Putin kills to seem powerful


Ozodi Osuji

      Before our very eyes we see Vladmir Putin decide to go kill people and destroy cities in Ukraine and is doing it; before Ukraine he did it in Chechnya, Georgia, and Syria. The man is currently killing people and destroying Ukrainian cities and the world’s press write about it. Very few people ask: why is he doing it? I will tell you why he is doing it.


     Putin is being destructive because, as a human being, he feels like he is nothing and has total powerlessness. That is correct, the man feels like he is powerless, weak and is nothing. He then feels an inner obsessive-compulsive urge to function as if he has power and greatness.

     He projects his desire for personal power to his nation. Now, he behaves as if he wants to make Russia great and powerful.

      He saw the collapse of the former USSR in 1991 as making him and his fellow Russians weak. He resolved to make Russia and himself powerful.

      In the USA a man who feels powerless called Donald Trump ran for the US Presidency with the desire to make America great, again; that is, he wants to make his self-great, and mask his underlying sense of powerlessness. He tells no end of lies in his quest to become powerful.

      To make America great, again, he appeals to those white Americans who feel powerless and erroneously believe that they have lost power due to the rise of minorities and women in the American political economy. He now wants to make them great and powerful, as they were before the 1960s Civil Rights movement that gave minorities some positive standing in the USA; he wants to return the USA to an era where most whites derived sense of worth by looking down on Black folks.

     Thus, every week the greatness making magician is all over America giving his political base speeches to the effect that if reelected he would make them great and powerful, especially over Black Americans.

     In America, the typical white person derives a sense of power by feeling superior to Black people; in the past they used to lynch Black people and or enslave them. Donald Trump wants to return to that status quo ante.

        This phenomenon does not happen only in politics but in other areas of our lives. A husband wants to seem more powerful than his wife and abuses her or the wife wants to seem more powerful than her husband and does evil things to him.

     Parents want to seem powerful in their eyes and in society’s eyes and do abusive, evil things to their children.

     Ordinary people want to seem powerful and do evil things to other people.

      Many Igbo Africans feel totally powerless and unimportant; they want to seem important and powerful; they work hard to achieve what they believe makes them seem important and powerful; in interpersonal relationships they live to degrade other people; they call people put down names and generally act as if they are powerful people; they do all these because deep down they feel unimportant and powerless; they feel like they are nothing and are compensating for perceived inner nothingness (in many essays I wrote about their shared delusion disorder, folie a deux).

      All human beings feel powerless, feel like they are nothing and feel an inner urge to function as if they are powerful; if they have the opportunity they function as if they are powerful and that includes going to wars, killing people, and destroying cities, as Putin is currently doing before our eyes. Before him deluded leaders like Adolf Hitler did the same thing.

      Adolf Hitler felt totally like he is nothing, he felt powerless and compensated with desire to seem powerful and great and projected his need for personal power to his nation, Germany; he was motivated to make Germans powerful and great and, in the process, killed over fifty million persons. The defeat of Germany during the first world war exacerbated his existential sense of powerlessness and his seeing Germany as powerless and he developed an overriding desire to seem powerful and make Germany powerful and seem to have accomplished it before his house of cards collapsed in 1945.

      The Japanese pursued the same goal of seeming powerful and great to mask their sense of existential powerlessness and nothingness until they, too, were defeated in 1945.


      People get away with acting as if they are powerful. You, as an individual, have all your life, gotten away with evil acts that make you seem powerful; the same applies to me.

      What do you think that the racist is doing? He is putting Black folks down and if he could kill them and get away with it, he would do so, all to seem important and powerful.

      Husbands get away being evil by acting powerfully in the eyes of their wives; parents do the same relative to their children.


      We all do this thing and get away with it. Doing it is part of the human behavior repertoire.

      We do this thing because we all suffer from delusion disorder, grandiose type. We all feel powerless and seek compensatory power and in pursuit of it harm other people.

      I know a young woman. She feels powerless. She hates her physical self and wants to be somebody different. She inherited a body that is very problematical; her body gives her underlying pain and burning sensation, so she rejects it and seeks a better body.

      In Alfred Adler’s individual psychological categories, she has a body that makes her feel inferior and she rejects it and uses her imagination to seek a superior self; she hopes that if she identifies with the wished for ideal, superior self that her bodily issues would vanish; they do not go away; she merely superimposes another issue, this time psychological, on her underlying biological issues.

      She is an American and perceives that in insane USA, Black people are considered socially unimportant and rejected whereas white folks are placed on an exalted pedestal. She rejected her black self (mental health, as Carl Rogers told us, requires her to accept her Black body and self in an unconditionally positive manner; if you reject you, you would, at best, be neurotic and worse you would pursue a false deluded self).

      She tells tall stories that make her seem powerful and great. She has been doing this thing since her elementary school days. She always tries to seem powerful and all knowing; life is either her way or the highway.

    She saw her parents as unimportant and did not respect them and saw her teachers at school as not intelligent and did not respect them; she dropped out of school to go live her pretended importance.

      She got to a point where she denies her identity as a Black woman and claims to be North African Amazigh (Berber), Indigenous American or from Russian nobility; what she is doing is trying to mask, cover her inner sense of nothingness with the make belief idea that she is important and has power.

     If we live in bodies, we are not important and do not have power; our ego power may be destructive but is not real power; real power lies in self-acceptance, acceptance of all people as they are, not as they should be; real power lies in love, for love accepts all people as they are.

      I tried to explain to her the nature of delusion of grandeur, but she would not listen to me. Finally, I learned that she is telling her children stories that deny their identity and telling them to believe that she is what she is not. Thus, she is making her children deluded. This is called Folie a deux (learned group psychosis). At that point I initiated a legal process to take away her children from her because she is going to make them deluded, as she is.

       Delusion disorder can be learned and shared and become group psychosis. We see it in Donald Trump and his crowd of paranoid Americans; every week these weak Americans talk nonsense that make them seem powerful and great at the expense of nonwhite people.

     I know another woman, this one an adult in her sixties. She is at social media twenty-four-seven, jabbering with all kinds of people and having no time for those close to her; those close to her sense that she does not care for them and leave her presence (her grandchildren left her because they felt that she does not love them).

      In the meantime, she is dishing out platitudinous advice on relationships. One of her male friend’s sons wanted to see her, and she refused seeing him. The man wrote to her questioning her love. She panicked because she thought that he would post it at social media. She knew how devastating that knowledge of her is, it countermands her calculated social face of being a loving person.

     She does not know what love is; she is primarily concerned with maintaining a positive social face, wearing the mask of being a loving person.

      Like most human beings, she is pretending to have worth, importance and power, when, in fact, she does not have those. She, too, acts in an evil manner; for fearing that her male friend would expose her sham existence, she broke up with him and continues living as if she is a nice person.

     People do dreadful things in pursuit of existential and social mask of importance. If only they would accept their nothingness and from that place of realism, ask what gives them meaning and worth.

     Agape love is what gives people meaning and worth, not seeking social power and talking platitudes on love.

      All human beings  feel like we are nothing, unimportant and powerless; instead of accepting our existential reality we try to seem like we are something important and powerful;  in pursuit of that imaginary sense of power and importance we do evil things to us (by denying our true identity and seeking make belief,   powerful self we are attacking our real selves) and evil things to other people (by discriminating against them, racism, tribalism). 

       The question is this: why do we find it difficult to accept our true self, our nothingness? Why can’t people accept that as egos living in bodies, they are nothing?

     Our bodies are composed of sixty-four elements, primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphor, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and so on; those will stay in the composed state called our bodies for about one hundred years and we die. Upon our death, the chemical bonds holding those elements together break. The elements separate from each other.

      The elements decay to their constituent particles, electrons, protons and neutrons. Over time, those subatomic particles decay to quarks and light.

      We began in light, 13.8 billion years ago, during the big bang, and will return to light in the future. The entire physical universe in trillions of years would decay back to light. Where we currently see solid things, such as galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals, all of them will decay back to cold light, cold radiation; the universe will end in a Big Chill (some say in a Big Crunch).

      Thus, we came from nothing and returned to nothing. Why cannot we accept this reality instead of always trying to seem as if we will change nature and make us seem great and powerful when we are only deluding ourselves.


      The reason the universe allows us to get away with our deluded efforts to seem powerful is that it knows that we are nothing and are doing nothing.

     I am nothing. You are nothing. This is because our bodies are nothing; because our bodies are nothing, if you desire it, you can harm me, discriminate against me or even kill me and get away with it and nothingness will not stop you, and, of course, if I choose to, I can do the same to you.

      You may have a pride swollen head, but the fact is that any person who so wishes it can pump bullets into your head and you die and your body decays and smells like feces. This is the human condition.

    Any of us, if he desires it, can harm others and or kill them and the universe will not stop him from doing so. The universe did not stop Adolf Hitler from killing people to make his drug addled body seem powerful; he was eventually stopped by people who want to live, allies.

     Putin, in his drug addled life (he is clearly on drugs, look at his bloated face), will keep on killing people until he is stopped. Like the mad man he is, he believes that since he has nuclear weapons that nobody will stop him; like the scared little terrorist he is, he is threatening people, trying to intimidate people to doing his wishes, not fight him as he gobbles up Ukraine, followed with Moldova, the Baltic states and Poland.

     Putin will eventually overplay his hands and the West ask him to go right ahead and use his nuclear weapons and kill the expected one hundred million Americans and Americans kill him and, at least, one hundred million Russians and the story of another deluded human being ends.


      Human beings have mass psychosis; we are all having mass hallucinations and bizarre delusions.

      Because all of us suffer from the same madness we call it normalcy (we call the few people who want to have individualized psychosis, mad).

     The physical universe does not exist. In truth, we are all parts of formless, unified spirit self, aka God. We wished to separate from God; clearly, the part cannot separate from the whole. To make separation seem possible, we sleep and, in our sleep, invented a universe that is the opposite of God’s formless universe of joined selves.

     We sleep and dream of the physical universe of infinite galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals and people. We are all hallucinating and see a physical universe and people in bodies that do not exist and have the delusional belief that what we see is there.

      To be a human being is to engage in collective, shared hallucinations and delusions.

     Because we are all hallucinating and deluded, we no longer know that the universe is a place of mass insanity. The insane universe seems real because it is shared by all people.

    We all agree to see the physical universe that does not exist, hear voices that no one speaks and because it is done by all of us it seems real to us.

      Because nothing exists, mystics ask us to overlook the world if we want to see a purified version of it in spiritual light forms and eventually disappear from the world of forms and awaken to where we always are, in God’s formless, unified spirit state, aka heaven.

      I am not going to be overly metaphysical here because no one except the few advanced souls, the mystics in our mist, are able to suspend their ego perception and perceive the world of light forms and thereafter transcend perception and experience the formless universe of God.


     The physical universe does not exist; what does not exist is not important, is worthless and meaningless. The physical universe is a dream, a hallucination in our shared minds.

      Because the universe is nothing, people in it are nothing; as nothing, people harm other people, kill them and get away with it until other people who want to live in egos bodies stop them, as they will soon stop the little mad Russian, Putin, and his insane nationalist gang.


      Did you understand what I said in this brief essay? Will you, in your own way, keep trying to mask, veil and cover your nothingness by acting as if you are something important and powerful and, in the process, giving you and all of us lack peace.

     It is up to you. You can choose to accept your existential nothingness and live with it, as I do, and experience the peace that comes with it, or keep pretending to be important and powerful, even though your body is food being cooked for worms.

     If you keep on pretending to be powerful you will keep generating conflict and wars around, you.

      I am here to perform the function of telling us the truth of our nothingness and our pretended somethingness; it is left to you to embrace that truth. If you accept that you are nothing in ego and body you can then seek worth where it lies, in our unified spirit self.

       In these few pages essay, I have given you the truth but cannot make you embrace it; you have an existential choice to make, to know your nothingness and reject it and pursue phantom somethingness and power or to embrace it and live from the loving place in you and in doing so know peace.

     Regarding the Russian thug and terrorist called Putin, he merely magnifies what we all do; the little gnat is trying to seem powerful and make his third-rate nation seem powerful; he is merely pretending that one can be powerful while living in body that will die, smell like feces and eaten by worms.

     Of course, the man is play-acting; in truth he remains nothing. One wishes that that Russian Orthodox Church that he wraps himself in could tell him the truth that worth, meaning and true power derive from God.

     God is found in love for all humanity, not in killing people and destroying cities that the mad man thinks makes him seem powerful; it makes Putin and Russia weak to be killing Ukrainians and destroying their cities.


What I said about Putin applies to other nations and people who pretend to be powerful in the face of human existential nothingness. Worth and power is found in love, in God, for God is love.

Ozodi Osuji

April 21, 2022


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