Only God has made the USA to survive


Ozodi Osuji

      I just read on a write-up on what George Wallace did during the Presidential election of 1968. I had thought that the illegal activities of Donald Trump in the 2020 elections was an aberration but, apparently, what he did is standard behavior in American politics.

     One would have expected such divisive behaviors to have precipitated the decline and fall of the USA but those notwithstanding the country stands strong; it seems that only God makes America survive not its people’s political behaviors.

     George Wallace, the then Governor of Alabama, was the champion of white segregationists. He had stood at the gate of the University of Alabama opposing Black students registering there, saying, no integration now, tomorrow, and forever. The man advocated no racial integration in the USA.

     His racist stance appealed to racists all over the USA; thus, his Third-Party’s candidacy made it close to upsetting the candidacies of the two major parties, Humphrey, and Nixon.

     He had hoped to make sure that neither major party candidate won the majority of the electoral college votes and the election is given to the House of Representatives to decide, and he tries to get the speaker of the House to swing the votes to him and he wins (just as Trump had worked on  the Vice President to reject results from some states, denying Joe Biden the victory, and giving it to him).

     The division between conservatives and liberals in America is long standing; in the 1960s, that division so roiled white conservatives that they were ready to destroy their democracy to avoid a liberal win in 1964 and 1968; all this was because they were opposed to integration of the races.

      In 2020 that division made it possible for a lawless gambler called Donald Trump to come close to stealing the election and conservatives cheered him. They still cheer him on because of the racial divide.

     Conservatives correctly believe that white folks are losing control of the USA and that liberals are responsible for it; they are willing to destroy American democracy if it permits liberals allowing nonwhite folks to rule America.

     As of today, according to the US Census Bureau, the white population of the USA is 60% of the country’s total population of 330 million people. Latinos are growing like wildfire. It seems like all central Americans want to relocate to the USA. If that is allowed, they would become the majority population by 2050.

     Given the royal mess they made of Latin countries, white folks expect them to make a similar mess in the USA. They expect the USA to become a Third-World country, just like central American countries are. In Donald Trump’s colorful language, Latin and African countries are shithole countries.

    Therefore, if it takes the abolition of democracy to prevent Latinos and other nonwhites from taking over America, so be it, they reason.

     They look to Russia, China, and North Korea, all “great countries,” as role models; those great countries are ruled by dictators, so they want a white dictator to rule America rather than have nonwhite folk rule it.

     The political divide between liberals and conservatives in the USA is long standing. If the gap between these two arms of American politics is not closed, it is very possible for civil war to break out in the next election or after a few decades.

      White Supremacists really are serious; they fear what they call the replacement of white folks by nonwhite folks. In their view, these nonwhite folks do not know how to govern the human polity; they are willing to destroy the country rather than have that happen.

      Liberals, like mindless robots, are doing their part to destroy the country. Just look at them foisting all kinds of sexual deviancy on the people who do not want to see such behaviors around them. Liberals have control of the media and aspects of the judicial system; they get liberal judges to legislate approval of sexual behaviors that many Christians find abhorrible.

      Indeed, they want to teach these disgusting sexual practices to first graders at school. Why do elementary school children need to be told about sexual behavior, normal or abnormal, sex is not yet in their minds. It is because liberals are programming them to approve Sodom and Gomorrah.

      The everything goes sex industry is bent on getting all Americans, despite their religious objections, to accept and approve their nihilistic lifestyles.

      The point is that both the right and the left are doing their best to make sure that the country is divided; if this process continues unabated, one sees a civil war breaking out in the USA not too long from now.

    President Vladmir Putin of Russia and President Xi of China are salivating for that civil war that they hope would break up the USA into twenty or more countries, each of them no longer powerful in world politics. This leaves the authoritarian totalitarian dictators the rulers of the world.

     Why is America doing this to itself? It is because Americans are unmitigated narcissistic egotists; egos must be at war with each other.

    Americans have refused to be Christians. Christians are those who work for our collective good. If the USA were a Christian country, it would have a mixed capitalist and socialist economy and social democracy where all people are given publicly paid education through college and given publicly paid health care. Scandinavia is the only Christian place on earth.

     In America, the individual should fend for himself, swim, or drown. What a devilish country masquerading as a Christian country.

      Jesus asked his followers to share their wealth with the poor, but the rulers of America want to take from the poor and give it to the rich. Is there any wonder if the country self-destroys?

     Unmitigated evil cannot last forever!

Ozodi Osuji

June 20, 2022

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