The Chinese are helping Africans to produce and market their food


Ozodi Osuji

    The Chinese, more than Europeans, are designing and constructing machines to transform tropical crops into marketable forms in supermarkets (such as have machines to grate and fry casava to garri, to grind and transform yams into yam flours or amla…hitherto backbreaking jobs). As we speak, some Chinese in some African villages are probably trying to squeeze out the fluid from cashew berry and market it as a cashew drink and or crush the cashew berries into something like strawberry jam (cashew juice and berry is probably sweeter than sugar cane juice, from which sugar is made).

     The Chinese are helping to improve African lifestyles by designing sustainable technologies that produce and market African produce.

    Europeans came to Africa and merely took the raw materials that they liked (such as cocoa, coffee, tea, rubber, palm oil, palm kernel etc.) and made no effort to understand African food crops and or modernize their farming and marketing.

     There are tons of tropical fruits and vegetables that have not found their ways to Western markets; this is flabbergasting considering that Europeans (English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese) were the colonizers of Africa; they ignored transforming African crops and fruits to marketable status.

      Some Nigerian vegetables are ugu, nturukpa, oha, okazi, ewedu, olugwu, ogbono, egusi, okora; some Nigerian delicacies are ukwa, ero, eju, palm wine, ugbogiri, charcoal smoked fish, and sun-dried crayfish etc.

      Some Nigerian fruits are cashews, mangoes, avocadoes, ube, ubene, udara, ugba, nkwa, tangerine and oranges, pineapples, bananas, and plantain, oji (kola-nuts) and oso oji, ogogoro (local gin made from palm wine).

     The Chinese are at present helping sell these African fruits and vegetables in their Chinese and African stores in the USA and elsewhere; there is no doubt that when they perfect techniques for mass producing them, they would start selling them at typical Western grocery stores, such as Walmart. Considering the nutritious nature of these African food materials, there is no doubt that the Chinese are going to make a great deal of money from selling them at Western grocery stores!

      Why don’t Africans take the initiative in devising machines to mass produce the crops of their land? That is a good question. This piece is not a place for me to rave and rant against Africans incredible corruption and refusal to improve their food culture through mechanization of their agriculture; that is a subject for different writing. 

     For our present purposes, the point being made is that the Chinese have taken the initiative in mechanizing the production and marketing of African food crops whereas Europeans and Africans are not doing so.

     And we are not talking about the role of China in helping Africans build economic infrastructures, such as roads, railways, seaports, airports, schools, and hospitals.

      This tells us that the Chinese are on their way to taking over Africa! What the West knows how to do best is to jin-up ethnic troubles in Africa and subsequently selling the combatants military weapons to kill themselves, and the arms merchants make profit from Africans killing themselves at senseless wars.

    Who is Africa’s friend, the people that help improve their food or the people that propagate wars in Africa to manufacture and sell their weapons of death? I let you make that decision for yourself. Cynically making money on the back of dead Africans to any one with conscience is unacceptable.

     And the dastardliest part of it all is that these cynical merchants of death will turn around and talk their usual platitude about the evil of communism and the supposed good of capitalism and democracy!

Ozodi Osuji

November 10, 2022

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