Retraining the mind to think and live fearlessly


We must retrain our thinking, from body and fear limited thinking to thinking and doing what is right.

Ozodi Osuji



      What most successful people have in common is that they live what they believe is true, even if it turns out not true; they do not just talk and paralyze themselves with unproductive thinking and analysis, they act on what they believe is the truth.

    Success results from action, from doing, from living one’s understanding of the truth; hopefully, one’s understanding of what the truth is, serves social good.

    Here is what I believe.

    There is an eternal aspect to us. Folks call it God and his sons in their heaven; I have no name for it.

     I sense that we have an immortal aspect (call it life or spirit). Spirit is one (God) and at the same time infinite in numbers (sons of God).

    We, on earth, are parts of that unified spirit that chose to seem separated from it and from each other. On earth we live as separated selves.

      We invented space, time, and matter, all illusions, to make separation seem real in our awareness. In our world each person believes that he is separated from other people, believes that he has different interests, and is different from other people, and not equal to other people.

     Each of us sees other people doing what negatively affects his self-interests and feels annoyed at them and fights them. Thus, we live in a world of mutual attacks and defenses.

    Our mutual attacks and defenses maintain our separation. The trick is to find a way to affirm our unified nature.

     Jesus Christ found a way to do so by removing his ego, separated self from his awareness and is no longer defending his ego and body when they were attacked and crucified. I like the loving aspect of his behavior but do not accept his forgiveness aspect because if you forgive those who harmed you, they will keep doing so and not change their behavior; therefore, instead of forgiving attackers I insist on folks correcting their harmful behaviors.

     Since one cannot correct other people’s behaviors, and cannot change other people, one must clearly state what constitutes pro-social behaviors and those who engage in antisocial behaviors are arrested by the police, tried at courts and punished (sent to jails and prisons).

     This is what I believe and must live it to be truthful to my beliefs; I cannot be phony and not live what I believe is true.

     What the ultimate truth is, I do not know and do not believe that any human being knows it. In the meantime, one must live in accordance with one’s perception of what the truth is, knowing that perception is not the truth; truth goes beyond perception.


       The individual’s inherited biological constitution plays an enormous role in the formation of his early behavior pattern, his personality, and the construction of his self-concept.

      My inherited medical disorders, Cytochrome C Oxidase deficiency, Spondylolysis and Mitral Valve Prolapse played critical roles in the formation of my personality.

     As a child my body was always on fire, burning sensation, inflammation; my body traumatized me. I tried to use my mind to generate solutions for my situation; my mind thought obsessive-compulsively to produce an answer to the issue (I often wonder whether my high functioning brain is a result of the excessive thinking that I did in my childhood?).

     I developed approach-avoidance to many situations because I anticipated that they would cause my body pain. I developed a desire for superiority. I wished for a self that towered above my belittling body issues.

     Feeling superior, in Alfred Adler’s psychoanalysis, a neurosis, is an attempt to use my mind to overcome my sense of somatic inferiority.

     Of course, no one is superior to other people; we are all the same and equal, that is the truth, but truth is not fantasy; in fantasy a pained child wished that he were better than most children.

     As an adult I learned the nature of my body and personality and used pure mentation (what cognitive behavior therapists call cognitive reorientation), to change my self-concept, self-image, and behavior patterns.

      I would like to think that I went from medically induced neurosis to mental health. This is not the place to talk in detail on changing one’s personality through thinking but suffice it to say that I believe that from one’s mid-thirties that one can fully understand one’s behavior pattern and where there are problems change them.

     The salient point is that biology plays the most critical role in the formation of a child’s thinking and behaving pattern, his personality, social experience plays a distant secondary role; we must, therefore, study the role of biology in the genesis of personality. I do not mean the child’s play done by neuroscientists of only studying the nervous system, especially the central nervous system and the role of the various neurotransmitters and electrical ions in the etiology of anxiety, depression, mania, delusion disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis in general; the entirety of the individual’s body plays a role in his mental state.

       I am not going to deal with mental disorders here. I have, elsewhere, written on every aspect of psychosis, neurosis and personality disorders.


     To be a human being is to have a mind that thinks that it is more than its body yet body limits what that mind can do. For as long as a person sees himself as one with his body, body limits his living his thoughts fully. Body is a limitation on what people can do.

    In childhood we all learn that we cannot fly just because we wish to fly because our bodies limit what we can do; to fly you must have wings; people do not have wings.

     In adulthood we recognize that through science and technology we can devise ways to transcend the limitations imposed on us by our bodies.

     Fear of harm and death of the bodies, for example, prevents us from engaging in certain activities that we deem able to harm us and or kill us. But in adulthood we learn that fear is a choice, we can choose not to always give in to fear and do what we want to do despite the prospect of danger and harm to our bodies.

     Truly courageous persons act despite awareness of danger to their bodies; you can do something you believe is right and is fully aware that there are people who believe that you should not do that thing and that they can attack or even destroy your body; you just do what you believe is right despite the fear you feel inside you.

    You live realistically, not foolishly, of course, because some activities bring swift harm and or death; if you jump into burning fire you will be burned, which is foolishness, not courage.

Ozodi Osuji

July 31, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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