Ramakrishan’s bodily sensations and enlightenment


      Currently, I am rereading M’s Gospel of Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna was proclaimed a God incarnated person, Avatar, by the Hindu Pundits of his time, 1836-1886. In Hindu history there were five God men, Rama, Krishna, and Buddha, Chaitanya, and Ramakrishna.

     His body exhibited all sorts of crazy sensations, including constant burning sensations, sleeplessness and he would dance around in ecstasy (in clinical language, euphoria).

     In the West they probably would have diagnosed him as having Manic-Depression (bipolar affective disorder, for some of his mood looked like what we see in mania’s florid state).

      He was prevailed on to experience all the known religious systems. He practiced Islam and from it experienced Samadhi; he practiced Christianity and from it experienced Samadhi, and practiced the various Hindu approaches to God, specifically, Bhakta yoga (worshipping of God as a love-object), Raja yoga (activity on behalf of God, seeing people as God and serving them to serve God); Jnana Yoga (trying to understand God through philosophical thinking), Vedanta (same as Jnana) and Tantra yoga (this is for those who cannot subdue their attraction to body sensations, especially to sex, they are told to see their sex partner as no other than God herself and to approach her body as divine; in seeing her as divinity  you are more likely to transcend your attachment to body and experience spiritual union, samadhi, with her). 

      When Ramakrishna practiced Kundalini Yoga the seven chakras in his body, from the waist to the forehead, were aroused and his body was like it was on fire and he could not sit still!

      What I am interested in right now is his bodily sensation of being on fire, which is said that only those who are closer to God experience. In the West we try to treat it as a medical disorder (inflammation of muscles and neurons).

     What was described as how the man’s body felt was how my body felt throughout my childhood, and now. I am supposing that if I had lived in Hindustan, I would have approached my unique bodily experiences differently.

     One of the saddest aspects of Africa is that it has people like me, divine souls who are here to actualize God, but there are no mechanisms for figuring such people out and training them, as Ramakrishna was trained by the various gurus that came into his life, and following their practices he experienced Nirvikalpa Samadhi, oneness with God (became God realized, also called Self realized; illuminated and enlightened to his real self and thereafter spoke from that higher self).

    I bet that there are Africans who have experienced unity with God, I do not mean the shysters running around as pastors, those are hustlers using their bastardized Christianity to gratify their egos desire for wealth and fame; I mean true God realized persons.

      I will start paying attention to Africans to see if I can see some of them who have the attributes of a God realized person.

Ozodi Osuji

November 23, 2021

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