People seek and confer worth on themselves



Ozodi Osuji

      Look at human beings and what do you see? You see mammalian animals who, instead of walking on four legs, walk on two legs but otherwise their bodies are the same as those of animals. Like animals their bodies are flesh and will die, rot and decay. But unlike other animals, people everywhere on planet earth seek and give themselves a sense of worth, importance and value.

     We can say that what it means to be human beings is to seek and give oneself and other people a sense of worth. People cannot live without a sense of worth, importance and value.

     For one thing, people must work to provide food, medications, clothes and shelter for their survival; therefore, they must value themselves to want to survive and work to make them survive.

     Cynical people know this fact and seek to take away a sense of importance from people; they do their best to make some people not feel like they have worth; they want to destroy folks’ self-esteem and social confidence. If you take away people’s self-esteem you can easily control them, make them your slaves.

     Victors at war often try to remove the sense of value in those they conquered; they then justify treating them as less important and easily use them as slaves and or kill them (the slave has no worth in the eyes of his slave master).


    Worth, importance and value are social constructs; people give it to them but they are not born with it since it can be taken away from them by other people; if  they permit it, aggressive persons can take away their self-worth; however, what is more likely to happen is that if you try to take worth away from people they will fight you; if you demean people they do not hesitate in killing you.

     So, why do people seek a sense of worth? I do not know; all I know is that wherever I see human beings they seek worth and behave as if they have worth. We could say that they are born to seek worth and pretend to have worth; there is something in them, divinity, which makes them remember that they came from a place where they had worth, and no longer have it in flesh hence seek it obsessively-compulsively. That seems a reasonable explanation, but the fact is that I cannot explain why people seek worth; all that I can demonstrate is that on earth, people seek and confer worth on themselves despite their awareness that they are just animals and that anyone who really wants to do so can point guns at them and kill them.

     In society people arrange a hierarchy of honor and worth, from the King at the top of that social worth pyramid, followed by princes, presidents, senators, generals in the military, rich folks, artists, scholars down to the street sweeper who takes pride in his work and wants you to treat him with dignity and respect.

     Perhaps, the reason people seek worth is because to have worth and value is to be preserved and to not have them is to be enslaved and or killed; thus, people try to seem worthwhile to prevent other people from enslaving and or destroying them?

      I do not know why people seek and confer worth on themselves; all I know is that you must treat those around you, be they adults, men, women, and children of all races as if they have worth by respecting them.

     If you want to find out that people are capable of murder, then treat them as if they have no worth, value and importance, and they would not hesitate to murder you and not feel guilty from doing so.

     Many Igbos are lacking in good judgment and discernment of human needs for worth, even though wherever they are, like peacocks they run around pretending to be a special people and asking folks around them to see them as especially important persons. Despite seeking prestige, they refuse to see other people as prestigious. They treat their fellow Nigerans as if they do not have worth. Those they treat as worthless by calling them degrading names place obstacles on their path and sometimes kill some of them.

      Having been attacked and or harmed the rest of them see themselves as innocent victims unto whom bad other people harmed and or killed. Of course, they are not victims; if you take away that which people value most, worth, from them and then you see yourself as a victim when they attack you?

     You must be a moron; if you are intelligent, you treat all people as if they are the most important persons on earth even though you know that worth is make belief and not real because any one can kill anyone.

    If you want to be killed treat people as if they have no worth. An Igbo deluded character, an internet fraudster that he hides his identity and calls his self Nebu, puts other people down; he tried putting me down. Initially, he seemed amusing, imagine an illiterate jungle boy trying to put me down, but when I realized what he was doing it deliberately, the thought crossed my mind to give some gang members some money to go kidnap him, tie him up, and throw him into the ocean and feed fishes with his body. That was how angry I felt.

     Only last week, another mindless Igbo called me, a freeborn, osu, slave; he deliberately said that to shame me and I wanted to destroy him to teach him the lesson of respecting people instead of degrading them. What exactly did the little monkey expect to accomplish, have me accept him as my superior, accept an ape as my master? If he was not emotionally underdeveloped and arrested at an age fit for a five years old, he would know that to call someone osu, even if he were so, is to humiliate him, and he would  expect counter attack  from the person he tried to humiliate; but, like the mentally retarded person he is, it never occurred to him that to verbally attack someone is going to elicit  anger and counter attack on him, not acquiescence.

    Many Igbos, in their childishness, seem to have a compulsion to put people down and feel superior to them; no one has taught them that all human beings are the same and equal. Civilization requires all of us to respect all of us, that is, if we want peace in the human polity.

     If these people have not realized the need to respect people, they have death wish; many Igbos have death wish, what Sigmund Freud called Thanatos; that is why everywhere they go they insult folks and folks react by desiring to harm and or kill them.

     My role is to teach them to respect people rather than degrade people; if they respect people they would more harmoniously live with their neighbors.


     Even when people are dead, they, or their relatives want you to treat their dead bodies with respect and dignity. This probably accounts for human beings’ tendency to build elaborate monuments over their dead bodies.

    In the USA, the native population will go to the extent of stopping any building or economic project on a piece of land where a bone belonging to their ancestors is found; they consider such piece of land sacred hence their dead bodies sacred.

      Looking at the whole situation objectively, you do not understand it after all dead bodies have been eaten by worms so why all the fuss over them? It has to do with people’s desire to have worth, importance and value. Grant it to them even if it does not make sense to you!


     If you attain mystic status, have had unity experience and have attained a sense of self that transcends flesh, and you are convinced that you are part of unified spirit self and in spirit is unified with all people and is eternal you no longer seek worth and value-based on ego and body.


     Until an individual attains enlightened and illuminated state of being, which Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ did, he tends to seek worth based on his ego, separated self and body; you had better treat him as if he has worth, if you want to live harmoniously with him.

Ozodi Osuji

May 4, 2022

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