Teach you what you want to teach the world


Ozodi Osuji

    I took a long two and half hours walk this afternoon. The following are some of the thoughts that went through my mind as I went on this peaceful spring walk.

     I want to teach people and the world how to become peaceful through relinquishing their ego separated selves; then I must teach myself that lesson.

    In the process I learn that it is not easy to relinquish the ego separated self hence it is not easy to give you peace and give the world peace; people will always be egotistical hence at war with themselves and with each other; still, you teach egolessness as path to peace and accept the little peace, not total peace that you obtain in you and in other people.

    The world is a place of war because people live in egos and to live in ego separated selves is to attack themselves and attack each other hence to be at war with each other; the opposite of war is peace; peace exists only in egoless heaven.

     The wish to change people and make them ideal and change the world and make it ideal are understandable; however, people living in imperfect bodies and imperfect material world are not going to become perfect despite your wish; people will be born, get sick, die, and not live as perfect selves forever and ever as you wish.

    Africans, given the circumstances, are doing very well considering where they started; a hundred years ago many of them were running around naked; they are not going to become developed in the next three hundred years despite your wishes, so live with that reality as it is.

     (I saw a picture of the first western type school in my hometown of Owerri taken in 1922; the kids were practically naked and the school house was a thatched house, that is where we began, we have come a long way; in the same Owerri most people are now living in modern houses and there are three universities in it; indeed, most of the villages, my own, anyway, have electricity and tap water; my father and his brothers gave Imo state land to build  Owerri airport and they gave us electricity and tap water and paved our village roads).

    People cannot run before they walk; Africa is learning how to walk and will start running with the rest of the world in three hundred years; in the present praise the little halting steps they are taking towards modernity, stop putting them down, stop harping on their mistakes, such as their runaway corruption.

    The USA will gradually move towards a mixed capitalist and socialist economy and social democracy where the public provides education for all kids through college and pays all citizens health care; this is inevitable; the people cannot be exploited forever by the ruling capitalist class that told them the big lie that it is not in their interest for the public to do anything for the individual.

     One medical emergency and the typical American family’s savings is gone, and they start living in cars and the next step is homelessness; this cannot continue forever and ever.

    Given the inevitability of the type of society that makes sense to me, it means that I should not lose sleep over the situation; I must live peacefully in the hell that is the USA and the rest of the world. One should not sweat the inevitable; the world is moving towards social and economic justice despite our egoistic opposition to it.

      The world is not going to change and become heaven, but it can approximate it.

Ozodi Osuji

April 3, 2022

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