Should Africa be recolonized?


Ozodi Osuji

      Observing the state of contemporary Africa, seeing the mess it is in, one is compelled to ask whether Africans are better off if non-Africans governed them?

      I can honestly tell you that no Nigerian leader seems to me to be a leader; they all seem like thieves out to line their pockets and do not give a damn about their people. And it does not matter what ethnic groups they come from.

    Fulani, Hausa, Bornu, Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Ijaw, Efik, Idoma, Tive, Nukpe, Plateau ethnic groups, they all become thieves the moment they obtain the key to political offices; they define their jobs as stealing from public offices. (Those twelve ethnic groups should become the twelve states of Nigeria federation.)

     After sixty-one years of self-governance, I do not see any sign that human beings are governing Nigeria; to me, subhuman beings, if that high status can even be given to them, govern Nigeria.

       Except Paul Kagame’s Rwanda no human being is governing Africa.

     I am past echoing the earlier rationalizations that the reason Africa is backward is slavery, colonialism and neo colonialism. Those are crocks used by thieving Africans to rob their continent down while blaming their resultant under-development on Europeans and Americans, and increasingly on the Chinese.

     I do not accept that other people made Africa what it is; Africans made themselves what they are. Beginning with slavery, non-Africans did not enter into the interior of Africa to go catch slaves and sell them to Arabs and Europeans; it was Africans, men with unfeeling stones in their hearts, that roamed around Africa and caught their people and marched them across the Sahara desert and sold them at Arab slave markets, or marched them to the coast and sold them to Europeans who parked their slave ships off shore.

     Humiliatingly, Africans did not fight to stop slavery. It was Europeans who fought to stop slavery. Nigerian big men did not want to stop slavery. Slavery was stopped with British military in Nigeria.

     The British Navy stormed Lagos in 1851 and removed the slave selling king and replaced him with a king who promised not to sell his people into slavery.

     Lord Lugard used his West African Frontier Army to storm Arochukwu town in 1901 to stop Aro savages of the lower Niger who derived sadistic pleasure from selling their fellow Igbos to whoever wanted to buy them.

     Lugard initiated warrant chiefs for Igbos and those existed to steal from their people, including taking folks wives that they had sex interest in.

     The second world war came, and Europe destroyed itself and did not have the military and economic ability to continue maintaining their African colonies. They offloaded those colonies by giving Africans’ premature independence.

     Given independence without fighting for it, Africans presented their true face. In Nigeria they, as we speak, are butchering each other. The Fulani believes that it is cute to organize and go kill all people in Middle Belt villages and take over the land.

      All over Nigeria people kill each other as if their lives are less worthy than the lives of flies. They do not resolve to modernize their people.

     The African literati provide African thievish leaders with cover by always harping on the rubbish of how Europe underdeveloped Africa, trotting out the old shibboleth of colonialism and new colonialism.

     In the West itself, multiculturalism and political correctness tells the people not to say anything negative about Africans lest you make them unhappy, to keep quiet.

     Even as Fulanis are killing Nigerians, Western folks are afraid to decry it because Africans must be treated as children and not criticized when they do the wrong thing.

      If we keep providing the thieves of Africa with rationalizations for their thievery and governing ineptitude, they will continue doing what they are doing.

     I have reached the end of my tether and will no longer provide excuses for the misgovernance of Africa. I now call it as I see it.

    Africans seem not yet ready to correctly govern themselves. They have tried military rule and the military were as thievish as civilian rulers.

    Imagine members of the Nigerian National Assembly paying themselves more than American legislators are paid, what is the rationale for doing so in a country where the average person, if he can get a job at all, gets paid about $60 a month. There is absolutely no reason for Nigerian legislators to be paid millions of dollars.

    Why is a country that produces nothing but depends on what nature gave to it, oil, paying its leaders as much as Nigerian leaders are paid?

     Nigerians’ behavior defies rational explanation. If the people were rational, their leaders would not be paid more than elementary school teachers are paid; at least, teachers do something, teach children how to read and write. Nigerian’s legislators do not do anything, they just gather at Abuja, state and county capitals, and sit around eating, drinking and having sex with their harems and doing nothing. They are useless and are probably better off dead than pretending to be alive (or sent to the equivalent of Stalin’s Gulags and worked to death).

      Since I do not see under what scenario contemporary Africans can do the right thing, it seems to me that Africans should just accept the truth that they cannot govern themselves right and invite Asians to come govern them.

     Europeans have tried colonialism in Africa, now let us try Asian colonialism. Give Africa to the Chinese and other Asians to colonize for two hundred years (that number of years would train Africans to know how to govern themselves well?).

       Given what we know about Asians they would produce some progress in the dark continent.

       I watch Professor Patrick Lumumba of Kenya, on videos, railing about the misgovernance of Africa. I wish that I could share his optimism that he can shame Africans into doing the right thing.

     Anti-social personalities, sociopaths, and psychopaths who until recently were capturing and selling their people and did not feel guilt are incapable of shame and pride; they know only stealing and exploiting their people’s sufferings; I do not believe that Africans can be shamed into behaving morally; they must be given to those who can govern human polities, Asians, to govern.

    Alternatively, benevolent dictators like Paul Kagame of Rwanda should take over all of Africa and do what is needed to modernize Africa.


     A critique of the above piece says as follows. The writer has given up on his ability to govern his self and wants other people to govern him; he is projecting what he sees in him, his personal powerlessness, to other people.

    So, Africans cannot govern themselves, eh? As judged by who? By ideal governorship standards? Who determined those ideal standards, Africans or white folks?

    Because they are not ideal one criticized them; one is angry at them for not being ideal leaders; what has one done in real life to seem an ideal leader?

     One is angry at Africans for not taking care of one instead of one taking care of them; such ranting is what spoilt persons who expect the world to take loving care of them do; they are angry because the world is not taking care of them.

      In the real world no one exists to take care of you; you are supposed to take care of you or go jump into the ocean and drown.

     One stays on the sidelines making noise about those who are in the field doing their best. Since one cannot do better than those in the gridiron one ought to keep quiet and not criticize them.

     It is part of the wisdom of humankind that if you do not have anything positive to say about people that you should shut up.

     I do not have anything positive to say about African leadership, so I must keep quiet.

     Doers do and idle people criticize.


    I get the criticism of my piece. Nevertheless, I still hold that African leaders are worthless persons, and I would not hire any of them for dog catchers!

    Unless African leaders start governing Africa right, it is entirely possible for Africa to be recolonized in the next fifty years. Even Professor Patrick Lumumba visualizes that possibility!

Ozodi Osuji, PhD

November 19, 2021

(907) 310-8176

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