Suppose that there is no life after death?


Ozodi Osuji

In 2020 I had surgery and was anesthetized; I did not remember what took place during the couple of hours it took the surgeons to perform the surgery.
I remember coming back to consciousness (first, I was in a dreamy, hazy, and clouded atmosphere before full consciousness returned to me); I don’t remember losing consciousness. I did see a doctor inject something into my arm and another doctor placed a mask over my nose and face and that was it and I was immediately out.
Now, is it a bad idea if death is the end of it all? Why do we seek life everlasting? Fear of finitude and oblivion? If death is black out of mind that is fine with me.
Ministers and pastors control people because of their fear of death and its implied lack of consciousness (they promise heaven and hell that they do not know exist).
Embrace what you fear, and fear disappears. I accept the possibility that when I die only silence exists where I was. Honestly, I do not know what happens when we die.
I have had numerous experiences that people call spiritual but those may be mere hallucinations.


As I am typing this material, a Christian song, In the Garden, is playing in the background, it makes me yearn for God to be real, but I also know that my constitution cannot accept an unknown God.
Folks simply do not understand the agony of the agnostic mind that wants to believe but cannot believe what he does not know is true.
What else do I have but my integrity and honesty? If I believe what I have not ascertained to be true, then I have become a fake!
As a child and teenager, I spent countless hours reading the bible, attending mass (Catholic Church) and generally trying to prove to me that God is real but the whole thing did not make sense to me.
Life is a bummer!

Ozodi Osuji
May 8, 2023

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