Science does not have all the answers


Ozodi Osuji

We live in the age of science; we take everything that science tells us as true; the high priests of science (professors) boldly tell us what scientific truth is and like in the old when the high priests of the various religions of mankind told people what the truth was, folks accepted what they said as the truth.
However, if you withdraw from science and examine it closely you realize that it is every bit as superstitious as the superstitions of religion. Let us consider a few unbelievable aspects of science that we are supposed to believe and accept on faith since there is no evidence for them.

According to the Christian bible, in the beginning there was darkness and nothing; a force it calls God said: let there be light, and light emerged and banished the pre-existing darkness into days and nights; that force eventually created everything from nothing (creatio ex nihilo).

Along the line of the Christian God, Science tells us that in the beginning was nothing and out of nothing and nowhere light came (it presumed darkness for light presumes its opposite, darkness).
That spark of light, 13.8 billion years ago, exploded in Big Bang. Its parts, photons formed electrons and quarks; quarks formed protons and neutrons and those combined to form nuclei (and their anti-matter, both matter and anti-matter attacked themselves but instead of annihilating themselves and returning to light, some remained to continue our matter-based universe).
There was no preexisting space and time; the Big bang explosion created space and time and expanded into them.
The initial expansion was inflationary, faster than the speed of light, which is 186,282 miles per second; if it had not expanded more than the speed of light it probably would have collapsed and returned the universe to light hence aborted the existence of the universe; so, inflation made the existence of the universe possible (there is no proof for inflation!).
400, 000 years later, nuclei captured electrons and formed atoms (mostly of hydrogen, helium, and lithium).
The universe thenceforth existed as a sea of hydrogen and some helium and lithium.
Millions of years later, the sea of hydrogen separated into clumps; on each clump gravity acted and, in their cores, hydrogen fused helium and light was released, that light walked its way to the surface of the star and escaped as the light we associate with stars.
The clumps of hydrogen that became stars constitute our present galaxies; there are over 200 billion galaxies; each galaxy contains over 200 billion stars; our galaxy, the milky way is so huge that it takes light 100, 000 light years to go from one end of it to the other end of it.
Millions of years later, massive stars exhausted their hydrogen and fuse other elements until they get to fusing iron and then expand and explode in supernova.
The explosion leaves a core that forms black holes (where nothing, not even light can escape from their events horizons) or neutron stars (that spin at incredible rate).
The debris from supernova is shattered into space form elements beyond iron (there are 92 elements in the universe) and form new medium stars and planets, asteroids, and comets.
In a corner of a spiral galaxy, the goldilocks corner, where it is neither too hot nor cold, our sun and its nine planets were formed 4.5 billion years ago from an exploded huge star.
The initial planet earth was hot; the initial heat was cooled when comets carrying frozen water landed on it and in time covered the earth’s surface with 70% water.
In the waters on planet earth were the 64 elements that form biological life (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, copper, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine and so on).
Light from thunderstorms repeatedly struck the waters carrying the elements that form biological life. Light and heat combined those elements into molecules of proteins, amino acids and from those formed single cells and those formed multicellular creatures called animals and plants. Thereafter, evolution gradually evolved animals and ultimately human beings, those animals that can study and understand their universe.
Human bodies, give or take, 120 years die and decay back to elements which decay back to particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) and continue as part of the universe in other forms; your body was made from light from the sun and when you die it becomes atoms in plants and animals and stars.
Ultimately, when the universe dies in about six trillion years, electrons would decay to light, and protons would decay to quarks and quarks decay to light (neutrons give off electrons and become protons when separated from nuclei, so protons would be the last particle to decay to light).
The universe that began in hot light ends in cold light (Big Chill). This is contemporary astrophysics, cosmology, and science in a nutshell.
This is an excellent conjecture on the genesis, nature of the universe and end of the universe, except that no one has demonstrated any of it as true!
Let us see, have you started with energy and transformed it to matter? The universe began as pure energy, light, and transformed that energy to matter. Have you done that in a laboratory to prove the hypothesis true?
It is true that matter does decay to energy, light but has any one transformed energy to matter? If you burn wood (solid aspect of matter…matter has four states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma) you get light (energy), but have you taken that light to form wood; that is, have you made energy into matter, as Einstein’s equation of E=Mc2 suggests?


The point here is that much of what is called science is speculative; science is mostly superstition that folks believe to be true but whose truth we do not know for sure.
Science is our contemporary religion, contemporary superstition that folks believe to be true that may not be true.
A thousand years from today folks will probably marvel at us for believing in the superstitions we currently call science, just as we laugh at humanity that a thousand years ago believed in nonexistent gods.
However, let me make it crystal clear that I believe in science; I accept the scientific method that accepts only what we can observe as there, verify and if possible, use experiments to prove to be there.
We can prove that water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen; we can further prove that hydrogen has one electron and one proton (except its isotopes) and that oxygen has eight electrons, eight protons and eight neutrons (except its isotopes).
In isotopes the number of neutrons exceed the number of protons in the nuclei of an element; isotopes are usually unstable elements for they easily transform to other elements; potassium, for example, decays to calcium; Henri Becquerel in 1896 showed us how nuclei of elements decay, give off radiation and electrons and form other elements; Marie and Pierre Currie showed us how uranium decayed to lead; uranium is very unstable, it has 92 protons, 146 neutrons and 92 electrons; we artificially decay uranium by striking it with neutrons to produce chain reaction and nuclear explosion.
We can decay all atoms, particles back to light.
Science is as near as possible to truth, but it is not the entire truth; I believe in an aspect of us that I call spirit.
Let me put it as it makes sense to me; there is intelligence (formless unified spirit); that intelligence uses physical light to form matter and play with it and when the game ends that matter returns to light. Physical light is projected out by spiritual light.
If it pleases you, go right ahead and call my conjecture superstition; you must also accept my calling science superstition (and my knowledge of science is college level).
The world is a system of superstitions; we live in a delusional world where we believe what is not true as true. We do so in both religion and science.
We will gradually disperse our ignorance; we have a couple trillion years to finally figure out what is the truth. In the meantime, we must have humility to accept not knowing a lot.
It annoys me when empty headed physical scientists pretend to know a lot when, in fact, they know diddlysquat. What makes us think and how do we think, the infantile stuff written by neuroscientists?
I got up this morning at 4 AM and began thinking about the origin, nature and end of the human body and it segued to this essay. How is this possible if we are only matter?


     Western science says, in effect, that light created this universe, transformed itself to matter as matter operates in this universe. Light is thus given the power that religions gave to what they called God.

     This is amazing. But many people have not noticed it for they do not read under the lines.  Light came out of nowhere, as if it is a magician, exploded and recombined itself to electrons, quarks and thereafter to protons and neutrons and then to nuclei and then to atoms and then to elements and then to stars and then to planets and to plants and animals.

      Old time God may have created the universe in six days; it took light billions of years to create the universe.

Ozodi Osuji
March 19, 2021

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