Politics as entertainment sport


Ozodi Osuji

       American politicians gave up on governing the country; they have transformed politics to entertainment sport; they do not want to deal with serious ideas that might be divisive, such as providing all Americans with a single payer health care and providing all Americans with publicly paid education at all levels. Instead, they engage in policies that appeal to their base, liberal or conservative, but refuse to do what America must do to survive.

      The refusal to do the necessary has exacerbated interest groups politics so that, for example, the medical and pharmaceutical industry makes obscene profits and actually do not heal people, the education industry now see students as mere means of making money while literally teaching them nothing of value and, of course, the industries that feed the military industrial complex making money while producing unnecessary weapons of war that nobody is ever going to use ( in the meantime, many economic and social issues go unaddressed).

      The entertainment politicians are now piling up deficit, it is now over $31 trillion dollars and continuing (the economy is worth only $21 trillion).

     Since Republicans do not like paying taxes, the little revenue the political system collect annually will go to paying off debt (debt finance).

      The USA now lacks tough-minded politicians willing to do the right things; the country now sees politics as another form of entertaining the public.

     The politics of know nothing led to the conservatives who stormed Congress on January 6, 2021, unaware that their actions would generate counter actions from liberals and the result would be civil war; civil war would tear the country apart. The country would be reduced to nothing, and Russia would laugh at the cowboys tearing themselves apart; China would take over the world.

      America needs to start solving its problems and stop having the politics of entertainment. Failing to address serious issues is how great empires die; this need not be.

Ozodi Osuji

June 13, 2022

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