Priests and politicians rule the world

Jerome Nwonuma:


      Let me share this secret with you. Since the beginning of humanity on planet earth, two sets of people have ruled them, priests and kings. Priests and politicians rule the human society.

     If in doubt, who do we remember from history? We remember founders of religions, such as Moses, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha (no African).

     We remember great rulers, such as Hammurabi, Cyrus, Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt (no African).

     We remember a few outstanding philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Karl Marx (no African), scientists, such as Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Rutherford, Werner Herzenberg, Erwin Schrodinger (no African) and writers, such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Pope, Milton, Mark Twin, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Victor Hugo (no African).

     We do not remember rich people two hundred years after their death because, as Aristotle said, they are mindless folks, they possess no outstanding intelligence that enables us to understand phenomena (the greatest curse for a society is for rich men to rule it, see the royal mess the Trump guy has made of American politics).

       In the contemporary world who are powerful in your hellhole called Nigeria. It is the charlatans’ called pastors and thieves called politicians.

     Do you think that you can change that equation? Is there any human society where priests and politicians did not rule?

     Priests crown politicians and politicians fund them. Your Aro people used a phony religion to dominate and terrorize all Igbos. Why? It was because people inherently live in the plain of self-forgetfulness; on earth we do not know who we are and want to know.

     Scientists tell us something about our bodies but not about our souls and our souls are the most important parts of us. We fear death, fear that upon death we would live in hell, pain. Priests tell us that if we do this or that we shall be allowed to live well in God. Are they true? They are not but if people live in fear priests have power over them.

     If you are perceptive you want to understand those who hold power over humanity, priests and politicians.

     Therefore, folks like me who are at home in the world of science pay attention to religion and spirituality. I hope that finally you can understand this fact.

      The mind that knows physics and science deals with the peripheral aspect of man, his body, and knows that people have a deeper self, their spiritual selves.

     Try to understand the below vignette on the human personality; it might save you a lot of psychological pain. I should charge you a million dollars for this information, but I give it to you for free!


      The entire universe evolved for the individual human being to develop a self-concept in his childhood (he was born as part of undifferentiated life…heaven is undifferentiated Self, Life).

     Soon after constructing his self-concept the individual lives to defend, it and in defending it becomes a slave to it.

     He does back breaking and meaningless work to protect and feed his body that carries his self-concept and self-image (a body that will die and become food for worms who are food for bacteria).

     He lives in fear of his self-image and body been harmed and destroyed and going out of existence; he is angry when other people do what makes him feel belittled and humiliated.

     Yet, the self-concept and the body it is rooted in and the space and time it seems to live in are illusions; they do not exist; you can  literally tune them out and no longer see them, or initially see them in an improved illusory form, as in light forms, and thereafter not see them and return to the awareness of who you and all people are, one formless, unified spirit self.

     The unified spirit self, aka God is eternal, permanent and changeless. It is from it that each part of it, its son manifests in the world of illusions (space, time and matter) and construct his self-concept and self-image, both illusions, and sees his self in that image form and assumes that the image form is real.

    Each of us defends his self-concept, aka ego; in doing so he enslaves his self to serve the opposite of eternity (eternity is everything and has no opposite so the physical universe and self-concept do not exist).

     The self-concept and its body, after existing in its dream world for, may be, 120 years, seems to die and disappear from existence.

     The son of God that constructed a self-concept and self-image for his self-lives forever in formless unified spirit, God.

     If you understand the truth encapsulated above, you no longer take your ego separated self-housed in body as real and let it go, you do not defend it, you do not die but would no longer believe that you are an ego in body.

     If you accept that you are not an ego in body then you would not feel fear, anger, depression, mania, or any mental disorder; you would live as you live in eternity, heaven, peacefully.

   Thereafter, religion and spirituality become irrelevant for you; but until you know the truth, religion exists to enable people to remember their forgotten self as part of unified spirit self.

     Until the truth is known the individual must be a student of religion or deny religion and live as an atheist, deny his real self and live as an animal or tree and that, too, is good, for life on earth is individuals’ and collective dream.


Atheists engage in bravados and seem fearless but those who have known them say that they die the most miserable deaths, bargaining with God to give them a few more years to change their minds and come to him. The great English wit, Dr. Johnson, was reported by his sidekick, George Boswell, to have cried like a child asking God to spare him death. The great atheist was afraid of death. Oh, I am not a theist or atheist; like most philosophers and scientists, I am agnostic; I do not know enough to ascertain whether there is God or no God. Cheers, my friend.

Ozodi Osuji

November 23, 2021

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