People treat you as you ask them to treat you


Ozodi Osuji

     No one can treat you in a manner that you did not invite him to treat you and in a manner that you did not believe that you deserve to be treated.

     What you think of you, good or bad, invite people to treat you as such. If you have low self-esteem and think that you ought to be ignored, you will invite people, unconsciously or consciously, to treat you as such; if you have positive self-esteem, you consciously or unconsciously invite people to treat you as such.

     If you feel inferior and think that by pretending to be superior that people would treat you as superior, they will treat you as inferior for that is your baseline self-assessment and that is what you project out and that is how people will treat you.

      This is the way it is; it is not religion or psychology,  it is a basic truth of human behavior; each of us invites what happens to him to happen to him for that is what he wants to experience and in experiencing it learn from it and, hopefully, changes his self-concept and thereafter invite different treatments.

     Africans and Black people, for example, invite white people to treat them as inferior persons because they feel inferior to white folks and white folks treat them as inferior persons.

     Africans’ tendency to blame white folks for all their problems underscores their sense of inferiority; the powerful do not blame other people for their problems; it is the weak that blame other persons for their problems.

     Treated as inferior persons, Africans recognize that white folks treat them as inferior persons and discriminate against them and feel angry at white folks, but instead of changing their self-concepts to invite different treatments, they decide to swindle white people and at that point some of them begin stealing from white people (as in their various frauds).

     Stealing from white people to get back at them for racism still means that one feels inferior to them; if you feel equal to people you do not steal from them; scammers are people with low self-esteem, albeit active, as opposed to passive, criminals.

      If you have positive self-esteem, you do what you believe is right and sell it and since you believe that it is useful to you and people, they will buy it and you make a living from selling it; what you are selling could be goods or services or knowledge; however, you must honestly believe that what you are selling is good for you and other people to make a living from it.

     If you believe in something as good for humanity somehow it would attract people to buy it; the universe rewards those who sell honest goods and or services and ignores those who sell what they do not believe is good for people.

     The mystery of the universe is that you experience what you want to experience and invite people to treat you in a manner so that what you want to experience can be actualized.

     The universe does not care how you came to have the mental set, the desire to be treated as good or bad, it does not matter to it; the universe just enables you to be treated as your mind, conscious or unconscious, desires to be treated.

    The universe sends people to you who would enable you to be treated as you desire so that you experience what you want to experience.

     It all has to do with what you think of you, your self-concept. Change your self-concept and you change how other people treat you and you change your life.

     If you think that you are worthy of fabulous wealth you will work for it and invite people into your life who would enable you to become wealthy; on the other hand, if you think that you are worthy of poverty the universe will set it up for you to become poor.

     The same goes for making friends; if you think that you deserve many friends, and you are friendly towards people and respect people, you will attract friends to you, but if you believe that you are crummy you will push people away from your orbit and live a lonely life.

    Nobody likes to be around people with negative self-images and low social skills.

    Each of us gets what he wants out of life; if what you get is not good enough for you then change your mind about who you think that you are. In the here and now, you are whoever that you think that you are.

     In truth you are the son of God having a dream where you decide who you think that you are, different from the self that God created you as.

      Love and you will be loved; hate and you will be hated. Believe yourself a part of life, a son of God who deserves to be treated nicely and so you will treat people nicely and they would reciprocate in kind.

     There are no accidents in our lives because we set up scenarios for what happens to us. This is not mysticism but reality. New age religionists say that we create our reality (in the dream of separation, yes, but not in heaven and its God).

     Even where there is sickness the individual chooses it and gets it; he wants to learn the lesson that that illness offers him.

     Of course, one may not know the fact that one chooses what happens to one at the conscious level. In different lifetimes people choose different life experiences; any of those experiences is the individual’s choice; overall, the various choices one makes do not matter for one remains as God created one, perfect in spirit but flawed on earth.

     Since the earth is a dream, regardless of what one chooses to experience in it, one remains eternally perfect in unified spirit self (heaven).


The information given, for free, above is what folks pay $500 for a weekend workshop on how to change their lives and the outcomes they get from life. Say thank you to me not because I care for your thanking me but because a sense of gratitude makes folks lives peaceful and happy.

Ozodi Osuji

March 27, 2022

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