Pride retards learning


Ozodi Osuji

     If you are proud, you have an issue with learning. Learning requires us to make mistakes. You make loads of mistakes while learning something new. Your pride feels humiliated, belittled, degraded, and disgraced because it was not perfect to not make mistakes.

    To avoid making mistakes you quit learning and live as an ignorant person. Thus, pride disposes you to live in ignorance. You are the proud ignorant man.

       (Avoidant personality disorder, among other things, is motivated by desire for a grandiose ego, an ego that wants to seem all powerful, perfect and all knowing, and is afraid of making mistakes; to avoid making mistakes it avoids other people and in social avoidance retains false sense of importance and power, untested power.)

     What benefits then is pride to you? Just to keep your pride, a false entity alive, you stop learning new languages, grammar, mathematics, science, and everything, learning which folks make mistakes. This is self-defeating behavior.

      Please say damn you to pride; give your pride up and have no pride. Be prideless, don’t be ashamed of making mistakes; simply do what survival asks you to do.

     Proud people want to be always right and want other people to be wrong; it is either their way or the highway.

      No human being is right all the time. As an agnostic, I understand nothing for certain. I also know that despite folk’s desire to be right that they are not right.

     We have no clue what dark energy (which is 73% of the universe) and dark matter (which is 23% of the universe), both constitute 96% of the universe, and we have no idea what they are.

     The four percent of the visible universe that we have begun to understand we have not understood one percent of.  So, why feel that you know it all when you know little or nothing?

     It is the ego’s desire for pride that disposes folks to want to seem perfect in their knowing when, in fact, they know nothing.

      Accept the humility of not knowing much. Damn your pride, damn your ego that wants to seem all knowing and perfect.

     Proud people are poor learners; they are very arrogant in their lack of humility; it takes humility, acceptance that one does not know much to learn.

    If I see an arrogant, haughty person who is afraid to learn least he makes mistakes I tell him to give that empty pride up and learn, as children do.

      You must be as humble and teachable as children to learn any subject, especially languages, music, mathematics, and science.

     Proud people are full of empty opinions because they don’t have to prove them to be true or false; they merely feel important because they hold empty opinions on reality, opinions not proven to be true.

Ozodi Osuji

November 27, 2022

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