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Most contemporary Africans, who were socialized to the imported religions of Christianity or Islam, at some point, recognize that their encounter with the Western world has destroyed their ancient African religions. They resent being told to be Christians and or Muslims. Some of them begin to struggle to resurrect ancient African religions with the hope that if they resurrect those religions that they would practice them and all will be well in their lives. Some of them see Africans as part of ancient Egypt and thus try to understand what they call the religion of Egypt; they study Khmet and think that they understand that religion.
Ancient Egypt went through much iteration; Persians ruled Egypt, Greeks ruled Egypt, Romans ruled Egypt and now Arabs rule Egypt. For three thousand years now Egypt has been ruled by other people and its religion is subsumed in these foreigners religions; it is practically impossible to know what ancient Egyptian religion is.
At any rate, religion like everything we do, is evolutionary, it reflects where we are at in space and time. What ancient Egyptians conceived God to be five thousand years ago is a view before the world of modern science? Therefore, it is really pointless trying to return to ancient Egypt or ancient Igbo or Yoruba or other African religions.
If you reject Christianity and Islam, may be also Hinduism and Buddhism and want an authentic religion for you, you are probably best served if you posit what religion and spirituality means to you.
I have gone through the process of evaluating my ancient African religions (and I was born a high priest of Igbo religion), the Catholicism that I was brought up in, and my studies of other religions, such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Gnosticism and A course in Miracles and taken from them what resonates with me. The below is a summary of what makes sense to me. If you want to know more about it please call me and schedule a talk with me and or invite me to give your group a talk (For individual sessions, one to three hours; groups, one or two days workshops, for a fee).


The word God is Anglo-Saxon, English; I am not an English man; I am an Igbo African; so, I really do not know what God means to Englishmen. But I am going to assume that it is what I think it means.
There is one God. That one God has infinite sons; put differently, there is one whole self and that one whole self has infinite parts to him. God is one self with infinite selves. God manifests in infinite selves all of who are part of him.
God extended his oneself to infinite selves. God and his infinite selves, his sons, his parts share one self and one mind.
Where God ends and his sons begin is nowhere and where one son of God ends and another begins is nowhere. God and his infinite sons are literally one shared self with one shared mind (philosophically this is called non dualism).
They have been this way through out eternity, for there was never a time that God and his sons did not exist. God and all his sons are eternal, immortal, permanent and changeless. They will exist eternally.
There is no space, time and matter between God and his sons. Where one is the others are; you cannot see God because he is in his sons. Where the son of God is, is where his father and brothers are.
God and his sons are creative. They create whatever they want to create. All kinds of ideas enter their mind (from nowhere, they just enter their minds) and if they like they make such ideas seem real to them.
God and his sons are beyond our separated minds understanding so we can only employ analogy and metaphors in trying to understand them, recognizing that metaphors are representations of something else but not what they represent.
It might be useful to see God as a wave of spiritual light and each of his sons as a particle of that wave of light. Wave and particle are one; that is, one self can act as wave or as particle (quantum mechanics proved this quality of light).
At some point, a point that has actually not occurred, the idea of seeming special and separated from God entered the minds of some of the sons of God. Why not find out what life in special and separated self is like.
God does not forbid his sons from doing whatever they want to do; after all he is his son; they have the freedom to experience whatever they want to experience; what they cannot do is actually separate from God and each other; they are always unified but while in eternal union they can sleep and dream that they are separated from each other.
Thus, the sons of God decided to separate from God and from each other; their goal is to see if they can forget their eternal union and now live as separated selves.
It is impossible for the sons of God to separate from their father and from each other. Nevertheless, they wanted to experience specialness and separation. Since they cannot separate from God and each other in heavenly reality, as it were, they went to sleep and the idea of specialness and separation in their minds produced the world of separation we now seem to live in.
The universe of separation came into being in response to the wishes of the sons of God to be special and separated from each other; we are now studying that universe and will understand it. It began with the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago.
While sleeping, the minds, consciousness, of the sons of God evolved a physical wave of light, energy and transformed it to separated parts of light, particles of light and combined particles of light to quarks and electrons, and combined quarks to protons and neutrons, and in time embedded protons and neutrons into the nucleus. They then had the electron circle the nucleus and atoms were formed.
The initial atoms were hydrogen, helium and lithium. They combined those to a mass of hydrogen and into stars. A star is a bunch of hydrogen gas in whose core, pressure and high temperature fuse hydrogen to helium and release heat and light. The initial stars were massive, huge in size.
When a massive star exhausts its hydrogen it begins fusing other elements, such as carbon, oxygen, until it gets to iron; after iron it expands and explodes in supernova. In the enormous heat accompanying supernova elements beyond iron are formed. There are 92 natural elements on the periodic table of chemistry and about twenty man-made ones.
Old stars explode and spill out newly formed elements. From the cloud of these elements, nebulae, newer medium stars and planets are formed.
Our sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and asteroid and comet fields were formed 4.5 billion years ago and will last another five billion years before they die.
In the waters on planet earth, elements combined to form biological life forms. The biological life forms began as single-celled organisms and combined those to multi-celled organisms; evolution continued until it reaches human form. When animal evolution reached Homo sapiens the sons of God began to seem to operate through them.
Here we are animals that have minds and consciousness. The sons of God are now dreaming through us. We are in the process of understanding how the physical universe came into being and functions. In time we shall have complete understanding of the nature of the physical universe.
Our universe of galaxies, stars and planets is expanding; galaxies are moving away from each other. In time the galaxies would be so separated from each other that they would lose heat and the various stars and planets would decay into elements and the elements decay to particles of electrons, neutrons and protons, and over time only protons and electrons would remain. Protons would decay to quarks that decay to light, photons and electrons decay to photons and at this time the universe would be composed of only photons, cold light and the physical universe ends in Big Chill (it began in hot explosion and ends in cold, in peace).This will be trillions of years in the future.
Before the universe ends, human beings would have incredible understanding of the universe; they would have the science and technology to hop from one planet to another, from one galaxy to another (there are trillions of galaxies and each galaxy contains billions of stars and planets) and in time from one universe to another; there are infinite universes; they would discover worm holes from which they would be able to tunnel to other universes. They would be able to do time travels, travel to the past and travel to the future. People will do incredible things.
As they are making all these material progress they see no need for ancient religions that posit a wrathful God that created the universe and punished them when they do bad things; such ideas about God are infantile.
God is simply universal intelligence, if you like, God is universal spiritual light. We are all part of that universal intelligence and universal spiritual light. But this knowledge is not self-evident.
What seems self-evident is to see us as the product of the blind evolution of the material universe. Thus, folks are tempted to be atheistic or agnostic.
I was agnostic. But certain experiences convinced me that the world is a dream and that we are the dreamers. The dreamers are the sons of God; the sons of God are not in bodies and do not live in matter, space and time; they are formless beings; they are in God and God is in them; if they love themselves and overlook the world they would see the physical universe they made in light forms, for we are light; our body is pure light disguised as matter.
From seeing the universe in light forms we experience our real selves which is formless selves, one self that is simultaneously infinite selves, God and his sons in one unified self.
The function of spiritual science is to use the scientific method to study spirituality and enable us experience our true self as unified spiritual selves.
The centers for spiritual science conduct studies and teachings on how to understand physics and metaphysics and use both understanding to attain a sense of inner peace and joy.
We each constructed ego personalities to adapt to the world of matter, space and time; we work to feed our bodies, provide clothes and houses for them. We now see us as bodies. But beyond bodies we are spirit selves.
There are ways to experience the spirit selves, including understanding and meditation, and above all through love and forgiveness.
If you are motivated to understand your real self, psychologically, scientifically and spiritually we might help you to do so.
We do not ask anyone to believe in anything. We engage in studies and accept only what we can observe, verify and experience.
If this is your goal please feel free to join us. We meet once a week for three hours to study spiritual science so as to learn more and more about it and about ourselves; it helps if you have at least high school grasp of physics, chemistry, biology and astrophysics and geology; you do not need prior religion to benefit from the teachings of spiritual science.


In our experience we are born and during our childhood we formulate self-concepts, and self-images; how we do so we really do not know. Apparently, we use our experience in body and society, especially in our families to formulate our personalities. In childhood each of us formulates a personality and by the time we are adults we have personalities and use those to relate to other people and to our world. We grow up, age and become old and die. Give or take, by age one hundred most people are dead; only a few persons live beyond age one hundred. We say that this is just the way it is; we are born to die.
Throughout human history people have ideas that they have problematic personalities, egos and that those old selves must be allowed to die for them to have new selves. We must give up our old false self, the ego personality to have better selves; let the ego self-die for a new self, the real self to be born in us.
In Christian terminology, the old sinful self must die for the new Christ self to be rebirthed in us. This is the tale of death and rebirth; death and resurrection; Christians say that they are born again, meaning that their first birth in body is dead and now they are reborn in a new self, a self-saved by Jesus. Christ, they say, is reborn in them.
Christ was first born when God created us and Christ died when we separated from God and our real selves and manifest as separated selves in bodies; Christ will come to our world a second time when we undertake to live like Jesus Christ.
The old sinful man died and the sinless new man is reborn in them. They hope that the new Christ self would live eternally with their lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
To sin is to be separated from God; to be sinless is to regain awareness of oneness with God.
Hindus go through meditation and in it let their false selves, ego, Ahankara, to die in moksha and they experience their real self, Atman, a part of God. This experience of Samadhi is called enlightenment, illumination, recovery of their real self who is one with Brahman, God.
Buddhists encourage their people, in meditation to give up attachment to the ego separated self, have no ego self, attain inner void, empty the mind of the ego, become without the ego separated self; in a mind without ego separated self-dawns the formless self; in nirvana we awaken to our forgotten real self.
All these are metaphors telling us that on earth we have false separated ego selves, aka human personalities; we defend our false selves with food, clothes, medications, housing and ego defense mechanisms; when we stop identifying with them and stop defending them we momentarily experience our real selves.
Our real selves are part of unified spirit self, aka God.
Spiritual science helps folks to understand the ego masks, personalities they wear and do what they have to do to let go of the ego mask so as to experience their real selves, unified spirit selves.
The real self is characterized by sense of peace and happiness, love and forgiveness. Whereas spiritual science is invested in the here and now world and peace of mind, it accepts that the self has many levels, including the ego separated self in body, above which is the ego separated self in light form and above that the formless self in light, the unified self.
There are three levels of selves and three worlds, our physical world and its selves in bodies, which seems real but does not exist, is an illusion; our present selves in light forms living in the world of light forms, that world too is an illusion although it is better than our world and finally our real selves and real home, the formless selves in the formless unified spirit world.
It is useful to know about these three selves and three worlds; nevertheless, spiritual science does not encourage anyone to escape from our current world of dense forms; we must be here and do science and technology and use those to understand our ego personalities and world before we leave them to go to the way station of light selves and light world and finally return home to our real selves and real world, the unified self.
The process will take millions if not billions of years. There is no hurry, each person must first understands his ego self and when he is ready does what he has to do to return to living from his real self and know perfect peace and joy.
The real self is eternal, permanent and changeless; the self in light form lasts for as long as we live on earth and in form (it came into being the moment we manifest in body), the self in body obviously lasts only when we live in bodies.


The ego personality is the self we formed to adapt to the exigencies of the physical and social world; it wants to seem big, important and all powerful; when the individual speaks from the ego self he is literally speaking from a false self. That false ego self must be defended by the individual to seem real to him; the unreal needs defense to seem real whereas the real does not need defense to be real. The ego self is prone to fear, anxiety, anger, paranoia, mania and personality disorders and mental disorder (the ego itself is a mental disorder).
On the other hand, when one decides to live from the real self, one desists from talking or doing anything from the ego and since the ego speaks first in most situations, one keeps quiet and says and does nothing in social situations; if one must say something one keeps quiet until ones higher self speaks through one and such speaking tends to be calm and peaceful.
Anything done from the ego self, the left mind is totally insane, it is insanity that adapts to the insane world of separation; things done from the right mind, from love and forgiveness is semi insane, not quite healthy but more healthy than the insane ego; what is done from the unified self, the real self, is healthy, except that to think and behave from the unified self means that one is not aware of this separated world but is alive in the real world, the unified world.
Our present goal is to try as much as is possible to think and behave from the right mind, love directed mind, even though it is still illusory and not sane.


If people lived in a perfectly loving environment, which is not in this world but in unified state, heaven, they would need no law beyond the law of love. In the world of light forms they still need some ego laws; on earth they need ego laws to protect themselves from each other’s attacks.
Pursuing spirituality does not mean being unrealistic to the nature of the egos world we live in; on earth we need laws, courts, judges, police, prisons and prison guards; we need ego based governments to protect the people.


The ideas in these introductory notes have been elaborated on in several books, including “Connected selves” and “Joined selves”.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD
June 8, 2021
(907) 310-8176

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