Spirituality versus science, opposed world views.


Ozodi Osuji


According to a course in miracles (which is a representative of contemporary spirituality), you choose to be born on earth; you choose your parents, you choose whatever happens to you on earth; you choose your diseases, age and death; you choose where you are born, where you are now; there are no accidents in our lives for our earthly lives are our individual and collective dreams.

    The dreamer is responsible for his dreams although while in the dream he does not know how he dreams.

     The awake part of him, the son of God, part of God which is spirit, sleeps, and dreams, is the dreamer. Spirit, that is simultaneously individual and collective, projects itself into the universe of space, time and matter and projects itself into a body and human personality, a dream figure and interreacts with other dream figures (people and things on earth).

     The son of God has a higher mind and uses that higher mind to dream and sees himself on earth, the physical universe of space, time and matter, the dream of forgetfulness of his real self, the son of God, Christ, unified spirit self.


      According to the perspective of this world and science, everything that happens to you is a result of accidents; you are determined by nature beginning with the big bang to the present, you are the product of nature and do not determine anything; you are a victim of your circumstances; for example,  any person or natural events can destroy your life at any moment;  things happen to you against your wishes, be it birth, growing up, diseases,  aging and death.


      These are two opposed world views and are irreconcilable. You cannot reconcile science (ego perspective that you are a victim determined by the world) with the perspective of A course in miracle and other new age religions that say that you choose your experiences, including choosing your parents, what they did to you, your wealth or poverty and where you live.

     You accept either of the perspectives but do not confuse them.

     I personally choose science; I am a scientist; by that I mean that I see physics, chemistry and biology determining my body and personality.

    Nevertheless, I am attracted by metaphysics that says that each of us chooses what happens to him, but I cannot prove the thesis that I choose what happens to me. For example, I cannot prove that I choose white people to discriminate against me (to learn that they are cowards because courageous persons only love and respect all people; it is cowards who take advantage of the weak).     

     Because I cannot totally accept metaphysics, I cannot completely accept God, for to do so is to say that God created me which entails giving up my delusion that I created me, thus, to relinquish my freedom; equally, I cannot accept the hypothesis that the environment determined me; hence I call me agnostic, a scientist attracted by spirituality.


      A course in miracles says that there is God; it says that God created infinite sons, all of whom are like him. God gave all his self to each of his sons and thus each of them is like him, creative and do create their own sons; creation begins in God and expands forever and ever; there was never a time when there was no God and his sons each of them creating other sons of God. 

    God and his sons share oneself and one mind; there is no space, time, and matter between them; they are one shared unified spirit self with one unified mind. We are all in God’s mind and in each other’s mind, hence when at night we go to sleep we project out the entire universe because the entire universe is in our individual and collective minds. Our day world is also a dream and is in each of our minds.

     The sons of God wished to seem powerful, special and create God, create themselves and each other. They cannot do so in reality, heaven, God. To seem to do so each of them, while still in God, heaven, went to sleep and individually and collectively evolved our universe of space, time, and matter and now sees himself as a separated self in a particular body. 

    In the dream, he forgets his real self, son of God, and replaces it with a substitute self, the separated ego self-housed in body. He makes his body vulnerable to pain, harm, and death to make his separation seem real.

     On earth, in the dream he battles to make his separated ego self and body survive. The earth is his individual and collective dream. 

    The ego, the self we made to adapt to the world of separation rejects spirituality and sees itself, us as determined by the universe of space, time, and matter. Our science traces how we are determined by our universe; we are victims of the universe.

    Science makes people victims of their world hence everywhere now in the scientific age people run around saying that other people victimized them and those they see as their victimizers see them as their own victimizers.

    Black people see white people victimizing them and white people see black people as victimizing them; the egos victim psychological only lead to blaming other people and consequent conflicts and wars. We are caught in a vicious circle where we blame other people, and they blame us, thus, we live in conflict, war, and know no peace.

     The alternative is the New Age religions that say that we individually and collectively choose to invent the world, that we experience what we want to experience. Unfortunately, no one on earth can prove new age religion’s conclusions as true; science seems more rational and truer.


     Here we are, confronted with two options, science or metaphysics; choose what you believe, but do not say that nobody told you the consequences of your choice. You must take the consequences of your choices, science and its determined selves or spirituality with its hypothesis that we choose what we experience.

Ozodi Osuji

September 17, 2022

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