Prisoners of their minds


Ozodi Osuji

     Each person has a pattern of thinking; the individual’s pattern of thinking can liberate him from bondage or enslave him in cul-de-sac so that he runs around in a maze, doing what perpetuates his entrapment, and him not realizing that it is his warped thinking pattern that entrapped him in his no-exit situation.

     The sad part of it all is that if you try to help the person trapped in his mental prison, he does not see you as a helper but as somebody trying to take something precious away from him. He considers pretending to be a superior person as valuable but does not know that it makes him mentally sick.

     Mental health is characterized by a sense of perfect equality and sameness with all people; the moment you have a desire for superiority over other people you have mental illness (or personality disorder…if I attempt to distinguish between the two that would take me far afield;  let me say, for example, that Donald Trump has a need to seem special  and admired by other people and that enables him to use other people and discard them without feeling guilt, hence he has narcissistic personality disorder, a form of mental disorder, but one that folks with it can still function in society, whereas those with serious mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, cannot function in society and tend to drift to living in their own fantasy world).

     There is this Nigerian man at Nigerian internet groups. He likes to masquerade as good in writing the English language; he employs big, big words where simple words would do, his intention is to impress his readers with his erudition and smartness.

    His grandiloquent manner of writing is what first caught my attention. I noticed that whereas his grammar seems correct that what he was saying did not make sense; he lacked knowledge of semantics.

     I paid closer attention to him and quickly realized that he is suffering from delusion disorder, grandiose type; there are also signs of persecutory type in him, but the main aspect of his delusion is grandiosity. As in most deluded persons, there is attendant fearfulness and anxiety disorder; he easily panics and runs away.

     If you resolve to take him on, engage him and really come after him in a threatening manner, he panics, afraid that you might harm, even kill him, and tells his usual lies to the effect that he is going to take a sabbatical and do some pressing work; he would disappear for a few days. When he judges the coast as clear he would reappear with an abusive treatise on somebody and gin-up a fight with that person (he is always fighting with members of the forum; paranoid persons are always quarrelling with other people).

    From the dark place where he hides his identity, he investigates folks; he talks to those who know the person he is snooping on and if he garners snippets of juicy gossip about him, he splashes it on the internet. In his diseased mind he feels that he has shamed such a person and the person ought to run away and go hide his face because he told lies about him. He does not have the insight to realize that not one person he tried to slander has run away, instead, they come after him harder than before.

      Since no one knows his real identity, folks do not reciprocate and find the skeletons in his closet.

    He is a mail fraud, he would, on the phone, tell folks that they should give him their bank accounts and that he would put money into them and if you fell for it, he would clear your money; he is a Nigerian 419 scammer, a low intelligent con artist; he is a common thief, and like all thieves is a coward; thieves steal in the dark, from, behind your back, not in broad day light, face to face, and risk you smashing them to pieces.

      He has a compulsion to seem powerful, important, and knowledgeable. He claims to be an attorney but obviously is not an attorney, for he does not have that certain discretion you find in attorneys who understand that everything they say could result in a lawsuit.

     This man specializes in abusing people, calling people all sorts of unprintable derogatory names, boasting that he is a genius (I estimate his IQ to be low average; he is a genius in insulting people).

     The man sees his self as always right and sees other people as always wrong; if you try to correct him, he verbally abuses you and thinks that by calling you degrading names that he has won the argument but unbeknown to him most people consider him an idiot and tune him out. At best folks feel entertained by his grandiloquent malapropisms.

     The man is obviously going nowhere in life, for given his desire to seem superior to other people and tendency not to listen to any one and perpetually insulting people, nobody likes him and if no one likes him who is going to be his ally and help him achieve whatever positive goals he has.

    Any man who hides his real name is a capital coward; he has many aliases including Nebo; he has written to me with, at least, four different names; his grandiose language always gives him away.

     This man is a prisoner of his deluded mind; he is caught in a vicious circle. He keeps digging the hole he is in, deeper and deeper; it is difficult for him to get himself out. He must tell lies to cover the previous lies he told; he is a habitual, pathological liar; believe him at your peril.

     This is sad for all he must do is realize that he is not better than other people, that he is an ordinary man and stop the psychological compulsion to seem better than other people, for no human being could ever be better than other people.

     People have different skills set but are still the same and coequal, but this clown has an inner obsessive-compulsion to seem better than other people, and since he is not better than anyone he is caught in a self-inflicted injury.

     I doubt that he can get his self out of his predicament; he does not even know that he has partial psychosis…full psychosis has both delusion disorder and hallucination; the man has delusion disorder and does not hallucinate, for if he did  hallucinate he would be schizophrenic, paranoid  type, and would not be at the Internet 24-7, proffering uninformed opinions on every subject under the sun, none of which is he trained in; he is a know it all of all subjects.

     One should like to ask him to see a psychotherapist for long term talk-based psychotherapy on his paranoia, aka delusion disorder (he could also benefit from whatever calms his excited body, neurochemicals, the anxiolytics might calm him down, unfortunately they are addictive) but he feels more knowledgeable than every psychiatrist and psychologist in this world.

     Paranoid and deluded persons generally feel superior to their therapists; therapists smile at their clownish sense of superiority, and tune them out; in fact, most therapists terminate therapy with them for how can they help a person who feels that he is a god and wants to tell them what to do even though his educational level and knowledge base is not more than a high school graduate.

      Deluded persons are prisoners of their diseased minds. A goodly dose of humility and stopping acting like God is what heals them.

      There are many ways in which people can become prisoners of their minds but for now, I am going to stop with his man. He is a sad man because whatever intelligence he has is wasted in pretending to be superior to his shadow.

Ozodi Osuji

February 15, 2022

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