Racists do not listen to what black folks say is in their interests


Ozodi Osuji

A look at the behaviors of Donald Trump tells one (if one is a black person, anyway) that he is a racist. Trump is a white nationalist. He feels that the presence of black and brown people in the USA threaten the domination of the USA by white folks so he does whatever he can to reduce the presence of black and brown persons in the USA and make life difficult for those who remain in the country.
Trump’s public policies were meant to serve his white nationalist clientele. I do not believe that he even recognizes the existence of black persons, except in so far that they are his servants.
In addition to being a racist, Trump is a liar. He lost his reelection campaign and deliberately insisted that the election was stolen from him. For almost three months he preached the fiction that the steal must be stopped.
He had packed the judicial system with conservative judges, including the Supreme Court where they are now 6:3 in the majority.
Trump took his election fraud case to courts and lost over sixty cases and at the Supreme Court. But that was not enough to convince him that there was no election fraud; he asked his followers to come to Washington DC on January 6, the day Congress was supposed to ratify the electoral college’s votes and asked them to storm Congress and stop the ratification. Apparently, in his infantile mind that would enable him to continue as president (never mind what those who voted for his opponent think, they are not supposed to be Americans and the coward who came up with frivolous bone spur excuse to avoid going to fight for his country in Vietnam is the real American patriot).
Trump nearly destroyed what passes for democracy in the USA; Republicans are yet to destroy it and get the sham of democracy over with.
I saw what Trump was doing and noted that it is racist. At Facebook, a white gentleman that I had made the mistake of assuming that he is a human being came right out and told me that I do not know what I am talking about. He said that I do not understand the economics on which Trump’s policies are based.
This man has only high school education. I have PhD and have taught several college classes on Economics, but he was convinced that I do not know anything about economics and the C student called Donald Trump and he, another C student, know more about it and, therefore, I ought to keep quiet and allow the idiots who pretend to know stuff that they do not know tell me what is good for me.
I could not believe what this idiot was saying, the only good that came out of our interaction is that he helped me to understand how even white fools presume to know more than every black person. I unfriended him at Facebook and stopped going to a religious hangout where he pretends to be highly, spiritually enlightened.
One assumed that to be spiritually enlightened is to love all people, not to do what hates black and brown people; this phony religionist, like American evangelicals in general, know diddlysquat about Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism; those religions teach love your neighbor as you love you, not hate black folks.
The 2020 presidential election was held and largely due to the extraordinary mobilization of black and brown voters by Stacy Abrams, Joseph Biden won the presidency. What did Republican controlled states do?
In 43 states that they control the legislatures, they have introduced 250 legislative Bills designed to curtail black and brown voting. Of course, that is not what they called their nefarious actions; they gave them legalistic sounding names that deceive no one.
To vote, they require state issued IDs (good, then give IDs to all adults in your state, stop making it difficult to get them); they curtail the number of days that folks can vote; they curtail mail-in voting; they know that most black folks are poor and do not have the time to go stand on the line after eight hours standing on their feet at their menial jobs and therefore if they have less voting booths in black neighborhoods many of them would not go to vote, so they cut the time folks can vote, limit it to from 8 AM to 6 PM; they reduced the number of voting stations in black and brown parts of their major cities; black and brown persons would therefore have to go stand on long lines at the few voting stations they left in black areas in order to vote; many black and brown persons not liking to go stand at two miles long lines to vote are discouraged and leave voting. To cap their voter fraud, they make it illegal to give water and food to those standing on the lines to vote.
The clever by half Machiavellians understand that if you stand on the line for too long that you might become thirsty and or hungry and desire water and or food and if you do not get it you may leave the line, so they want folks to leave the line, and not vote, hence they made it illegal to give folks on the line food or water.
Their unwritten goal is to reduce minority voting by, at least, half. If that is the case, as in the past when they used other shenanigans to prevent black folks from voting (poll taxes, literacy tests, gerrymandering etc.) the effect would be white candidates voted for and, boom, white folks win and control Congress.
These arrogant criminals are not even bothered that black and brown people are over 100 million out of 320 million Americans and yet have only a few members of Congress; in a real democracy one third of Congressmen would be black and brown!
Go talk to any black person about what he thinks that white republicans are doing regarding election laws; without hesitation he would tell you that it is the same old racist Jim Crow laws that the south came up with, after the civil war, to prevent black folks from participating in American politics. It is Jim Crow in a different guise. In other words, no black person is deceived by these racist moves.
Now, how do white racists see it? They apparently believe that the laws are designed for election integrity. You are the one who control state governments, conduct elections, not black folks, so who are you trying to pass laws for to make sure that elections have integrity?
A white woman that I had thought was a decent human being (she, too, hangs out at the religious joint that I used to hang out at) came right out and supported the laws passed by Georgia and asked what is wrong requiring ID to vote?
There is nothing wrong with requiring ID to vote. It is what those IDs are designed to do that is the problem. If you desire ID, then give all voters (any one above age 18 and a citizen voting ID and do not make it difficult to obtain state IDs; do not purge from the voting registry minority persons names for made up reasons a few days before elections to prevent them from voting).
In other countries they have election days on weekends so that folks would have the time to come vote and if it is on a weekday, they make it a public holiday and encourage maximal voting. Australia has over 80% of voter voting; in the USA, at best, they have 54% voters voting; that is, nearly one half of the population does not vote for their leaders; is the USA a democracy or what? It is a strange democracy, a democracy in name only!
A racist presumes to know what is good for those he is racist towards; he does not ask them what they feel about issues; he does not listen to what the intended victims of his racist madness feel but assume that he is right and thinks for them and knows better than they.
Do you ask the opinion of black and brown people before you ejaculate idiot opinions on how your society’s behaviors are not racist? Only the person affected by laws knows about it to tell you how he feels. You are not God and do not know what other people feel so do not speak for them (unless you are schizophrenic, one suspects that many white republicans are plain mad!).
The tragedy of the USA is that the white republican population assume to know what is good for black and brown people and therefore have no need to ask for their opinion on anything.
Black people know that southern legislatures legislation curtailing voter participation, so called voting integrity laws, is racist. And to you they are not racist, and you are correct and black folks are wrong, of course. Psychotic white gods are correct and human beings are wrong.
American racist politics results in universal perception of white republican Americans as emotionally retarded. I do not know any one outside the USA who sees white republican Americans as well-meaning real adults.
The universal perception of white republican Americans is that they are self-centered children with atomic weapons hence they must be handled with carefulness.
We ought to take these dangerous weapons away from these dangerous terrorists; they use them to intimidate black and brown folks into going along with their devilish public policies.

Ozodi Osuji
April 2, 2021

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