such, do not have those negative affects; they live in imperfect peace and joy, not the perfect peace and joy of unified self. If there are still forms, space and time one cannot live in perfect peace and joy.
If you understand what I said in this piece, accept it and live it, that is, accept that your ego personality and body will go out of existence (they never existed in the first place) and that your real self, the son of God lives forever and ever and has never and will never live in body, space and time (it merely sleeps and dreams and projects itself into a dream figure seeming to live in space and time but all along is outside that dream, is always in God, in formless self, if you accept this message you will wake up in this life time.
However, accepting the message is kind of difficult; your ego will tell you that if you do not defend it that it will be killed and die and since it does not want to die you will keep on identifying with the ego and is afraid of death and is defensive.
Defense is what keeps the ego and its body alive. If you did not defend your ego and body, now, you would see them disappear from your awareness and, first, you see you in light form and, eventually, you would experience you in formless state, aka unified state, heaven.
If you do not accept the truth, which is your choice, you will keep on sleeping and have many dream times, lifetimes on earth, reincarnations on earth and will keep doing so until you accept the truth and live it.


The truth is that you are the son of God, who is light and love, and is eternal. When you accept and live that truth you will no longer be prone to fear, anger, paranoia, depression, schizophrenia etc., for those are only experienced in the dream that one has a separated self, the dream of forgetfulness of one’s real self, son of God.
To hasten your path to awakening, you must love all people. Love entails forgiving all people the wrongs they did to you.
Why must you forgive people? They did what they did to you in a dream setting; in the wake world of God, they have not done any wrong to you or you to them; what are done in dreams have not been done.
This does not mean that folks should run around hurting people; if people are sleeping and dreaming that they are their bodies and egos you do harm them if you attack their bodies and do wrong to their ego personalities; racism, for example, does hurt people in the dream, not those awake in God.
In the dream, if we, park our minds in the Holy Spirit, our right mind, the ego is our wrong minds, we do not tolerate the wrongs of this world but work to correct them. The Holy Spirit reinterprets the wrongs that other people did to us and use them to enable us to wake up from the dream.
Racism, for example, enables those black folks who forgive racists to overlook the racist world and in doing so awaken from the dream while the racist remains the animal he chooses to live as while calling his self a Christian, a Christian he is not; a Christian only knows love and forgiveness.
When one forgives the wrongs done to one by other people and in doing so forgive the wrongs one did to other people, upon death in body, one no longer returns to this earth but, instead, lives in the world of light forms, a forgiven world (some call that world purgatory, paradise, astral world, gate of heaven, happy dream).
The world of light forms is still an illusion; it is a happy illusion, a happy dream, a happy insanity (if you see space and time, space and time exist in the world of light forms, you are insane).
From the world of light forms, one awakens to the awareness of formlessness, sleeplessness, and knowledge of God.
In God one is eternal, permanent, and changeless and live-in perfect peace and joy.


Those who are attached to the world of space, time, and matter, to flesh and ego generally dismiss metaphysics; they see it as mere escape from reality, reality that they understand to be the phenomenal world. I must admit that it is kind of difficult to accept that our physical universe and what we do to adapt to it, our civilizations, science, and technology are all dreams that do not exist. Difficult as that is, facts are stubborn things.
Our world is a dream; you can awaken from it and know that it seems to exist for those who seek it but does not exist for those who do not desire it. As the Gautama Buddha said, it is desire that gave us this world; eliminate desire for separated existence and this world does not exist for you.


The human body and the ego that lives through it do die, but the son of God who dreams through them does not die. I said die, but if the ego and body are illusions how can they die?
There is no ego, there is no body; therefore, nobody dies. Death is an illusion; death occurs in a dream but not in reality.
Life in God is eternal. While in that eternity we play with the idea of living in body and dying, all illusions.

Ozodi Osuji
April 26, 2021

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