Psychiatry versus spirituality


Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

     Psychiatry deals with the human mind (thinking). What is mind, what is thinking? Where is mind and thinking located in the human body?

      People, across the world, had various locations in the human body for the mind. Not too long-ago, Hindu folks used to believe that the mind was in the heart (I read this in The Talks of Ramana Maharshi). Now, most people believe that the mind and their thinking is in the human brain. So, we study the human brain.

     The brain is part of the central nervous system (brain and spinal column); it is a complex organ; it is composed of billions of cells (called neurons); neurons communicate with each other through electrical ions and neurotransmitters that connect them at their synapses (I will skip description of the brain and its processes; If you do not understand the physiology of the brain read up on it).  

     A branch of biology, called neuroscience, has come into being to specifically study the human brain; neuroscientists are doing an excellent work of explaining the anatomy and physiology of the brain. Without doubt they have shown how messages are transmitted from every part of the body, via the peripheral nervous system, to the brain; how neurons retrieve stored information in brain memory banks and send feedback to other parts of the body on how to respond to the inquiry (in fear response information in the brain on how the individual coped with similar situations in the past  is used to tell him whether  he can successfully deal the present source of danger to his life hence to stand and fight it and if not  to run away from it).

      Neuropsychology is useful and must be encouraged. But is it what thinking, and mind is? Is thinking done by the neuronal activities of the brain? When we are thinking, through MRIs and CAT scans, we can see electrical movements in our brains, but is that what thinking is all about?

      Is thinking done by the brain? Is the mind in the brain or is the brain a mere instrument that the mind uses? Could it not be the case that the brain is like a car and a driver that is not part of the car drives it, uses the brain? If something is wrong with the car clearly it cannot be efficiently driven; if something is wrong with the brain the thinker may not be able to use it optimally.

     How exactly do we know that the chemical imbalances associated with thinking disorders caused them? How do we know that depression is caused by deficit of the neurotransmitter, serotonin; that mania is caused by excess norepinephrine; that schizophrenia is caused by low dopamine; that anxiety is caused by excess adrenalin or deficient GABA? How do we really know all these alleged causal factors that contemporary psychiatry has managed to convince the public are true is true?

     Psychiatry and psychology deal with the human mind. If you can demonstrate that the human mind and consciousness is a biological phenomenon you transform psychiatry to a physical science because physical science studies physical phenomena; but if you are unable to show that thinking is done by the brain, psychiatry remains amorphous, not really a physical science.

     Psychiatrists want to be taken seriously by the medical community who clearly demonstrate that they are dealing with physical diseases, hence they struggle on to demonstrate that thinking, mind is a physiological activity. But have they proven their hypothesis? Of course, they have not.

      How can they do so when the body, physiology, which fascinates physical scientists, may not exist? How do you know that your body and physical phenomena exist? Are you sure that they exist?

     Consider your body which is part of matter. Matter is composed of 118 elements (hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, sodium, iron, keep going until you get to uranium, the heaviest element, and thereafter the twenty elements invented by scientists in laboratories).

      Each element is composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons (protons and neutrons are composed of quarks).

      Quarks, protons, neutrons, and electrons were made from light (photons) during the Big Bang that produced this universe.

     What is light made of? Light is made of nothing. We live in a universe made from nothing!

     13.8 billion years ago, light came out of nothing and nowhere, shattered into its parts, photons, and then recombined into particles that became quarks, protons and neutrons, and electrons.

     (Anti matter was also formed, matter and anti-matter attacked each other but did not annihilate each other and returned the universe to radiation; some matter remained to continue our universe of matter, space, and time.)

     400, 000 years later, nuclei captured electrons and formed atoms, specifically, hydrogen; light that was trapped in the plasma-based universe was released (the background cosmic microwave radiation that Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias, in 1965, discovered, and that proved that the Big Bang did take place).

     The universe was now a cloud of hydrogen gas; over time the sea of hydrogen gas separated into clumps; those clumps were later acted on by gravity and pressure, which generated incredibly elevated temperature in their cores, and ignition took place; hydrogen atoms fused to helium atoms, and light and heat were given off, stars were born.

      The early stars were very massive in size and lived only a few million years and exhausted their hydrogen and began fusing other elements and when the fusion process got to iron the star expanded in size and exploded in supernova.

     The accompanying high heat during supernova formed all elements beyond iron, and they were spilled into space. The core of those exploded stars became either black holes, in whose events horizons nothing, including light can escape, or neutron stars that spin at incredible speed.

    Our sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) and asteroids and comets were formed 4.5 billion years ago from debris from supernova.

     On planet earth the various elements, in a pool of water, were acted on by lightning and thunder and fused to the molecules that formed the basis for biological life forms; biological life emerged on earth 3.5 billion years ago.

     In Millions of years, atoms differentiated according to the number of particles in them (hydrogen, for example, has one electron and one proton, its isotopes have one or two neutrons; helium has two electrons, two protons and two neutrons; carbon has six electrons, six protons and six neutrons; oxygen has eight electrons, eight protons and eight neutrons; iron has twenty-six electrons, twenty- six protons and twenty-six neutrons… keep going until you get to the heaviest element, uranium, which has ninety-two electrons, ninety-two protons and one hundred and forty-six neutrons).

      Elements combine into molecules (water, for example, is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen); matter, especially, hydrogen congregated into stars (stars are hydrogen fusing to helium); molecules form plants, animals; matter formed stars and planets; a group of stars and planets form galaxies; it is assumed that each galaxy has over 200 billion stars and that there are over 200 billion galaxies in the universe.

      Light, as Albert Einstein told us, travels at the speed of 186, 282 miles per second; at that speed it takes light 100, 000 years to travel from one end of our Milky Way Galaxy to the other. It takes light over two million years to reach us on earth from Andromeda, our nearest galaxy.

     All things on earth and elsewhere in the universe are made from light; light is made from nothing. Nothingness is not a tangible thing.

      (In space virtual particles emerge, attack each other, and annihilate each other and return to light, so it is not the case that space is empty.)

     Where we see the human body is congealed light and that light was made from nothing!

     If the body is nothing, how can we say that chemical imbalances cause thinking disorders/mental disorders if those chemicals are made from atoms that are made from nothing? To say so is to be illogical, to be absurd!

     Thinking is done with light; since light came from nothing, it is nothing; therefore, thinking is done through nothing. Thinking is not a physical thing but is a nothing thing.

     Thinking and consciousness is not physical but is manifested through physical agents, our brains. Those brains themselves were made from light, that is, from nothing hence are not physical things!

       Consciousness and our thinking are done by nothing and is everywhere (in different forms); thinking, nothingness is in stars, planets, plants, animals, and in us.

     The point is that psychiatry’s effort to demonstrate that thinking and consciousness is done by neurotransmitters and electrical ions is not science but pseudo-science, for it is saying, in real terms, that nothingness thinks through the nothingness called the human body.

       True science demonstrates that nothingness does thinking; mind is nothingness. If nothingness is the thinker in us, it follows that where there is problematic thinking it can be understood by itself, by proper thinking; wrong consciousness is corrected by right consciousness, not by medications.

     Medications are chemical mixtures; they are made from combined elements and since elements and matter are nothing, medications are nothing!

     Therefore, when we give people medications and say that those healed them, nothingness healed them.

       Since people’s bodies are nothing and do not exist as the solids, gases, liquids we see, it was nothingness that seemed sick and another form of nothingness in the form of medications healed it.

     By the same token, since food is made from matter and matter does not exist, and the human body does not exist, then no one is really eating food when we see people eating food; since our bodies are nothing, and  the clothes we clothe ourselves in are matter and do not exist then no one is wearing clothes; since the houses we live in and the cars we drive in do not exist no one really lives in houses and no one drives cars!


       Using Aristotelian syllogism, I demonstrated that physical phenomena do not exist but seem to exist and that nothing exists.

      I examined my thinking. I recognized that in childhood I desired a special, separated self-concept, a grandiose self-concept, and self-image.

     I recognized that all my thinking and behavior was geared towards attaining my desired grandiose self-concept and self-image. If you are a psychologist, recall that Alfred Adler posited that in childhood children feel inferior and compensate with desire for superiority and that children with inferior organs feel inordinately inferior and pursue excessive superiority hence become neurotic. According to Adler, we could say that I seek a big self because I felt like I am a small self-due to inherited problematic body.

       If other people related to me in such a manner that I felt important, significant, and worthwhile and powerful I felt good. On the other hand, if other people treated me as if I have no value and powerless, I felt bad.

      It gradually dawned on me that most of my thinking and behavior is rooted in my desire for worth, significance and importance, and power, ala Alfred Adler.

     Thereafter, I asked: suppose that I gave up the desire for worth, significance, importance, and personal power, what would happen to me? Find out.

     I gradually learned that if I did not desire a grandiose self-image, that if I did not defend a big self-image that I would live calmly and in peace.

      Without the desire for a grandiose self-concept, I would not even talk and would not disturb my peace. So, I practiced not thinking, not desiring to be this or that self-concept and self-image; I simply saw me as a part of life and left it at that. Thereafter, what other people said about me was not my concern, but their issue.

     I concluded that there is one life; that life is everywhere; it is one and at the same time has infinite units. Each of us, animals, plants etc. are units of one whole life, one unified life.

      Each of us, a unit of life, is motivated to seem special and separated from unified life and to be important and powerful.

      All our earthly activities, normal, neurotic, and psychotic are produced by our desire to have ego special, separated self. When we no longer desire ego special, separated selves we simply revert to the awareness of being one life; we lose self-consciousness and simply exist as a part of unified life.

    This is exactly what Gautama Buddha discovered 2500 years ago; and what mystics of all places realized, and gave up their desire for special, separated selves and live as if they are just part of one life.

    Each of us is a unit of one unified life.

    Do this, now, do not desire a special, separated self and do not defend a special, separated self and you live in peace.

      Mental health is not given to us by ingesting the magical pills that psychiatrists give people but by having no special, separated self-concept and self-image.

     In truth, if you have no self-concept, and self-image you are mentally healthy. If you wish for a special, separated self-housed in body and defend it you are mentally ill (at its normal, or neurotic and or psychotic level).

     I resolutely told me that I have no special, separated self; the special, separated self-housed in body is a make belief self, it is a mirage, it is a chimera, it does not exist but seems to exist in a dream that unified life is now separated into different lives.

     In so far that I have a self it is in being a part of what we might fictitiously call a universal self and its universal mind (I said fictitiously because it has no name, it just is).

    All of us are parts of oneself and one mind. Oneself and its one mind thinks and acts through all of us. In our present earthly state, we think and function as if we are not the same, as if we are not equal.

    We desired inequality, and differences; in pursuit of it we housed ourselves in bodies and made bodies seem to determine the existence of the separated self; problematic bodies cause problematic thinking (neurosis and psychosis).

      All these seem real until you resolve to have no special, separated self-concept; when you give up your desired special, separated self, ego, and see you as having “no self,” you experience the type of peace that human ego-based thinking cannot understand.

     is this not what Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism, Taoism and Zen teach? I arrived at the same conclusion through logical thinking, not through religion.

       In fact, if you attain total selflessness you would exit from the universe and experience yourself as not a body; you would know yourself as part of one formless, unified life that has no space, time, and matter in it (what folks call God).

     You would know that the one unified life that we all share is eternal, permanent, and changeless.

     Impersonal spirituality, as I am talking about here, is what cures folks of their mental disorders; the vacuous talk-based psychotherapies and voodoo medications people ingest do not heal them.

     To be sick is to feel separated from one life; to be healed is to regain awareness that one is always part of unified life, is not disconnected from it and cannot ever disconnect from it, although one can mask that awareness and dream as if one is separated from other parts of life.

      Psychiatrists and psychologists are voodoo doctors masquerading as healers of the mind when they know diddlysquat about how to heal the mind.

      Here is the truth, there is no body, body does not exist. Body, matter, space, and time are all illusions that seem to exist, and seem real but do not exist; they are dream figures, and dream things that seem real but are not real.

     The physical universe of space, time, and matter that physicists talk about is one giant delusion; it does not exist, but we think that it exists; we see things in the nonexistent universe and believe that what we see is real.

       The universe is one humongous psychosis. We are all hallucinating, seeing what is not there, hearing voices that no one speaks, and being deluded in believing that what is not there is there.


     I am not on a crusade to ask anyone not to take medications and do talk based psychotherapy (I was a therapist for over twenty years). If you believe that you are a body you need food, medications, clothes, and shelter; if you believe that your body and brain-based mind can become sick they can seem sick to you; therefore, go right ahead and take your medications, eat food, wear clothes, and live in shelter and move around in cars and other means of transportation.  Those are delightful delusions; they do not hurt you.

     Eventually (for you it may mean now, or this may mean thousands of years) you will learn that at no point does the physical universe exist, that there is no space, time, and matter, and that your body and other bodies, animals and plants and stars do not exist.

     Where you see the phenomenal universe is nothing!

     The universe you use is your personal, and in as much as all of us see it, is our collective hallucination. Enjoy it until you are ready to give up what brought the universe about, your desire for a special, separated self; give up the desire for an ego self and stop defending the separate, special self that you made to adapt to the chimeric world of separated things, and you would experience what Gautama Buddha experienced, our physical universe and your body and sense of self disappear and you revert to the awareness of where you and all of us always are, one formless self, one mind, one spiritual light that begins and ends nowhere, and in it experience eternity, permanency and changelessness and perfect peace.

      There is no hurry; you are always part of one universal self and its universal mind; while in it you and all of us sleep and dream that you/we are now in a body, living in a universe of space, time, and matter. Eventually, you will learn to transform your dream of separation to a happy dream (what Helen Schucman, in her book, A course in miracles, in her poetic language, called happy dream, what I am talking about in prose) by loving all people because they are all parts of you and in loving them you love your entire self.

      This is not religion or morality; I am merely stating our existential reality; I deal with facts not emotions and feelings.


     I do meditate and encourage folks to meditate. But first, we must understand what meditation is, and what it attempts to accomplish.

     Meditation is not an end but a means, the end is attaining the sense of oneness with all life.

     Three thousand years ago, Hindus understood that thinking is based on our special, separated minds and that whatever we think with our ego-based thinking is colored by our basic desire to forget our real self, Atman, and think and live from our false self, Ahankara. Therefore, they said in some of the Upanishads, Hindu philosophy, that occasionally one should sit quietly, close one’s eyes to shut out the external world, which is the outward picturing of our thoughts, and keep quiet.

       One should say: Neti, Neti, meaning that nothing one thinks up or sees in our phenomenal world is true. The world was thought up by us and, therefore, it is not true. The world is a mirage, images made by our image making minds, we think in images, and it is not true.

     What is true is the thinker. The thinker thinks through either of the two selves. As Gautama Buddha recognized, the thinker is not his thoughts.

     First, the thinker produced a false self for each of us, a special, separated self, the ego that Hindus call Ahankara. Our true self, Hindus call Atman, a part of Brahman.

     Our true self, Atman, as it were, cast Maya, magical spell on itself and forgot itself and want to sleep; in its sleep it produced our empirical world and produced a false, separated, ego self with which to adapt to the false empirical world.

     Each of us, Atman (in Western religious categories, a son of God), invented a false, special, separated self and used it as a substitute self; we use the ego to replace the real self, the son of God, in our awareness.

     The special, ego separated self is a false self; we must desist from it and keep quiet, stop thinking for all that ego-based thinking does is give us stories about who we are but not the truth of who we are, in fact. Just keep quiet, reject all your ego-based thoughts for you are not your thoughts.

      Do not defend your ego thoughts about who you are because they are not who you are; you cannot use your present ego consciousness to know your real self; you must stop ego-based thinking to access your real self, part of unified, nonphysical self.

     You are the thinker, Ramana Maharshi correctly said. Find out who that thinker in us is. It is not known through more thinking, but from rejecting all ego-based thinking. Keep your mind swept clean of all ego-based thinking.

      If you can attain inner silence for one hour, Hinduism says that you will break through Maya, go through Moksha, and liberate yourself and find yourself in a world that is beyond our world, a world where you are one with Brahman.

      Brahman is oneself that has infinite selves; you are one of the selves of Brahman. Brahman and his infinite selves are oneself and one mind; Brahman is nondual, it is infinite yet is oneself.

     That oneself of Brahman and its one mind is our true self. If you reach Samadhi (Buddhists call it Nirvana, Zen call it Satori, Christian mysticism calls it the union of the son and his father) and experience oneself, you experience peace and is now enlightened to your true self; you are illuminated to the truth of our one shared self and one shared mind and thereafter you live in peace and joy.

     After Samadhi you return to the world of separated ego selves and things but know all of them as your manifestations and love all of them. You no longer defend the separated self but identify with the unified spirit self, all of us; you see all people and things as parts of oneself, you.

     You live quietly and in so far that you study things, you do so objectively, you study science because the study of science, especially quantum mechanics, shows us that only oneself, and one mind exists in the universe.

   Entangled particles placed at opposite ends of the universe, trillions of miles apart from each other, relate to each other instantaneously, meaning that they are really one; distance, space and matter does not affect them (because those are illusions, not reality).

      Enlightened people do not fight with anyone; they do not try to refute other people’s erroneous ideas; they simply state the ruth as they see it, our unity, live it and leave it to other people to decide when to accept that truth; eventually, all people will accept it.

     The universe will continue to exist until all human beings accept the truth of our oneness; you cannot force any one to do so, for it is experiential; it is what one experiences through knowledge of oneness, from giving up one’s desire for a special, separated self and from no longer defending one’s false self.

      Meditation, the royal Yoga, called Raja Yoga, is useful; it teaches one to learn how to keep one’s mind quiet and understand the oneness of all selves and things. This is not magical thinking but the truth.


      Who will understand what is said in this essay? There are no accidents in our lives; those ready for the understanding of our oneness will find their way to this essay and or to similar writings and from them affirm our oneness and in it heal their hitherto belief that they are special, separated selves.

      The return to unity is what mental health is all about. This can be taught to children and adults, but no one should be forced to accept it. Teach and practice it and leave folks alone to live their lives as they see fit. It is not for you to change anyone, just live the truth as you understand it.

    I live the truth that I know; that truth is that my special, separated self is a mirage; I gave it up and do not desire or defend it. My ego, special, separated self in body is a dream figure in our collective dream that we are living in space, time, and matter.

     I walk around as an image in your dream knowing that the self I see in body, in me and in other bodies, are all part of one unified spirit self.

      I neither wish for the ego nor defend it. In so living I know peace. Peace is the indicator of mental health (this peace is attenuated peace because if one lives in body, and is on earth, one is in separation and cannot know perfect peace; in total mental health one does not see one and other people in bodies, body made of matter or body made of light; one simply knows one as the idea of a part of another idea, the idea of the whole self that folks call God).

      Before he died, Joseph Campbell, the famous American mythologist, said that given the impossibility of knowing all that exist, human beings live with enormous unknowingness and uncertainty; they reduce their anxiety from not knowing much by inventing mythologies that give them the sense of knowing what they do not know.

       In the past the mythologies of humankind appealed to people living at specific regions of the world because those shared the same metaphors and figures of speech, the language of poetry and mythologies.

      People are now living together and no longer can use myths that adapt to specific parts of the world to communicate with those from distinct parts of the world; we now live in a globalized world.

      Therefore, people are waiting for a person to articulate the truth that cannot yet be articulated in the universal language of science in a mythological language. Professor Campbell said that, by and by, someone will come along and through his personal experience understand the truth and articulate it in the language of science, a language that transcends the religions of the past but articulates what the founders of those religions knew to be true.

      Buddha was correct in saying that our desire for a special, separated ego self and defense of it is what gives us psychological suffering; Buddha asked us to give up the desire for the special, separated self and live from our one shared self.

       Jesus Christ was correct in asking us to love one another and to forgive the foolishness that we are separated and have separated interests; that is, for us to correct our mistakes with love, which he called the Holy Spirit.

      Those salvific ideas were clothed in the language of religion.

      I am seeking a science-based metaphysics, a scientific spirituality that cuts through the mumbo jumbo of religions and states the truth that pure reason can verify.

    A scientific spirituality is needed to unify a science-based humankind because older religions are filled with superstitions and cannot be accepted by science trained folks.

      In this essay, I summarized what I wrote in many books and articles; it is an attempt to explain scientific spirituality.

      Read it; if it appeals to you, use its parameters to give your life direction, meaning and purpose (love all people). If it does not appeal to you do not bother with it.

       If Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and Gnosticism appeal to you then live them for they are all saying what I said in this piece.

       The metaphysics explored in this essay seems farfetched. However, pause and think about it. For example, think about the idea of multiverse; it is gaining currency in astrophysics although no one has demonstrated its truth. The idea is that there are infinite universes where we see our own universe; each universe operates with slightly different physical laws, hence is in a different dimension.

      Hugh Everett, in his PhD dissertation for Princeton University in 1958, broached the idea; he speculated that the Big Bang Explosion produced many worlds, not just our own world. David Deutsch of Oxford University and other physicists have written quite a bit on the idea of multiverse.

     Nevertheless, no one has demonstrated its existence. But let us assume its possibility. If so, one of the universes could be a universe of light forms, a place where everything in our universe of matter has everything in our universe in light forms; people, animals, trees, planets, stars everything in light forms. This is akin to the Astral universe that Hinduism and other religious mystics claim to have seen.

     Another universe could be a universe of formlessness, a place where all things are in formless state and are in each other, are oneself; this is like what Jesus Christ talked about in the Gospel of John, chapters 14, 15, 16 and 17 when he said that his father is in him and he is in his father and his followers are in him, a universe where all selves share oneself and one mind. 

     One can assume the existence of many universes and assume that our current universe where things seem solid could be a mirage, after all if other universes exist where it is, it follows that what seems solid to us is a mere appearance of solidity.

     Mirage or not, we still must assume that the solids, liquids, and gases (and plasma) we see in our universe of space, time and matter are real and study them; I am not asking anyone not to study science; we must study science, but we can do so while assuming that what we are studying is illusory, not real. 

     I assume that my ego and body is a mirage but at the same time, as long as I am on earth, I know that natural forces affect them hence I eat food, wear clothes, take medications, live in houses, travel from place to place in motorized devices, but while doing so I entertain the idea that what I am doing is done in a dream setting and are not real.

     The universe is a problem; the problem is the solution; the solution invents another problem; Sisyphus rolls that stone up the hill and it rolls right back down, and he repeats the process. This is our universe; escape from it is found only in a universe of formless oneness, the universe we left to come experience the universe of special, separated selves in bodies!


     Contemporary psychiatrists and psychologists are desperately struggling to make their disciplines part of physical science so that physical scientists may see them as real scientists.

     Physics is the king of the sciences and, therefore, only phenomena that can be explained in physical categories is considered real science (quantum mechanics has demonstrated that physical matters, at root, are not material).

     Psychiatry and psychology deals with human thinking and consciousness; if they can show that thinking, mind, and consciousness are the product of physical interactions in the human brain they would have demonstrated that they are truly a science. In pursuit of this goal, psychiatry and psychology engage in outlandish reductionism, seeing what it does not understand, consciousness/thinking, as physically caused.

     Positing that mental disorders are caused by biochemical imbalances in the brain, they give the mentally ill medications. Neuroleptic medications do help reduce the gross symptoms of mental disorders but there is no evidence that they heal the mentally ill.

      I am not arguing for medication free psychiatry. No, if giving people chalk will make them change their thinking and behavior patterns and become normal, give them chalk. There is such a thing as placebo effect; what people give healing powers to, even if they do not have healing powers, do heal them.  The role of belief is critical in healing people.


     One is not saying that the state of the human body does not affect thinking. The thinker is like a driver of a car; the state of the car affects the driver’s driving; the state of the human body affects the thinker’s thinking. No one thinks from dead bodies and brains, so, the state of the body and brain affects what the thinker thinks.  Problems in any part of the human body, the brain included, affect the individual’s thinking; if you heal a sick person’s body it tends to change how he thinks; the body affects the individual’s psychology.

     We must improve people’s bodies through good nutrition and medications, to improve their thinking, and their personal psychology. To change the individual’s character, you must change whatever bodily ailment bothers him; it is not the case that only thinking must be changed to change the individual, you must change both his body and thinking.  

     Having acknowledged the role of the body in the genesis of the individual’s psychology, yet we sense that thinking is everywhere in the universe and not limited to the brain alone.

     What is salient is that psychiatry reduces people to only their bodies and denies that there is something in them that transcends their bodies. Psychiatry is now the quintessential practitioner of the philosophy of materialism, the belief that matter determines what people think and do. But is this true?

     Let us assume that it is true. This paper pointed out that matter itself was formed by light and is disguised light. Where we see matter is congealed light.

     Light came out of nothing and nowhere during the Big Bang explosion that began this universe. That means that light and the matter it formed came from nothing and is nothing.

    Where we see the human body and the human brain is nothing. If the material condition of the brain caused mental disorders and the brain itself is formed from light, from nothing, then nothing does the thinking in the brain and nothing caused people’s mental disorders.

     What is nothing? Nothing is that which does not have material dimensions. Nothing takes on the appearance of matter and does the thinking in people; therefore, nothing (which our ancestors called spirit) does the thinking in people.

     We are nothing means that we are not matter; it means that we are spirit. Our brain disorders are thinking disorders and can be healed by correcting our thinking.

      In this paper I pointed out that if the individual believes that he has a special, separated self, desires it and defends it he has a mental disorder; if he changes his mind and now believes that he does not have a special, separated self, does not desire it and does not defend it when other people offend it, he has no mental disorder.

      The healing of all mental disorders lies in the individual having no special, separated self. Buddhists know this fact and psychiatry must come to know it and treat people as nothing; that is, treat people as spirit and stop misperceiving people only as their bodies, as matter and treating their mental, thinking issues, with magical pills when what they need is help in changing their self-views, from believing that  they have special, separated selves to accepting that they are part of one unified spirit self, one whole self, aka God.

     Psychiatry, in effect, must return to metaphysics, to spirituality if it really wants to help people; right now, it is in the dark in that it has no understanding of who people are; it returns to the light when it knows who people are; people are light (spirit), not just body.

     Body is the camouflage that spirit takes to live in a physical universe it made, a universe that is, in fact, spirit appearing as matter, space, and time.


     People come to the world to invent a false special, separated self-concept for themselves. The whole physical and social universe is designed to enable each of us to invent the type of self-concept and self-image he desires.

      In childhood, each of us takes the experience of his body, family, and society and uses them to construct a self-concept and self-image for himself. Thereafter, he lives as it is, as a false self; he is now a person fleeing from his real self; when we flee from our real self, we cannot know peace and joy.

     Everything he does on earth is from the perspective of his special, separated self, aka the ego self. No action of his escape coloration by his self-image. He does not see any person and anything as it is but as his self-image colors it. He does not see himself and other people correctly but as the dark glasses he uses to see them tells him that they are.

     He is now literally a slave of the self-concept and the world that self-concept shows him; he lives in pain and does not know that that pain is caused by his jaundiced self-concept, and the lenses with which he sees the world with.

      Liberation, emancipation, salvation, deliverance, redemption, and healing lies in him completely giving up his self-concept and asking the universe, God, to show him his real self, a non-conceptual self, for concepts are of time and space hence not real.

      The real self was created by the entire universe, by God and was not made by each of us. We cling to our special, separated self-concepts despite the pain they give us because we made them, they are our idols, our handiworks and we are proud of what we made.

     Now, we must give up the selves we made, and ask the Holy Spirit, God’s messenger in the temporal universe, to show us the self he created us as.

     In silence, in obedience to the will of God, not to our ego separated wishes, we experience our real self. Our real self is part of life, part of God, part of the whole self, the Holy Self, the unified sell that folks call God.

     In our real self we feel perfect peace and joy and finally know the eternity we seek in the things of this world and do not find them there because they are not there.

    Peace is found in God, not in the separated ego self and its separated world.

    We return to union with God and in it feel at home at last.

     The prodigal son finally returns from his journey to nowhere for everywhere he goes is in God, a journey without distance for he was always in God while dreaming himself outside God.

       In his real home, unified spirit, whole self, oneness with God and all his creations, he is at peace and happiness.

     The self-exiled, the alien in a foreign land, return to the unified world that in search of separated existence, he had fled from, and enjoys the gifts of unified existence, his father, God: peace and happiness.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD

August 8, 2022

(907) 310-8176

Further Reading

Osuji, Ozodi Thomas (2021). Connected Lives. Las Vegas, Nevada: Rushmore Press.

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