Ozodi Osuji, Why do conservative Americans hate their national government


In most Western countries, such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Portugal, the generality of the people sees their national government as their government and work with it to improve their country.
In Western Europe, it is now accepted that it is the governments’ obligation to provide all citizens with publicly paid health care and education through universities.
Apparently, to provide these services to all Americans would benefit black Americans and conservative Republicans would rather die than provide any kind of services to black folks, so, they punish their fellow whites by not providing those services to all Americans.
Republicans, since the Presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989), see their central government, called derisively Washington DC, as their enemy. They see their national government as an-other and do not identify with it. They so hate the central government that they do not want to pay taxes for they figure that taxes are used to support that government’s unamerican activities (support services for those that conservatives do not see as Americans, black folks).
Other countries are proud of their national government and support its efforts to help most of their people but conservative Republican Americans detest Washington because they believe that they take their money and use those moneys to support non-Americans (black and brown people…they see those as lazy loafers, all of them on welfare and supported by their tax dollars…actually, the percentage of white folks on welfare is the same as the percentage of black folks on welfare, never mind, we are talking madness here, not facts).
When the USA came into being in 1776, America was a slave country. Most states, especially southern states had slaves. When the Federal constitution was written in 1787, accommodation was made for slave owners and for census purposes black folks were deemed three- fifths of a human being. Simply stated, black folks were not considered human beings and were not Americans.
In 1857, the chief Justice of the United States, Roger B. Taney, in the Dred Scott case, wrote that black folks are not human beings and have no rights that white men ought to respect.
The country was divided between those who supported slavery and those opposed to it. As a result, when Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as the President in 1861, even though he, too, saw black folks as inferior to white folks but he was opposed to slavery; well, the South seceded from the country and a four-year civil war ensued; eventually, the confederate south was defeated by the Northern Union Army.
Yankees, Northern soldiers, and administrators embarked on what is called reconstruction of the South, trying to change the southern mentality and get them to accept the new political dispensation of accepting blacks as citizens. The south fought back.
In the South, the Ku Klux Klan came into being in the early 1870s; that terrorist organization used terror to intimidate black folks into not voting and participating in American politics.
The 1896 Supreme Court ruling on the Jefferson case instituted Jim Crow, the idea that separation is equal; thus, blacks and whites were legally separated in everything, at schools, churches, living areas; blacks were segregated into the great ghettos.
In 1909 the NAACP was formed by W.E.B Dubois and his colleagues; they struggled for racial equality. They tried to get Congress to pass legislation on racial equality and that avenue was closed to them; they then focused on using the courts to try to attain their ends.
In 1954, the Warren Supreme Court, in the Brown Versus Topeka, Kansas School District, ruled that schools’ ought to not be segregated.
President Dwight Eisenhower said that he did not want “black boys” (they were assumed to be rapists) raping white girls and therefore did not desegregate schools.
Rosa park in 1957 engaged in civil disobedience in Birmingham, Alabama when she refused to get up from her seat in a segregated Bus and that sparked the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X became its champions.
It took the Presidency of the Irish Catholic, John F. Kennedy to begin making some headways in school integration.
The Presidency of Lynden Johnson and Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and Fair Housing Act of 1964/65 and those ended de jure segregation, but de facto segregation remains in the USA to the present.
In 2020, an election was held, and black folks came out in large numbers and voted for Joseph R. Biden, another Irish Catholic, and he won and became the president. As a result, 43 states controlled by conservative Republicans have introduced legislation to disenfranchise black folks, to prevent them from voting. They would rather black folks did not vote and voting limited to white folks, those they consider Americans (the child-president, Donald Trump said that true Americans are those that voted for him, those who voted for Biden apparently are not Americans).
The central government has been the instrument for desegregation in recent America, especially when it is controlled by Liberals.
Liberals could be Republicans or Democrats; it was the Republican Party of Lincoln that fought to end slavery; until the 1930s the Republican Party were the liberals; Democrats were the conservatives; thereafter, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, borrowing from John Maynard Keynes economic ideas, to the effect that governments should spend to stimulate depressed economies and tax people to remove money from inflationary economies, launched what he called New Deal programs, use public money to provide Americans with jobs.
Roosevelt used the federal government to help the people, and provoked party realignment; Roosevelt was expanding the function of the central government in his new deal programs, using governments to help the poor; some Americans thought that he was going too far and tried to stop him, even the Supreme Court ruled against him until he said that he would pack the Court.
As a result, the south that used to be the conservative Democrats, changed party affiliation, and became conservative Republicans and Republicans that used to be liberals became conservatives.
Race and who does government serve determines how the government is perceived. Any government that tries to engage in programs that helped black folks is seen as an enemy government and racist Americans, these days, mostly conservative Republicans hate it.
These people suddenly talk about liberty and limited government and free enterprise hence the need to limit the scope of government, so that it does not help the poor and social undesirables, but when it serves them, they use the so-called limited governments to serve the interests of rich white folks.
Why do conservative Republicans hate their central government? The answer is amazingly simple, they see it as an instrument that liberals use in helping black and brown folks and they hate those policies. It is race that is at the root of conservatives’ hatred of the central government.
If it were pure political ideology, conservatives in Britain and Germany are certainly not virulently racist; political ideology does not have to be racist. In America everything is race tested and based.
I wanted to limit this paper to less than 750 words, what Newspaper opinion pages would accept, so I must stop; otherwise, I could write a dissertation of 500 pages on why white conservative Republican Americans detest their central government.
Trump wanted to drain the swamp, stop corruption at DC, but ended up heading the most corrupt government in America’s history! Indeed, as the events of January 6, 2021 showed, the man wanted to transform American democracy, such as it is, to a full-blown fascist authoritarian, totalitarian, and dictatorial state; apparently, that is fine with white conservative Republicans! Whatever serves white nationalist interests and does not serve black folks’ interests is fine with them.

March 12, 2021

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