People self-censor to conform to their group


Ozodi Osuji

      The normal human being, Black and white, knows that his society can be very vicious and that the rulers may not hesitate in killing him if he opposes its accepted ways of doing things, its core values.

      The capitalist system, for example, is designed to have the few, the winners in the game of economic competition, rule the many, the losers in the competition for the allocation of material resources in a society.

     In every competition the few wins and the many lose; if you get ten boys and have them on a track and say, on your marks, get set, ready and go, one will be first to reach the winners’ mark; the others fall in line according to their abilities.

     Thus, empiricism tells us that the few always win in the various games of life. But people of goodwill seek a way to help the losers.

     Thus, whereas capitalism is probably the best economic system there is, men of goodwill use progressive taxation to take money from all people and take more from the winners in society and use that money to provide all kids with publicly paid education through college and give all people publicly paid health care and, thereafter, allow everyone to swim or sink; no person is calling for a society where the public feeds the people.

    “Nanny states” are never associated with freedom but with dictatorships, such as the former Communist USSR, China, Cuba and North Korea.

     If you challenge the economic system of the USA, for example, first, the gatekeepers will deny you jobs and if that does not get you to change and conform to the system, and live as the living dead person that characterize well-adjusted Americans,  they will trump up a false charge against you and use it to arrest and try you in their kangaroo courts and jail you, and if that does not do it, they may kill you!

      Therefore, the typical American self-censors; he says and does only what he believes that his vicious political system would not persecute him for.

     Even your parents, friends and coworkers will abandon you if they perceive you to be saying the truth that the political system does not want to hear; they feel that the rulers of the evil system will punish them because they associate with you;  so, to avoid punishment they will abandon you, or even betray you, or throw you under the bus.

    The worst thing that you can do in the USA is speak and live the truth, as you see it; even the so-called Christians perverted the gospel of love taught by Jesus Christ to mean the gospel of celebrating economic inequality; therefore, they are part of the problem not the solution.

      The truth is that human beings are the same and equal; this is what capitalism is designed to abrogate; capitalism wants a few to rule the many, just as in aristocratic and monarchical Europe a few ruled the many.

     In Africa, the few rule the many; the same goes for all countries in the past and present world.

    The world is designed on purpose to be the opposite of love; heaven is love; we designed the world to be a place of anti-love.

    Love is found in a unified state; separation is the opposite of union, hence the opposite of love. People come to earth to seem separated from each other, to seem different from each other, for some to seem better than others; they set up their societies to make what they desire seem possible; hence they have a few rule the many; that is the purpose of the world, to oppose the will of God; God’s will is the union of him and all his creation; we seek a differentiated universe.

    You cannot change the world through magical wishes. Instead, you state the truth, live it and do not fight those who came here to be evil (separated from God and from other people). You show them the way to the truth and live it by loving all people and working for all people’s good; you leave it to everyone to choose to live the truth or ignore it.

     You cannot change other people; the only person that you can change is you.

Ozodi Osuji

July 30, 2022

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