Out of evil comes good


Ozodi Osuji

    Why is it that despite a country’s ugliness the best music and art may come from it? The best music of the twentieth century undoubtedly came from the USA; in fact, in the world of music I doubt that any other country can compete with Americans. And the segment of Americans that initiated this wonderful music are the most discriminated against, African Americans.

    African Americans music has revolutionized music all over the world; indeed, apart from strictly European classical music (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handle, Haydn; those, too, were composed in a Europe where the few dominated and oppressed the masses) the world has not been more blessed by music than by African American gospel music (aka Negro Spirituals), African American Jazz, African American Rhythm and Blues, African American Hip-Hop and other musical genres.

     When people, all over the world, talk about American culture what they mean is the contribution to American culture by African Americans. Of course, white America does contribute to other aspects of world culture; for example, white Americans have contributed tremendously to technology and applied science in general…telegraph, telephones, cars, radio, television, computers, internet etc. were mostly American gifts to the world (not so much to pure science, which was the domain of Europeans) and for that the entire world is grateful to America.

     The salient point made here is that in a country characterized by the ugliness of racism, art, technology, even science emanate and blesses the world. This is one of the mysteries of human lives, that out of evil comes good.

     This is one reason why we cannot write off human beings; despite their proclivity to evil, we must continually strive to improve them.

Ozodi Osuji

July 13, 2022

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