Reversing cause and effect



Ozodi Osuji

      In our perception we see external things do something to us and we respond to it. We see a lion attack us and we defend against it. We see other people do something, good or bad, to us and we respond to them.

     We see bacteria, virus and fungi attack our bodies and make them sick and we use medications to fight them.

      We feel hungry, work for food, and get food to quench our hunger. We see rain and seek shelter; we experience cold and seek heated houses; there is a long distance from where we are to where we want to go to and we walk to it or seek another means to get there, such as bicycles, cars, trains, planes, rockets etc.

      All these contingencies see our minds responding to external things that cause us to respond. External things are the cause, and the mind is the effect (science says that bodies cause minds, cause thinking).

      A course in miracles reveres cause and effect. It says that mind is the cause, and the external world is the effect.

      For example, one wishes for a big self and ones wish produced one’s birth in a problematic body that is excited hence seem to dispose one to seek a big self. The excited thinking of a manic person, psychiatry says, is caused by his body, biochemical imbalances.

     A course in miracles would say that the manic person’s wish for a grandiose self is what caused his body to be hyper aroused and then he denies that his mind caused it and now comes to believe that his hyper aroused body caused his hyper aroused mind. Mind wishes something and   produces form to experience it in form; mind’s wish produced the individual’s body and the external world.

      One’s mind wishes to be oppressed and enslaved and one sees other people oppress and enslave one in the world of forms; it is not other people first enslaving one and one’s mind responds to it, but they enslaved one because one wished to be enslaved.

     To start with, according to the book, there is no external world, no enslavers and enslaved bodies; only mind exists; in one’s mind is the wish for slavery and that wish produced a seeming external world where other seeming people enslave one’s body.

      To heal one’s body one must accept that it is one’s mind that caused what one is experiencing, not the ego belief that it is body, environment that says that external things is the cause of the effect one now feels in one’s mind and body.

     Ego thinking makes us victims whereas A course in miracles says that it is us that victimize ourselves in the dream that pain, suffering, and death is possible.

      Mind wants to be poor and suffer and causes one’s life to produce pain and suffering and poverty for one. If you want to be rich your mind must wish wealth and produce the effect of wealth for you.

     The external world, your body, people in bodies, animals, trees, houses, planets, stars, galaxies and all the things you see with your physical eyes do not actually exist outside your mind; they are in your mind. Your mind produced them by wishing for them to exist.

      You wish for separation from God and that wish produced the phenomenal world you see as outside you, when, in fact, it is inside you. That world does not actually exist, it is a dream in your mind.

      If you give up the wish for separation, overlook separation, forgive separation and return your mind to oneness with God, you would no longer see the seeming external world; you would not see you in body and would not see people in bodies but would know you as in unified spirit where you would be in perfect peace and joy.


      The course says that we separated from God (we cannot separate from God but seem to have done so in a dream). That seeming separation makes us feel guilty and fear that God would punish us. So, we deny separation, guilt and fear.

      What we deny we push into our unconscious mind. Separation, guilt and fear are now in our unconscious minds.

    The denied separation, guilt and fear in our unconscious minds then produce our external world of space, time and matter and houses each of us in a body, body we see as separated from each other, body that walk around in the world of space and time hence makes separation seem real for us.


       A course in miracles says that salvation means undoing what we did. We made separation to see our physical universe. Now we must unmake separation.

      We must see separation as impossible for in truth all things, even at the physical universe level, are joined. We are eternally connected and joined to God and to one another.

     We must negate separation to negate feeling of guilt and fear and regain the awareness of our eternal union with God and each other.

       This is the teaching of A course in miracles. Accept it or reject it but it is what it teaches.


      I have a tough time accepting that the external world is a response to my separation from God and is inside me as a dream. If I do not believe that mind is the cause and form, the external world is the effect, not mind being the effect of the environment causing it, why would I expect other people to believe the thesis? The point is that I do not expect the reader to accept what I have not yet accepted; I am just sharing an idea, make of it what you like.

Ozodi Osuji

December 28, 2021

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