Society is the organization of cowards


Ozodi Osuji

     All past human societies were organizations of human cowards enculturating the cowards to obey their cultural dictates and the dictates of their psychopathic leaders.

    Leaders in every aspect of extant society are sociopaths; there has been no healthy human leaders and there has been no free society and no free and healthy people.

    Hopefully, in the future we should have  made cultures rational and leaders rational and no longer using fear and need to conform to social norms or else one is punished to intimidate people to doing as programmed to do and then people will become free people, at last, for now what we are looking at are slaves that call themselves free men.

     American white persons are the most enslaved cowards on the surface of the earth, but they call their country the land of the free and brave, they do not know what freedom is. Are you free if you want to make other persons, such as, Black folks and women, unfree? A free person wants all persons to be free.

    African societies are essentially slave societies; there is no real individualism and freedom in Africa; yet many Africans harp on the nonsense of returning to their cultures; see, those of them who returned to Nigerian primitive cultures are now sacrificing their people to nonexistent gods, in so-called money rituals; these people are slaves; they need to embrace a rational and scientific culture and stop talking nonsense about returning to their culture, their culture used to allow selling their people to Arabs, white folks and to their rich folks.


     I have had several dreams, the most recent two days ago, where an unseen force is pressing me down on my bed; these dreams are symbolic of what I think of me and society; culture and people are trying to gag me, prevent me from living fully, make me do as society and its leaders want me to live, be a slave, press me down, take away my freedom.

     The free spirit in me is trying to break out of social enslaving organizations. As Fredrich Nietzsche noted in his book, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, we human beings are like camels; when we are young, like the camel we squat down and our society’s culture and people place heavy loads on us (in our minds through enculturation) and when we grow up we are told by our culture and social leaders to carry the heavy load for the rest of our lives on earth and those loads weigh us done, preventing us from living freely.

     No human being has really lived freely; only artists and musicians try to live freely but if they push the cultural boundaries too far they are squashed; if you try to break out of the enslaving American culture the leaders of that slave culture will first “cancel culture” you, blacklist you and prevent you from getting good jobs, and if you do not conform to their Satanic culture, they will literally kill you; they prefer to be slaves while calling themselves free men; the same applies to all cultures.

      I am the one who now binds me with the culture that I internalized while growing up in primitive Lagos, Nigeria and now carry in my head; I must break out of that enslaving culture and live my own life as I see fit, provided that no one is hurt.

      I am a free thinker and will remain so all my life. Free thinking means that I do not have to accept any spirituality that is not of my own making. Why should I accept what other spiritualities and religions tell me is the truth; I have tried these religions long enough to realize that they do not work for me.

     The few times that I had spiritual experiences, including out of body experiences, I was operating in a free manner, not conforming to any extant religion or spiritual path, not to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or A course in miracles, just my own understanding of the truth.

     From now on I must only do what makes sense to me not what some book or so-called enlightened person told me is the truth, those may be true for some people, but they are not true for me.

    My friend, Dr. Olumba, perhaps the most intelligent human being that I have related to (I estimate his IQ at about 150, close to mine…all my life I found it difficult to talk to a person whose IQ is not gifted, such persons waste my time and I avoid them like the plague), died trying to become enlightened following the Christian path; he should have simply lived what he believed is true instead of always referring to the bible; in an evening of talking to him, he would refer to over 100 passages in the bible, I am not kidding you!

     Since I type very fast, over 100 words a minute, I, on many occasions, begged him for me to tape his discourses and type them and help him disseminate them in books but he refused, saying that he would only share his ideas with the rest of the world(apart from me…a Ghanaian school met of his, at Howard University, Washington DC,  talked to me and then told him that he found an extraordinary African that he should talk to me and, in fact, connected us on the phone and thereafter we talked most evenings) when he is enlightened, illuminated, as Hindus claim people do when they become one with God.

     The man died and his wonderful religious and philosophical ideas are not known to the world. In the future, when I have time, I will write his theology down in a book and publish it.

    But how do I obtain his permission to do so? The students of Plotinus published his ideas after his death, for he, too, would not allow his ideas on Gnosticism to be published when he was alive in the third century of our common era; the book is called The Ennead, a must-read for all religious philosophers.

Ozodi Osuji

March 28, 2022

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