Stop trying to make you and other people ideal


Ozodi Osuji

     E desired delusional goals of changing herself, other people, and the world; realizing that she cannot do so by herself, she planned to do so through her children; in the process she placed too much pressure on them and did not respect their wishes; by trying to realize impossible goals through other people she retained those goals in her, kept delusion alive in her.

     She must understand that her goals are impossible of attainment, are grandiose and delusional and give them up to be healthy. When those goals are given up, she accepts that she did not create herself, other people, and the world and that it is not up to her to make the world what she wants them to be. She must accept that it is wrong to not respect people because they did not allow themselves to become as she wants them to become; she must allow other people to be themselves not instruments for her quest for her ego aggrandizement.

     When delusional goals are rejected, one relaxes and accepts God and becomes healthy.

     E’s pursuit of delusional goals has an existential aspect; she saw a meaningless world and imagined that if she posited what to her ego seems an ideal, perfect self, people and world that it would make the world better. Thus, in childhood she used her mind to produce what seems to her better people, and world compared to the dog-eat-dog world she saw with her physical eyes; she then resolved on bringing about her ideal self, ideal people, ideal social institutions and ideal everything.

     Alas, this world is inherently imperfect and cannot become ideal regardless of how much we seek ideals. We are born in flesh and flesh must age, become weak and die. Since sickness and death is our state, the world cannot be made perfect.

     Every person that lives in flesh must be imperfect. But this knowledge is acquired with age not in childhood; the child thinks that with mere wishful thinking, magical thinking that he or she can use mentation, and cognition to produce an ideal and perfect world.

     We cannot make this world ideal and perfect. The most that we can do is resolve to go inwards and love our real selves, which is spirit; we must love the spirit in us and love the spirit in other people and ignore our/their imperfect bodies and imperfect behaviors; this is because bodies and behaviors are never going to become perfect.

     When one loves the real self in one and in other people one attains relative peace and happiness in one’s life, not the perfect peace and joy of living in pure spirit (in heaven).

      The pursuit of idealism is a neurotic effort to find meaning in a meaningless world. There is no meaning in this world for it is a world that came into being in opposition to our real self and opposition to God.

     Our real self and God are bodiless, formless unified spirit self, and we wished to live in separated bodies hence invented space, time and matter and housed ourselves in bodies to live as separated selves in space and time.

      In bodies, space, and time, we cannot become perfect; we are perfect as God created us, in unified spirit; but in bodies we are always imperfect.

     E must relinquish her idealistic ego’s desire for an ideal, perfect self and world and accept the imperfect selves we have in flesh; she must accept her imperfect ego self and body and other people’s imperfect bodies and selves as they are, not as they could become, perfect, for they are not ever going to become perfect; it takes maturity and wisdom to know this fact and give up one’s youthful idealism hence overcome neurosis and delusion.


     You think and through thinking, concepts, produce an idealized perfect world; the world is not concepts; people are more than the concepts you have of them; you cannot know people through your concepts of them.

      Your concepts of who people are show you an imperfect people and world, a divided, separated people.

      It is only when one stops using thinking, ideation to understand people, stop cognition, and let people be who they are that one begins to have a glimpse of people’s real selves.

      The real self is known to a quiet mind that is not projecting its thoughts to people; a mind that accepts that it does not know who it is and does not know who other people are and keeps quiet.

       In a quiet mind, a mind without ego separated ideas of who one is, and people are, the knowledge of people dawns by itself.

     People’s real self is beyond cognition, thinking, mentation; the real self transcends separated thinking; people’s real self is unified spirit self, unified spirit cannot be understood with separated ego minds.


     Keep quiet, especially in meditation, and stop telling you who you are and who other people are; give up all concepts of who you think that you and people are and keep quiet. Reality dawns on a mind that is not trying to tell reality what it is.

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    It takes energy (Wishes) to maintain the world of forms, matter, or light forms; without energy, wish, the universe is a formless, undifferentiated place, is as God created it, a field of unified spiritual light (wave and particles of that light are one); when wish for separated self is given up, we return to formless selves, aka the union of God and his creations and in it know perfect peace and joy.

Ozodi Osuji

June 14, 2022

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