Perhaps Republican Americans are mad?


Ozodi Osuji

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. White America has had voter suppression for centuries and got social conflict. Now they are at it again and expect different results, black folks’ docile acquiescence to their disenfranchisement. They will get conflict and war.
The state of Georgia, controlled by Republicans, yesterday, March 25, 2021, passed legislation that essentially gutted black folks’ rights to vote. Of course, that is not what they called it, they gave it a legalistic name, such as guaranteeing election integrity and security.
The legislation states that all voters must have Photo IDs issued by the state; if they vote by mail in ballot they must show their IDs (and the signatures on them checked with those they have in their state racist offices); eliminate most voting booths in black parts of town and what is left would mean that black folks would stand on line for several hours to vote; to add insult to injury, they prohibit giving those on their engineered long lines water and food so that they would be thirsty and hungry and frustrated and leave and go home and not vote and wham white folks vote and win and rule the increasingly banana republic called the USA.
Iowa has apparently done what Georgia did. Arizona is contemplating doing the same. Altogether, 43 states (out of 50) controlled by Republicans have Bills working their ways through their legislatures and if passed would prevent black folks from voting.
The idea is to prevent black folks from voting so that a black man like Barack Obama is never, again, voted the president and a liberal like Biden is never, again, voted the president. Thus, only white Republicans would vote and vote for white geniuses like Donald Trump.
As these people shamelessly return to Jim Crow, they think that they are credible and make sense. The fact is that no black American, in fact, not one African, and there are a billion Africans, does not know what these white Americans are doing.
They claim to have democracy but only for white folks; their democracy excludes the over 100 million nonwhite Americans.
And white Americans think that it does not matter that the rest of the world sees them as not democrats while preaching democracy.
They are practicing Apartheid. And how well did white ruled South Africa last before majority rule comes into play.
In fifty years, America will no longer be a white majority place and therefore white folks cannot have a lock on governance.
White America may do all she wants at voter suppression; the fact is that she will not succeed; those whose votes are suppressed will protest and there will be social unrest.
And it is not going to be like the 1960s when there were no independent Africans and Asia, and China were powerless. We are now entering a world of independent Africans and powerful Asians. These folks will combine and fight with the mad men called white Republicans.
White Republican Americans are calling for war with the world, a war that they cannot win, a war that would destroy the USA and remove them from the calculus of world power, as the second world war removed Germany from world power calculations.
But the mad men do not know it; they think that they can play their traditional game of voter suppression and get away with it and go tell the world that they are a democracy.
For hundreds of years, white Americans bamboozled the world with the nonsense that they are intelligent and that black folks are not intelligent; they used that shibboleth to justify oppressing black Americans.
I doubt that most white American school children can compete with most Nigerian school children. In a few decades African school children would be accounted among the best in the world.
In America white mediocre persons run around saying that they could not find qualified black people to teach at their mediocre universities and if you come close to these institutions you realize that the teachers there are mostly average.
By the end of this century African universities would have the culture and gravity to compete with world class universities.
I often wonder if white Americans are mentally retarded; what they do and expect other folks to believe is only what one would expect from mentally retarded folks.
But who has the guts to tell the emperors that they are naked?
If America took democracy seriously, it would do what other countries do, have a national registry of all voters from age 18 up; make voting day a weekend day and if it is on a weekday make it a public holiday so that poor folks may go vote; they would generally do whatever they could to encourage all citizens to vote rather than engage in shenanigans trying to suppress black and brown voting, while pretending to be a democracy.
The efforts by Republican white America to prevent black and brown Americans from voting will be opposed; demonstrations, riots and conflict will be in the land.
Racist white Republicans may get their boogaloo, the civil war which they think that they need to kill off black folks and take over the country.
Adolf Hitler expected to win a war that would enable him to rule the world and ended up with his country erased from the world power calculations.
White America will try to eliminate black and brown people, but the result would be the elimination of white America. Their nuclear weapons will not help them, for if you use them in the country both they and black folks would die and people from other countries swarm in and take over the country.

Ozodi Osuji
March 26, 2021

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