People die when they have no purpose for living


Ozodi Osuji

     In youth life seems very fascinating; folks go to school and learn about their world; they train for professions that they have interests and aptitude for and thereafter throw themselves into doing what they studied and making a reasonable living for themselves and their families. But when they get to be sixty years old, they realize that life is not what it was said to be. Many of them now see life in body and ego as an expensive joke; they are tired of that joke and have had enough of it.

      What exactly is the point of living, folks in their middle age ask. Is living just to be alive and be a food digesting machine?

     From about age sixty, folks’ bodies begin to fall apart and like old people everywhere they begin making regular trips to medical doctors; their houses become mini pharmacies. Being loaded down with medications is simply begging life to live it, but live for what?

   The average person is not living for anything that smacks of meaningfulness and purposefulness     beyond staying alive.

     Scientists are trying to understand aspects of the universe have purpose to their lives; social change agents are trying to bring about a better society has a purpose for living.

    The average person lives for nothing beyond personal survival; in old age they see through their empty existence and may say to themselves that they have had enough of this joke called life in body; they say, I am out of here.

      I believe that whereas very few persons have the audacity to commit suicide that many older persons somehow do something that bring about their demise. They simply do not want to live like the decrepit old folks they see at nursing homes and assisted living homes, folks so weak that other people take care of them.

     Why live like vegetables? Many old people die from their own wish to die. It is those who have found meaning and purpose to their lives, purpose that serves social interest, who enjoy old age.

Ozodi Osuji

May 21, 2022

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