Ozodi Osuji’s metaphysics summarized


     We came to this universe to experience separated self and arranged everything (to live in body, space and time) to enable us see things as separated from us, hence feel separated from them.

     Separated self, aka ego, is a fantasy but since it is desired one defends it, and its defense makes it seem real to one.

     If you did not defend your ego, it would disappear from your awareness.

     If you do not defend the ego separated self-housed in body (a dream figure) you return to the awareness of your real self, a formless self that is part of a formless unified spirit self, that folks call God and heaven.

   But that would be asking too much of you, asking you to leave earth; therefore, refine your ego, that is, use it to love and forgive all other egos, people, in Christological language, live from the Christ self (you are still in form but light form), or let the Holy Spirit guide your thinking and behaviors.

    Use your ego, human personality and body, to play with other people, who are other sons of God in egos and bodies, happily until you are ready to return home (to the awareness of unified spirit self, heaven, God).

      Human beings have a right to be on earth, but they can choose to use their egos and bodies to love and forgive hence live happily and peacefully or to hate and live-in conflict and unhappily.

   Earth, world of light forms (aka gate of heaven) and heaven are states of mind, not places outside us.

Ozodi Osuji

November 25, 2021

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