Temporal and spiritual leaders



Ozodi Osuji

      Two types of people lead human beings, political and spiritual leaders, both are needed and indispensable, one in the temporal universe and the other to lead people back to their transcendental source.

     Politicians rule people in the world of the here and now and lead them temporarily; you may or not like them, but the fact is that they exist and rule the people; people are not perfect and need imperfect politicians to rule them; angels do not rule corrupt people; people are corrupt and need corrupt politicians to rule them.

     In the USA, many white persons harbor racist ideas, and they are ruled by leaders who harbor racist ideas, Republicans.

      In Nigeria most of the people are corrupt and they are ruled by corrupt politicians; you are ruled by those who are like you, for like attracts like; you cannot be a corrupt and cowardly human being who sells your people for money and do not care for anyone but merely struggles to maintain the appearance of been a good person by pretending it and get to be ruled by decent people; those who rule you must be like you, thieves; you get what you deserve in the world of politics.

     There are no angels in politics anywhere in this world; one should not expect to find angels in politics anywhere in this world.

      Man is a fallen spirit, a being that rebels against his nature; his nature is unified spirit self, but he came to earth to seem separated from union and built bodies and egos to make him seem separated from his real self and his brothers and their father and defends his separated self, so he must have fallen rulers, not upright rulers.

      The other set of leaders, usually, initially, followed by a small cadre of people, followers, who in the long run, grow in size, are those who find ways to approach God, actually, ways to return to the awareness of people’s real selves instead of them living as escapees from their real selves, instead of them being in opposition to their real selves; these are the spiritual leaders of humankind; they rule the people for the long haul because what they teach is what people need to have to enable them to return to their real selves and live peaceful and happy lives.

      Their message is usually colored by the era and the culture they live in, but they teach the same message; their message is that separated people must return to unified people.

     There have been very few world teachers of God; the most known ones were Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus Christ.

      Helen Schucman wrote a book on what folks need to learn and do to return to the awareness of their real selves but chose not to live according to her insights hence was not a spiritual leader; a spiritual leader must live what he teaches and in doing so demonstrate its truth; truth is not just stated in writing and left at that, it must be lived to prove that it is the truth; so far, students of A course in miracles talk about it, explain what it says but do not live it; that is, they do not live as if they and all people share one self and one mind hence love all people to love their real selves and correct our mutual mistakes without crucifying  us.


       The message that spiritual teachers give to mankind is very simple; it is that what human beings call currently  their selves, separated selves in bodies, egos, is not their real selves; the ego in body is, in fact, in opposition to people’s real selves; people’s real selves are formless ideas and are unified as one idea; therefore, to return to living as their real selves people must extinguish their egos and stop identifying with their bodies and instead see themselves as parts of one unified spirit self and unified mind and live from it and not defend their ego separated selves and even not defend their bodies.

    For practical reasons, defense of bodies is temporarily allowed because if the body is not defended people disappear from the material universe and experience themselves as spirit, as pure love and light. Many people are not yet ready for that return to their unified spirit self; so, they are allowed to defend their bodies, eat food, take medications, wear clothes and live in houses; however, they must use their bodies to reach out to other people in bodies and love them; they must know that they are not their bodies or egos but are spiritual beings.

     Teachers of love and light, teachers of God show humankind how-to live-as parts of one unified self and in so doing live in harmony and in peace and joy.


      To say, I love you means that I love me and that both of us are one shared self with one shared mind. Those who love all people and teach love live in peace. In their presence, you feel peaceful and happy.

    Those who teach separation, such as politicians (good political leaders manage separated selves but do not insist that separation be given up), live at war with their real selves and affirm their false separated selves in bodies; in their presence, you feel tense and unhappy.


      Teachers of love and light, teachers of union and teachers of God, have learned from their own experience on earth that people live in hell, pain and prison by seeking to live in ego and body and defending those false states; they know that it is what people came to the world to do; the world is designed as a place people come to relegate themselves to ego and suffer because they came here to deny their true selves, to live in opposition to unified spirit self, aka God hence to perpetually attack themselves.

    People on earth are deluded, they are mentally ill; you do not blame them but show them the way out of their delusion disorder so that they find peace at last.

    I do not blame IG for being deluded; she, like all people, came to earth here to define herself, to create herself and create her children, create other people and tried doing that but is now angry that those she tried to create, socialize to be as she wants them to be, have rebelled against her (as we all rebelled against God to be on earth) and left her but she does not know that they had to do that to teach her the lesson that she did not create them and that only God created all of us, not her ego. She will learn and stop trying to have ego separated self and its false deluded power, and return to her real self, unified spirit self and in it have real power given to his sons by God, peaceful, loving power, not power that attacks other people and try to control them.


      Both temporal political leaders and permanent spiritual leaders are necessary in this world. In this world people came here to be separated from each other and tend to live for their self-interests and, as such, attack other people’s self-interests hence they live as Thomas Hobbes said in his seminal book, Leviathan, at war with each other. They need a temporal government to make laws that they all obeyed to make their lives less chaotic and anarchic and horrible towards each other. Political leaders serve the purpose of helping people to manage their earthly lives as peacefully as is possible.

     Spiritual leaders instruct people about their real selves, spirits who are part of God’s unified spirit; people rebelled against unified spirit and came to live in separated states (they left the mythical Garden of Eden, state of union with each other and with God); they invented space-time and matter and used matter to create their bodies and now walk around in space and time and that makes separation seem real in their awareness. They must be shown how to overlook space, time and matter and their egos and return to their real selves, unified spirit and in it know peace.

     If you were to describe a spiritual teacher in a few words, it is that such persons have accomplished the near impossible feat (hence it is called a miracle) of completely letting go of their egos and are no longer defending their egos and bodies; when they let go of their egos and bodies they experienced unified spirit, heaven and its God hence know its existence as real and thus speak about it with authority; Krishna did, Gautama Buddha did and

Jesus Christ did.


I understand temporal leadership (I have written copiously on it), but I am a spiritual leader. It must be emphasized that spiritual leaders are not religious leaders; religious leaders are part of the political class, they rule people’s minds in the here and now world, they are the functionaries of states efforts at controlling people but may not know a useful thing about God; religion is necessary for the mass of humanity, but spirituality is pursued individually.

Ozodi Osuji

May 30, 2022

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